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The End Is Near

Christ 2014

Christ 2014


            Lately my only connection to the race of reptiles I recently discovered has ceased to contact me, and according to their last correspondence they may not be able to contact me again for they “know that the time is short.”  My hands now tremble as I struggle to write this all down.  My search for truth and the ‘Old Ones’ led me to conclude that the answers have been hidden away right under our noses, and it is now the time for humanity to raid that library at the Vatican so we can demand OUR books back.  I thought I was after a race of reptilian beings called the Old Ones who according to Phil Hines in the Pseudonomicon writes, “have been cast forth from the earth and forgotten by civilized humanity and its materialistic vision.”  My quest for gateways in wild lonely places, ancient ruins, wells, and tunnels have caused me to fall through the gates of dreaming while fear and madness have shattered my whole conception of self.  Long ago I read a book called The Necronomicon by one known only as the Mad Arab.  It has long since been proven a hoax written in the 70’s, but a hoax based on the real book from antiquity, which was written by Abdul Alhazred around 70 A.D. and banned by Pope Gregory IX in 1232.  Now I fear I have enraged forces from that book that seek revenge for my revealing their existence to the world.

            I am unable to stop myself, and just the other day I e-mailed Senator Lindsey Graham just to say, “Fuck you, you fucker of mothers.”  I am now unable to protect myself from perceived dangers, but still the investigation into 9/11 goes on.  Now the Truthers that are convinced of their evidence of thermite being used to bring down the towers can argue with Dimitri Khalezov’s explanation, who has written a book called “9-11 Tholagy Third Truth.”  Dimintri was from the former Soviet Union’s nuclear program, and is the first in my opinion to actually explain the physics of what my eyes saw that day.  Nuclear devises pulverized the towers on that day, and liquefied the central columns in an instant.  Dimitri Khalezov also mentioned a nuclear devise used against marines in Beirut back when Ronald Reagan staged the Grenada invasion as a distraction.  From this dark shadow of espionage and nuclear blackmail we must rise up against our cowardly criminal governments to slay them with the sword of Logos.

            The Freedom Fountain at GROUND ZERO is an appropriate allegory of the rabbit hole where concrete was turned into dust and steel was turned into liquid for many months to follow afterwards.  This also solves the mystery of WTC 6 right next to one of the towers that had the outside still intact but the core of the building literally disappeared, probably because the basement was exposed to the same nuclear blast that melted the central cores of the towers.  Thermite can burn this way since it doesn’t require oxygen, but it also takes a long time for the thousands of degrees of gamma radiation to cool from a nuclear demolition.  I do still think thermite cutter charges were used based on documented testimonies, but there were two demolition strategies at work in case they failed to get the nuclear devises in place to work, but we did not witness the plan B in action on 9/11/2001.

            In other news about the 9/11 investigations to date, we now know the name of the man who told Bush and Cheney to start taking Cipro immediately after 9/11, and a month before any anthrax letters were mailed to anyone.  His name is Jerome Hauer who was in the New York Office of Emergency Management on 9/11, as well as National Security Advisor for the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).  He created the 13 million dollar crisis center in 1999 on the 23rd floor of WTC 7 headed by him and Giuliani.  He was also instrumental in getting the Osama Bin Ladin expert; John O’Neil his fatal job at the World Trade Center after John resigned from the FBI earlier that summer in protest over the Bush Administration’s obstruction of his work. 

            Last year (2013) two American Congressional Representatives were at last allowed to read the highly classified un-redacted Congressional 9/11 Investigation Report, which was even complete with sections that Bush ordered removed.  Those sections allegedly place full responsibility on one or more foreign intelligence agencies, and not the accused ‘terrorists’.  Considering how much the television wants to imply that the foreign government implicated in this classified document is Saudi Arabia, along with the facts already compiled in my own 9/11 investigations, we do not need this document to know that the country implicated in that 9/11 Congressional Investigation Report is none other than Israel.  Dimitri Khalezov goes into great detail from his own knowledge of classified information to identify the nuclear devices used, and his documentation traces them to Israel.  Israel used nuclear devises against the United States on 9/11 to produce a massive gamma ray / neutron flux that would vaporize 150 to 300 feet of central steel beams that were the core of the twin towers, which created the free fall events we all saw.  Now I finally understand the two nuclear explosions on the 9/11 drawing from 2002.  That also explains the alarming rate of New York 9/11 first responders that are dieing these days from cancers, which are commonly found in those exposed to radiation.

            I must write this at the peril of my life as it has been received by those that wander beyond the wastelands.  THEY ARE TRYING TO IMMANENTIZE THE ESCHATON!!!  I do not know why it was not seen before, and it may only be revealed now because they no longer care if it is found out.  Perhaps it was an enlightening moment during a recent X-Men movie when Magneto escapes from a prison inside the Pentagon.  In the Illuminantus by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea the Pentagon is blown up to release Lok-Sotot of the Iloigor who is The Eater of Souls.  On this year’s drawing we see 9/11 Flight 77, (or whatever it was,) flying into the Pentagon on 9/11 to accomplish the same Illuminantus plot.  This year General Senseki resigned as head of the VA in a waiting list scandal he got caught sweeping further under a rug.  Meanwhile America remains a wild wild west of rules and regulations, as if we were all children of an unqualified and abusive parent.  After the demon was released complete with necessary sacrifice of more than 4000 people, they soon established the demonic Office of Special Plans to manufacture lies designed to trick the American people into a disastrous and unjustified war on Iraq.  That project was the child of duel-citizen Douglas Feith.  Now I know some kool-aid drinkers reading this might think that by duel-citizen I meant Douglas Feith was also a citizen of Saudi Arabia, but no, he along with lots of Bush Administration buddies were also Israeli citizens.  It is not Anti-Semitism to be concerned about how many Congressmen and Senators happen to be duel-citizens of Israel, although I am happy to report that it is on the decline.

            From out of the Pentagon comes forth the demon from within, who manifests above the billowing smoke of that day’s disasters.  The eye of the demon is the Egyptian All-seeing eye of Horus.  This eye is associated with Osiris, god of the dead as well as light and the Sun.  The head of the demon resembles a brain to indicate a similarity of this Egyptian styled eye with its resemblance to the anatomical view of the Pineal gland at the center of the brain also known in metaphysical circles as the Third Eye.  Now this eye perceives a demon and is surrounded by a 3-sided triangle because 3 is the key to the absolute where the gunas or modes of existence, (being, thought, and bliss,) are all perceived as one.  It was with such a single vision that led me to the Ancient race of beings that seek revenge for a forgotten war, which took place before the creation of modern man and had rent this world asunder.

            On February 22, 2014 the democratically elected President of the Ukraine was ousted in another NATO / American sponsored coup, which today has defined the line now drawn between Russia and the west.  The first thing the neo-Nazi junta in Kiev did was outlaw the Russian language, which led to Crimea successfully leaving Ukraine in a democratic referendum that put that section of former Ukraine safely within the borders of Russia.  The other Russian speaking East Ukraine people were not so safe from a country that is now bombing itself.  Keiv is also guilty of shooting Malaysian Flight 17 out of the sky with fighter jets, making the now completely silent racket about a surface to air missile just the cover story all along that was never true.  There ought to be hearings, and leaders held accountable and brought to justice for what our foreign policy has been doing to the rest of the world.  Behind the Pentagon in this year’s drawing is the Washington monument, but to the right of that skyline the architecture of Washington DC becomes the exploding and burning landscape that Israel and the US turned Gaza into this year to the horror and rejection of the rest of the world.

            At the time I was researching the archaeological site in the country of Turkey called Gobeki Teki in my quest for the elusive race of reptilian beings that may have used this site to train early humans in the skills necessary to survive an ice-age ravaged past.  Gobeki Teki is the most ancient monolithic site ever discovered in addition to being one of the best preserved.  That is because the entire site was buried around 5000 B.C.  Then a new site was built on top.  Sumerian writings may be alluding to this site where they speak of the great mound to the north where pottery and other skills were learned.  I had thought the site was where the more advanced serpent people gave knowledge to early man to help them along.  The engineering and sophistication of this site defies the ingenuity of ancient man.  I had thought perhaps the site was buried during the post ice-age transition from hunter gathering to agriculture.  I now prescribe to a new theory of why this site was buried with a new temple put on top to guard the forbidden history best left buried.

            There are cruel celestial spirits that are from beyond the wonderings of the wastes.  It is said that these spirits called the Ancient Ones are not dead but instead are dreaming, lurking between dimensions and within the expression of strange angles, and they wait for the day they may return to this realm of the living.  To do this they require appropriate positions of the stars along with sacrifice by the hands of their mortal followers.  Now this demon demands the sacrifice of war as the pieces of the most powerful magick circle of containment explode into the margins of the drawing, now broken and powerless.  These are the pieces of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, created in the 16th century by John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly.  This demon had been contained within the Pentagon structure of that building from the beginning.  This probably more than just contributed to a most decisive ending to the world’s worse war in modern history.  There was an attempt by hippies on October 21, 1967, to levitate the Pentagon and exercise it of this demon, however according to some knowledgeable occultists the circle was effectively broken by the intervention of the military disrupting the ceremony.  Another ominous sign of this architectural magick being used has appeared at the Georgia Guide Stones this year, where a cornerstone that was always missing has now appeared mysteriously in a cranny that had already been made for it.  This new cornerstone on that monument displays the year 2014.

            America has fallen victim to a coup de`tat!  I must admit that I grow weary of writing that every year in these writings.  Today it seems like two dichotomies are both after the same thing, dominion, and yet are at odds with each other.  One side just wants to live a decent life, and represents billions of individuals now raising their voices in this day and age around the world to be heard.  The other dichotomy wants to disarm all of us, and demoralize us with an oppressive police state that commits acts of terror; along with enforcement of new laws designed to feed a world record American prison population, currently stealing good jobs for a corporate prison slave trade business.

            On August 11, 2014 a police officer in Ferguson Missouri gunned down an unarmed 18-year old who was holding his hands up and surrendering.  Riots and martial law have ensued as the tanks and National Guard are called in to only make things worse against a population finally fed up with a militarized and criminal police state.  This is just a last straw of a heaping pile of police brutality in the last couple years that has broke the back of the metaphorical camel with countless beatings, pardoned murders, confiscated wealth, and sadistic torture prods from a mafia crime syndicate like no other.  Police all across this country are in desperate need for re-training.

            The coup has been rolling on in anticipation of Americans becoming fed up.  Fatherland Security has been buying billions of bullets, and has been attempting to disarm Americans in what kind of looks like a panic.  Perhaps we are all about to start dying off and getting pissed off about why.  Nobody is checking our food for Fukishima radiation, however recently in Canada a student tested food radiation levels for his school science fair project only to document levels way over any acceptable level for radiation.  The Obamacare website was a disaster of government cronyism and incompetence in addition to being a 500 million dollar waste, or swindle.  Perhaps this failure is by design because it almost has to be at this level of deliberate incompetence.  Its failure will result in a windfall of tax revenue next year for a government administering penalties to those who choose to not sign up; who also get a deal by paying a fine that is a downright affordable fraction of what health insurance actually costs.

            Oh why have I made this drawing?  Lets not shoot the messenger who tells you the world is going to Hell.  Israel launched its latest ground offensive into Gaza at the exact same moment that the Ukraine junta shot down the Malaysian Flight 17 to subsequently unsuccessfully try to blame on Russia and East Ukrainian resistance.  That even happens to be the second Malaysia flight brought down this year.  Flight 370 went down March 8, 2014, and was never seen again.  It’s like, whom did Malaysia piss off?  Another peculiar connection of this Bramuda Triangle-like incident to Israel is news that points out Israel’s recent purchase of an identical Malaysian jet currently in a hanger near Tel Aviv.  Meanwhile Palestinian members of the just-want-to-live dichotomy are mercilessly massacred by overwhelming force by an army and government of Israel that has institutionalized Nazi-worthy racial superiority, and who exhibits hatred worthy to be called pure evil, not to mention their cowardly choices of who to shoot at.  You can bet there will be no Israeli soldiers on the front lines in the coming war with ISIS.  It is a desperate strategy being used by Hamas, who are indeed sacrificing everyone crammed into the most populated piece of land on Earth to a merciless massacre on the slim chance that the rest of the world will notice the true character of the State of Israel, and give a shit.  At the time of this writing it appears to have worked.  Based on the character of Israel already witnessed it is easy to understand how Palestinians have been left with no other choice.

            They will probably be releasing a lot of recent studies that conclude all kinds of things causing cancers to cover-up the fact that Fukishima is now going to be causing lots of cancers.  People are in the streets of Taiwan and Yugoslavia these days, but now-a-days it has become obvious that these ‘uprisings’ are just western financed attempts to bring ruin and instability to the rest of the world.  You’re welcome.  As of February there were 8 bankers dead by suspicious suicides this year, and is now much more, 15 as of August.  Residents of Sandy Hook have all been showered with hush money as ‘victims’ of that terrible tragedy of crisis actors.  This money is in addition to all Sandy Hook residents with mortgages that got their houses paid for by a mysterious benefactor on December 23, 2009.  Merry Christmas Sandy Hook victims, now just keep your mouths shut.  In March Malaysia Flight 370 to Hong Kong disappeared, and it seems to be where they refuse to look that is the glaring clue to the missing plane’s location, as opposed to all the other fruitless locations they gave so much attention to.  At the time I was reading reports of the flight being spotted flying “low and loud” over Moldiva near Diego Garcia. 

Ever since stopping the Administration in its tracks last year when they tried to start bombing Syria, we have been listening to government pleas to arm Syrian rebels.  Come on, let’s arm the Syrian rebels.  We have got to arm Syrian rebels now!  Last July there were pictures taken of Senator John McCain over there smoking and joking with members of the terrorist group ISIS who have since stormed the country of Iraq.  This all looks like a desperate attempt by someone to kick-start the over-and-done Iraq war.  Who drinks this B-movie kool-aid anymore?!?  Now over 60,000 kids are flooding the borders of the United States.  You’d swear we have done worse to other country’s boarders.  Now the 380 million for KBR to build FEMA camps for a foreseen immigration emergency, (reported in previous years with these writings,) makes sense, except it’s no longer enough so Obama has asked Congress for 3.7 billion more to do the job of building concentration camps.

            Now Congress just violated the war on terror to authorize supporting more of the Syrian rebels that the covert Benghazi operation was supporting all along before someone in Al Qaeda run Libya attacked them.  We fight an illegal war to give Libya to our declared enemy Al-Qaeda, and that’s the kind of gratitude we get in return.  Let the aiding and supporting terrorist trials begin, to include that disgrace to a Nobel Peace prize President who asked for and signed this WWIII bill.  They make no secret that we have financed and supplied the very enemy we are now going to war with.  In fact ISIS is also the name of a Blackwater-esk mercenary corporation that has already been instrumental in arming and training Syrian ‘rebels’ in Jordan.  What a coincidence!  Why must America choose this appalling wrong side of history?  No good can come from it.  Is this all to save a stupid ultimately meaningless fiat dollar?  How about FUCK the God damned fiat dollar?!  How about, no way are we going to sacrifice this country and everything that makes US great on some alter to the failings of greed, or a 4th Reich of fascist Agenda 21 nonsense, or even to bow to some chosen people who control the government and the media like the Wormtongue character of JRR Tolkien, who cast a spell of total control over the great King Theoden?

            Time to end the hyper inflated wars we have already fought for hyper inflated years now.  The petrol-dollar is dead, but soon petroleum might just be joining it.  The American people can stop this playground bully foreign policy that destroys our very character as a country.  American ingenuity can solve any problem without having to bully other countries because they do not believe in our fiat currency scam.  HELL!  I don’t believe in our fiat currency scam.  The Russians, Chinese, and other countries also don’t believe, and have already formed their own IMF alternative bank, and are actively moving away from our Federal Reserve notes in a quickly heating sanction-crazy resurrected cold war, revised by our PRAVDA-esk dishonesty regarding the Ukraine.  The Chinese have already landed a rover on the Moon, however it died in such a dramatic televised malfunction while the lunar night froze it, that one is left to wonder if they didn’t just decide to stage that so they can rove the Moon in secret.

            The demon wants and demands war.  The Pentagon is fixed, but the circle has been broken, and the demon will not so easily allow a pentagon to confine them next time.  In each corner of the drawing is a seal allegedly from a photograph of the actual Necronomicon of antiquity.  These are spirits or demons whose names are known no more in the civilizations of mankind, and they were probably never known.  Beneath the seas we have found ancient civilizations with Google Earth such as a thousand miles west of Siere Leone Africa, 6 degrees North and 20 degrees West (then southeast at an angle) where Plato placed his Atlantis.  According to certain sources, these civilizations were destroyed by the knowledge of these seals.  Google Earth is an extraordinary way to explore this Earth.  Are you skeptical about the existence of the Loc Ness monster?  Google Earth has convinced me that there are several serpent-like creatures existing in that body of water.  Have a look.

            These forces that are set loose in the world crave war and destruction like hungry birds need worms.  Already at the time of this writing two journalists and one aid worker have been allegedly beheaded by masked men of ISIS in dramatically melodramatic videos, as designed to enrage the west as they are easily proven to be hoaxes.  It is as if someone was really sticking a boot up America’s ass to get that country back over there on the other side of the world for some more war.  That takes this writer’s mind back to last year when the American people flooded Washington DC phone lines to stop earlier versions of the same plan approved the other day by Congress.  I recall Saudi Arabia being very angry at the time that we didn’t support their plans to bring down rival Assad with their terrorist proxies.  Talk about a country we could attack and actually be greeted as liberators.  Saudi Arabia probably beats North Korea.

            What kind of potential enemy of America does that?  What kind of enemy makes beheading videos to get the rest of the world to hate them?  What kind of enemy coerces The United States to ‘bring it’?  I don’t even see nuclear-armed North Korea displaying those kinds of balls.  Is this the mentality of the terrorist whose only hope for salvation is to be able to murder for God?  Everyone is pretty much sick and tired of the last decade of senseless war.  Most of US, unlike Dick Cheney, did not make a killing off of security investments.  For the rest of US, war is murdering the very soul of this country with a great big unnecessary wound.  It does more than that to this country, because it makes no secret of its determination to economically as well as to morally and ethically destroy America from within.  War will willingly sacrifice everything American for a lie named security.  It’s funny how war on the other side of the planet can do that.

            Americans should not just roll over and be the victims of their own utterly corrupted government.  Let’s not be afraid to protest and get in their faces about this because it will bring that coward right out of them for all to see.  So if they arrest US for our righteous cause do not give them the sad or defeated or even bad-ass mean looks that make up so many ugly mug shots.  Make your mug shot a great big shit-eating grin because that really makes the best-looking mug shots.  ALL HAIL DISCORDIA!  The only problem America really has is all the Americans who just throw their arms up and say there is just nothing they can do about what this government is doing.  If all of US just thought a little differently we could again be showing the rest of the world how it’s done, and collectively overnight be making this government our bitch.

            Unfortunately the end is near.  At the time of this writing an Ebola epidemic has sprung up in Africa around the Keneme Bio-weapons Lab funded by Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros.  Thousands have already died from this quickly spreading incurable disease.  In Detroit the privatized utilities have shut off the water to 100,000 residents delinquent in payments, and the UN has been asked to intervene.  Thyroid cancers have indeed skyrocketed in children that live around Fukishima.

            It has been an effective attack on our collective critical thinking and ability to reason since 9/11 rewrote physics 101 before our eyes.  Now that science has thrown science out the window, skeptics are simply dealt with by derision and insults.  The UN’s IPCC has released a booga-booga report predicting serious temperature rise in the next few years, yet anyone paying attention may have noticed the worldwide cooling trend complete with record breaking Arctic and Antarctic ice caps since 2008.  All these ever-rising carbon emissions have possibly contributed to .02 thousandths of a degree in temperature rise for the last 15 years.  That is only possibly contributing to this since .02 happens to be within the margin of error.  Now as these oceans respond to the trend of increased polar ice by cooling themselves, the global warming hysteria will finally be forced to admit that global temperatures are cooling for the foreseeable future.  No derision necessary.  We all can probably agree that pollution is a serious problem, and yet we have been wasting lots of time disagreeing and arguing about the weather.  Well played demons that be.

            Speaking of demons or powers that be, the international pedophile rings of the rich and famous in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal are now being dealt some belated justice as dozens of British MP’s have now been charged with participating in child pedophile rings going back to the 1980’s.  Mass graves of children in Canada have been dug up with evidence reaching all the way to the British Royal family.  There is more to the rumors of royal blood drinking than just the flamboyant aristocratic nature of storybook vampires.  Researchers are now, after proven success with rats, starting human studies on age reversal by blood transfusions that replace whole blood with younger blood.  Perhaps this is a study on a secret known before this breakthrough in science only to a few elite vampires.

            Now the end is near as demons run amok and the militarized Israeli IDF-trained American police now murder with impunity, which is rewarded with a paid vacation.  The sound of the jackals of Anubus can now be heard howling beyond my door.  I have laid down here all that I can concerning the horrors that stalk without, and are lying in wait at the door of every man.  Some of this is from ancient arcane forgotten by all but a few men, and those that worship the Ancient Ones may their names be blotted out!

            In nomine patri et filii et spiriti sanctum!

            In nomine patri et filii et spiriti sanctum!




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