Saturday, October 28, 2017

2017 Jumping the Shark

     It’s felt like the year 2017 has been out to destroy this writer’s life from the beginning, which due to unemployment is being written for the first time ever without the usual sacrament.  Therefore this year it is not going to be long-winded.  What last year’s writing had called ‘going full-retard’ has progressed this year to what can be called ‘jumping the shark.’  Yep, the year 2017 has jumped the shark, and the news that already bore the label of PRAVDA in these writings has now become so full of SHIT that this writer can no longer be subjected to watching it.  The news has jumped the shark so-to-speak, not unlike the demise of a once popular TV show that during the days of its demise had Fonzi jump a shark with his motorcycle in a desperate and futile attempt to remain relevant before finally throwing in the metaphorical towel.
     Trump actually won the 2016 election after hearing that PRAVDA news assure us all of a 98% chance for Hillary to win.  Most people should be able to recognize a statistical impossibility when the propaganda machine is feeding them one.  During the last days of the campaign, Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server breach of acceptable protocol had evolved into an obvious compromise of national security that has been called Wiener-gate.  Hillary’s inseparably close Vice Chair of the Campaign named Huma Abedin may have single-handedly lost Hillary her election after that long lost collection of more than 3,000 State Department e-mails finally turned up in the FBI’s investigation of Anthony Weiner, her convicted sex-offender husband’s laptop computer in a file called ‘Life Insurance.’  That led FBI Director James Comey to announce two days before the election that the investigation into Hillary Clinton would be re-opened, and the rest is history as voters went into the voting booths knowing all that.  It makes for a statistical math equation that almost anybody can figure out.  Yet the news every day still tries to blame it all on the Russians.
     Those discovered Weiner-gate emails have led to evidence of pedophilia and child trafficking allegations on the part of the Clinton Campaign Adviser John Podesta in a scandal called Pizza-gate, which had been swept under the carpet so fast that you know no PRAVDA mouthpiece dared to investigate it.  They just assured us all that there had been no truth to any of it.  The Pizza-gate scandal implicated a pizza place in Washington DC called Comet Ping-Pong Pizza in being involved with child trafficking as well as wicked acts of black ritual magick depending on how far down the rabbit hole of conspiracy obsessed U-Tube videos you want to go.  This culminated with a shooter visiting Comet Ping-Pong Pizza in Washington DC himself on December 4th 2016 to do his own investigating.  Our televisions desperately assured us all that there was nothing to this story, and yet in the spirit of other countless false-flags of recent days, all the area surveillance cameras around Comet Ping-Pong were all conveniently turned off 23-hours before the loose cannon gunman paid the restaurant a visit.  Incidentally as of March 2, 2017, one month into the Trump Administration, an unbelievable number of over 1,500 arrests for pedophilia and sex trafficking have been made across the country, and the PRAVDA propaganda television has not said a word about that.
     That’s not even the jumping of the shark part of all this, which involves the news now-a-days on a daily basis for months reporting that Russia allegedly ‘hacked’ the 2016 election.  It’s uncanny how many months of breathless reporting can be sustained without providing a single example that qualifies as evidence.  Evidently 14 intelligence agencies have discovered that Russia setup social media accounts to spread fake news that presented Hillary Clinton in an unfavorable light.  I wonder if they blame last year’s writing of this Christmas card on the Russians, which summarized many of the criticisms brought up against Hillary for President.  They have yet to give any example beyond hearsay and baseless innuendo.  It’s as if Trump campaign operatives were the first to ever talk to Russian representatives, or as if talking to a Russian Ambassador is even something that can be called a crime.  What about Israeli, or Ukrainian representatives?  Do they try to influence our elections?  Granted I have been known to say things like, “I love watching RT, Russian Television, in order to find out what’s really been going on in my own country.”  It leaves the question, how did those Russians plant all those missing State Department e-mails onto a convicted sex-offender’s laptop computer anyway?
     Perhaps this is all a big deflection from the actually guilty.  It’s been documented that the FBI and police set up hundreds of fake Facebook accounts a year or so ago, and this writer even believes they made contact in the guise of someone messaging to recruit this writer into joining their ‘anti-government group.’  They were accused of as much after noticing that their Facebook page was brand spanking new as of January 2017.  The group was called the Anonymous Academy, and it brought to mind another group that likes to train at academies.  Another example of possible deflection brings to mind documented evidence that Homeland Security had been caught hacking into voting software in several states during last year’s election, and all this Russia did it talk looks like an obvious attempt to distract the public from who really tried to hack last year’s election. 
     The obvious elephant in this room is that the television propaganda fake news machine is frustrated to no longer be able to lie to the American people with impunity, as well as the fact that more-and-more Americans are discovering the convenience of just streaming their favorite shows at times when they feel like actually watching them, instead of letting the television dictate the schedules of their lives.  That is very liberating.  As for 14 intelligence agencies still going after President Trump for unproven collusion with Russians is concerned, we are talking about the same agencies that assured us of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Iraqi incubator baby-killers, MH17 being shot down by Russian BUK missile launchers, and Assad using chemical weapons on his own people.  So that’s the kind of credibility we are dealing with there.  Now in another shot across the bow in this secret war between Trump and what has come to be called the Deep State, he has released all the papers on the Kennedy assassination that Congress decided in 1993 to keep classified for twenty-five more years or more if the current President deems that appropriate.  Boy time flies, but there is some kicking and screaming about it from the CIA.  I hope President Trump watches his back and stays armed and bullet proof.  The legitimately elected President is enduring an unbelievable amount of disrespect from agencies of his own government, as well as a PRAVDA propaganda machine one would have expected the leader of the free world to be able to control with unconstitutional executive orders put in place during the Bush Administration that call for the dictating of fake news to the media. 
     These days we all have to weed through the fake news to decide for ourselves what mouthpiece of information is the one full of SHIT.  President Trump likes to point to CNN as he uses the term fake news, and CNN has been caught more than a couple of times completely fabricating the elements of a story.  Since CNN is an obvious arm of the CIA they probably just can’t break the habit, and being full of SHIT is in that channel’s blood.  On may 18th Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell died of an apparent suicide by hanging himself because he supposedly accidentally took an extra dose of his prescribed Ativan pill?!?  This is suspicious fake news on its face, even without learning about bumps and bruises mentioned by his autopsy that clearly present evidence of a struggle before his death.  Not long after that on July 20, Chris Cornell’s personal friend, Lincoln Park lead singer Chester Bennington also died of apparent suicide by hanging.  Internet theories of conspiracy abound, but the real truth has probably died along with these men.
     Meanwhile the country has embraced a collective insanity that showed its ugly head on June 14 when a notoriously liberal-leaning supporter of Bernie Sanders for President opened fire on Republican Congressman Steve Scalise who nearly died, but will recover.  Police in turn killed this shooter.  It has become hard to identify with these sore-losing liberals anymore.  The disrespect for the country’s other ridiculous extreme is just unbecoming of what used to look like the good-cop act in this American good-cop/bad-cop political dog and pony show.  On August 12 a Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville was protested by a George Soros-funded Anti-Fa group, which culminated in someone driving their car into the liberal protesters, killing a woman named Heather Heyer, and injuring many more.  President Trump refused to chime in with the media’s patented spin on the story by blaming both sides for this getting out of hand.  The media found that intolerable that the President had his own perspective on the matter, and now seemingly in response there have been Impeachment papers filed.  The anti-fascist group called Anti-Fa is the epitome of contradiction because they have become notorious for the most brown-shirt fascist tactics imaginable of bringing violence and intolerance to places where Americans gather to exercise their right to free speech.  Using fascism to end fascism can now be thrown on the heap of insanity piling up this year.
All year long the news still can only talk about an ongoing investigation into Russians who caused Trump to get elected while presenting only baseless speculation and innuendo about Trump being in ‘collusion’ with those Russians.  As if that’s the only collusion with foreign powers going on up there.  This is obviously why we added the word McCarthyism to our dictionaries after the infamous red-scare of the 1950s.  About a week before the Trump inauguration a British M16 agent, Christopher Steele, turned over documents of Russian collusion to the FBI that also alleged that Trump paid prostitutes to piss on a hotel bed that would be occupied by the previous President Obama.  It’s all been thoroughly discredited as pure made-up BULLSHIT, but John McCain was instrumental in producing it to add to his pile of treasonous activities that underlie his entire noxious career.  At the time of this writing it is coming to light that Hillary Clinton and the DNC pitched in around six-million dollars for Steele’s bogus research into Trump’s collusion with Russians.  This Trump dossier is just one glairing example of attempts to undermine a legitimately elected President from one who because of it can’t even stand to watch television news anymore.  I’m sure Soviet Russians were also not entirely fooled by their PRAVDA either.
     We are now living in a world where Trump assassinations have been parodied by plays like Julius Caesar, as well as a slew of musicians speaking out against him in dangerously threatening ways.  Snoop Dog has been visited by the FBI following his video that depicts him murdering someone looking conspicuously like Donald Trump with a bullet to the back of his head.  This treason that brings to mind the days before the Kennedy assassination includes a very humorless comedy shtick by Kathy Griffin where she holds up the beheaded face of Donald Trump dripping with blood from his own decapitation.  That only highlights some of the violent madness that has seized this country these days, and the seeds of an impending civil war have already been planted and watered with false flag shootings such as Los Vegas, which included crisis actors hired by ads posted by an organization called Crowds on Demand.  The media trying to accuse Trump of treason is very arguably an example of the pot calling the kettle black.
     The situation in Venezuela has only gotten worse while the citizens now flee to nearby Columbia.  So Columbia has a refugee crisis to join the club of countries now with immigrant problems.  We are living in the age of the refugee crisis, and nobody can figure out why it’s happening.  On the bright side, our support for ISIS terrorists in Syria has utterly failed with the intervention of Russia and Iran, and many of those Syrian refugees are now going home.  No wonder we’ve been ‘exhuming McCarthy’ as the REM song goes.  Could it be that we are just not destroying enough countries with our incessant bombings?  Maybe that is the solution to the refugee problem.  Have we tried more wars and bombings yet?  At least that seems to be the logic embraced by this country that has gone totally insane.  Trump is only a symptom of our collective insanity, and he won that nomination by proving himself to be the biggest ASSHOLE in the bunch, which appeals to Americans that prefer the bad-cop to the good-cop act.
     Trump’s anti-immigrant policies have broken up families, and sent scared illegal immigrants fleeing for the Canada border.  Some of those have even lost hands from exposure to the cold and frost bite.  This is the kind of mean-spirited, xenophobic, simplistic, ham-handed, poorly thought out ‘solution’ that makes this writer remain a card-carrying member of the Anti-Republican party since 1993.  Still this writing means the President no disrespect, and would rather confront him on the disagreeable issues by employing facts with logical persuasion in a civilized American manner.  The President is not beyond reasonable persuasion presented with just enough respect to appease his ego’s appetite, and why should the Neo-con war hawks get all of that influence?  Still the television news goes on-and-on about Trump being in collusion with Russia and that Russians ‘hacked’ our election to make Trump President.  What an insult to the American voter.  Have you ever just wanted the news to SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP?!?  The Cable TV had to go.  They accuse the President of treason, but it is really the pot calling the kettle black, so-to-speak.  What could be more treasonous than deliberately trying to undermine the legitimate government of this country?  Could there be perhaps any non-Russian foreign country involved with that treason?  How could Putin and Russia really meddle with enough Americans in enough states to cause the election of Donald Trump?  This is sort of a liberal version of the Obama was born in Kenya BULLSHIT, which we put up with for 8-years, and it’s been mentioned before in previous writings regarding Orly Taitz and Israel’s involvement with those forged birth certificates.  There’s some treasonous collusion for you.
     These points bring this writing at last to the artwork for this year’s Secret Gathering of Gnostics card.  The obvious theme is the religions of ancient Egypt, and the point is that our beliefs and social conditioning have always originated from the old dynastic land of the Pharaohs.  The card displays two words; one from ancient Egypt, and one from modern day Bibles with identical spellings.  One of these words is unanimously said with no regard for its meaning at the end of all Christian prayers.  Many would like to conceal that transparent point made by this year’s drawing by spelling the name of the main priesthood of ancient Egypt as Amun, but vowels are fairly arbitrary when the written language does not contain any.  The god of the Amen priests featured a Ram’s head on a human body, and to this day a Ram’s horn called a Shafar is still blown in Jewish Synagogues.  Other striking evidence that our modern religions are refurbished versions from ancient Egypt includes similar titles for gods such as the phrase ‘King of Kings and Lord of Lords’ used in reference to the Pharaohs.  Even the ten commandments have turned up to be direct quotes from the 125th spell of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which dates back to probably 1550 BC.  The idea of God incarnating in man originates with Osiris being regarded as the human incarnation of the Sun god Ra.  Many rituals of modern Christianity have their origins in ancient Egypt such as baptism, communion, and the Catholic’s confessionals.  The idea of trinity comes from the Osiris, Isis, Horus story, and the doctrine of resurrection originated with Osiris coming back to life with help from Isis and the god Anubis.  Like Jesus, the god Horus had been born from a virgin Isis.  There are even obvious similarities between the Christian Son of God and the Sun in the sky such as the birthday being celebrated with the winter solstice after the 3 days following December 21st, when that sunrise location completely stops in the sky before being born-again to resurrect the year into longer and longer days.  Also there is a glairing similarity staring us in the face today between countless crosses marking our Christian churches, and the ancient Egyptian’s ankh symbol for life and resurrection.  The ankh symbol is also identical to the astrological symbol for Venus, which has been known by the well deserved biblical title of bright morning star.
     These days the above similarities have been presented with an explanation that has finally arrived in the mainstream of popular knowledge.  Many today are learning of the ancient Pharaoh named Akhenaten who fathered the famous King Tut with his wife Nefertiti.  Unlike King Tut, knowledge of Akhenaten had been nearly wiped off the face of the Earth until an ancient pillar in Egypt was found with broken up records used as filler from the time of this most-hated Pharaoh.  Akhenaten had been the ruler of Egypt who relocated the capital to his city in the center of the country called el-Armana, and he was probably mostly hated for abandoning the polytheistic religions of Egypt in order to worship a single one-god named Aten.  Sound familiar?  Incidentally this all historically happened during the time of the Bible’s Moses. 
     It’s been written before that religion is the science of gathering nations, and government is the science of ruling them.  Therefore the similarities between this day and age with the beliefs of ancient Egypt are brought up to make the point that we are all being conditioned and manipulated here.  This is all for the sake of wielding power over the masses even though we live at a time when that control is slipping from the grip of a panicking PRAVDA war-mongering propaganda machine.  Our access to the truth has arrived at our fingertips to reintroduce us to things like the one-god-worshiping Pharaoh Akhenaten, as well as the word eugenics that disappeared from our vocabularies after WWII, and also the US Navy’s post war defeat in Antarctica in a confrontation with flying saucers known again today as Operation Highjump.  It was not that long ago when nobody had ever heard of these things.  The powers that be desperately try in vain to spin it, which brings up the fidget-spinner on this year’s drawing.  This probably serves as a remedy for antsy hands that are caused by too much smart phone use.  These seemingly pointless contraptions are currently selling in the millions, which brings up the point that they are always shoving some stupid thing like this down our throats while telling us how much we love it.  Then we trample opening doors to stores in stampedes in order to buy the latest fad.  I-phones also deserve to be regarded in this light, but yeah; go run along to get the latest I-phone 7 right now.  Hurry up!  What are you waiting for?
     Along with our access to truth is our access to BULLSHIT.  There is talk on the Internet about the Mandela Effect, allegedly being caused by changing aspects of reality because of scientist’s experiments with the Hadron Collider in Europe.  It’s as if reality is doing a science fiction movie or something.  Some points made by those who prescribe to the Mandela Effect are playing on our collective recollections of whether or not James Earl Jones said, “Luke.  I’m your father,” or perhaps he said, “No.  I’m your father.”  Also the breakfast cereal Froot Loops has been shifting from the spelling Froot to Fruit our whole lives.  Is this evidence of time travel, or is reality itself as the sages always said, all an illusion that perhaps sometimes fails to correctly remember things, and now in the Information Age we are starting to notice?  Maybe we really are just prisoners of some giant matrix-like computer program with technological bugs in it.  There is also a lot of information about us being conditioned to an evil 741-hertz frequency when really our rap-music needs to be tuned to the good 528-hertz frequency, which to this Internet researcher at this time lacks any credibility or believable explanation.  Also after paying close attention to the spelling of Froot Loops for the last year, it has not changed.
     According to some studied history it does appear that humanity is arriving at the end of a long dark age that has been marked throughout recorded and prerecorded history by shifting precessions of the equinox from age to age.  Ancient man not only knew about shifting precessions caused by Earth’s slow wobble, but they had obviously been obsessed with it.  Perhaps that could be linked to the last time the Sahara went from lush and rainy to the current desert state; back when G-d sent an angel with a flaming sword to keep Adam and Eve from their garden paradise.  One compelling theory of why we seem to shift from ages of incomprehensible technology such as the impossible architecture of 10,000 years ago staring us all in the face, and dark ages plagued by ignorant wars may have to do with our star’s relation to the brightest star in the night sky called Sirius.  We may be part of a system of nearby stars in an orbit with Sirius that brings that star very close to us every ten thousand years.  Some point out that Sirius is the guiding light alluded to in the Star Arcanum of the tarot deck.  Another bit of compelling astronomical information to conclude this writing with is that the oversized star Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion is constantly being observed changing its shape, and is probably about to explode in a show of light sure to make night disappear from this planet for a week or so.  That will surely top the August 2017 eclipse event as the most amazing thing we will ever see in the heavens.

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