Thursday, October 13, 2016

2016 So Dangerously Retarded

Never before January of 2016 have I ever had a serious debate with someone that argues the Earth is flat.  I marked January of 2016 as the time that Facebook and other Internet social networks became bombarded by a movement to convince people that the Earth is actually flat.  The flat Earth theme has since dominated a lot of Internet conversations.  Is that where all this dumbing down has been headed to?  On one hand it’s the spirit of Gnosticism to say I really do not know what the shape of the planet I stand on is, but it’s the opposite of Gnosticism to pretend to KNOW that it is flat.  In addition to the fact that it makes no sense their evidence is extremely flimsy in light of what we can know about our round planet.  Their main argument is the seemingly observable flatness of the horizon line, which is the very evidence convincing this critical thinking observer of curvature because things do indeed disappear behind horizon lines.  Why would a flat Earth have a horizon line at all?  The truth is that there is no such thing as a straight line in this curved universe.  This writing is not intended to prove that we live on a globe, but the flat-Earthers have argued their way into becoming this year’s flat Earth Christmas card design, which features the Earth drawn as they see it. 

Another dominating theme of this year has been the countless terrorist attacks and mass shootings to include police that have obviously been trained to go in shooting and then figure out what the situation is afterwards.  Now-a-days it is obvious that America is being subjected to a covert Operation GLADIO, which is accompanied by desperate arguments for more gun control.  In similar news it has become apparent in the ongoing 9/11 investigation that the 2001 event was actually the old Operation Northwoods plan itself that was used to carry out 9/11.  I had just never before knew the details about the Operation Northwoods plan, which I’ve known about since that day.  The operation was revived for 2001 after President Kennedy had decades before refused to do it during the Bay of Pigs fiasco.  What that means is that the actual hijacked aircraft as outlined in Operation Northwoods were switched out with drone craft that were steered into the targets.  That also explains YouTube footage that indicates CGI might have been used to doctor the drones on video footage to make them look like regular United Airlines planes.  It seems like a classic CIA attempt to muddy this well with a movement similar to the flat Earthers that argues there were no planes at all on 9/11, and all those witnesses saw holograms.  No-planers and flat-Earthers both without objectivity indulge the same folly of embracing a ridiculous explanation as the real truth on the flimsiest of reasons.  Hmmm, religion does that.  In addition to the truth-movement distraction that is flat Earth, the (PRAVDA) media has also tried to distract 9/11 investigations with rumors from 28 classified pages redacted from the 9/11 investigation by saying that they prove Saudi Arabia did it.  That all might backfire as the survivors move forward with suing Saudi Arabia over it because we know the other players, which those 28 pages probably also shed light on.

Earlier this year on March 22nd there was a terrorist attack in Brussels, but like so many of these terrorist attacks, the event was soon overshadowed with evidence that it had been staged and orchestrated with hired crisis actors.  That point of view only becomes more compelling in light of the fact that the news featured one of the survivors who was a Mormon missionary from Utah named Mason Wells, who also happened to have made the news before as a survivor of the Paris attacks, and also the Boston bombings.  Yeah, that’s good Kool-Aid.  What’s in this stuff?  Obviously the flat Earth psy-op, orchestrated false flag attacks, and the full-of-SHIT government side of every story are all tying together into the fact that we are all being BULLSHITTED like never before into collectively doing something that we won’t be easily or rationally dragged into doing.  I hope that we just do not do it.  We’ve been fighting these longest, most expensive wars in history for no American reason other than military industrial complex profits, or for hypocritical say-one-thing-do-another reasons, and only the collective will of the American people will ever stop it.  Trying to argue that point all these years has been like trying to stop a country from committing suicide, and we still won’t come down from the ledge.  Life is scary and hard, but you have to face it to swing at it as it comes because it doesn’t go in the other direction.  Come on down from that ledge America.

The flat Earth on this year’s drawing is surrounded with the laurel leaf design to turn the Earth into the familiar UN symbol, which flat Earthers will point out is the powers-that-be’s way of rubbing the long kept secret truth in our faces.  The UN symbol also represents this year’s theme of more and more UN troop training missions going on here in the US, as well as thousands of coffins purchased, and billions and billions of bullets being acquired by the UN beholden Obummer Administration.  Not to mention we now have open FEMA camps in North Carolina with homeless being rounded up in them, which before in earlier writings were only ridiculed rumors of FEMA camps.  The world is fast dividing itself into globalists vs. nationalists, which makes one wonder what these out-of-touch pipe-dreamers in power are really up to.

The Summer Olympics in Brazil lost 4 billion dollars on the event; all so that athletes instructed to keep their heads above the water could swim in sewage.  So what was to be gained from this world class event if you are a desperately failing New World Order string-puller, like say billionaire George Soros?  There were stories about GMO pesticides being used near the Summer Olympics, which produces effects that are similar to a local mosquitos-driven virus known as Zika.  Ironically that same pesticide was directly dumped upon Florida residents in an attempt to rid the state of the Zika virus that has evidently now spread to North America.  They did not even try to hide the Zika spraying in a conspicuous looking chem-trail and fingers are already pointing at the wife of the Florida governor who is a CEO at the same pesticide company.

So why get all worked up over a flu-like Zika virus that may be getting spread across the world through the Summer Olympics?  And why make sure a lot of people in Florida catch it, or at least something a lot like it?  If any adult catches Zika they are likely to suffer a day of flu-like symptoms and then be completely over it.  It may be because for pregnant women catching Zika they are likely to give birth to a baby with a deformed head that doesn’t contain a fully developed brain.  The condition is known as microcephaly.  They may be pushing Zika as an explanation for a rise in the occurrences of microcephaly around the world because more and more places with leaking nuclear reactors such as Florida are also causing microcephaly.  This was even validated by discovering a suppressed story about microcephaly that is currently happening to newly born children in Washington State near the Hanford nuclear reservation.  Let me also just mention the unmentionable word here; FUKISHIMA.

It hasn’t reached home yet, but now my greatest fear of what might happen to me has come to Venezuela in the form of hyperinflation and Mad-Max anarchy in the streets.  Flint Michigan water has been poisoned with lead since at least 2014, and the other day Congress kicked that can of fixing it a couple more years down the road, and then with the other Congressional hand they approved another 38 billion for Israel in the next ten years.  You’d think that kicking cans down the road and kissing Israel’s butt was why we pay those worthless Congressional FUCKERS of mothers.  Also that can they kicked to another day back in 2008 might be landing today on the fiscal year end of October 1st as I write this.  In April of 2016 the Panama papers were released to expose the money laundering and tax evading schemes of the elite, but instead of bringing that world to its knees the only real consequence was to cause the Prime Minister of Iceland to resign under the disgrace of his exposure as one involved in a Panama paper tax evasion scam.  Iceland was the country that handled the 2008 bank crisis by throwing their own bankers in prison as opposed to the way the rest of the western world handled it, and this Panama paper story sure looks like revenge by the imprisoned bankers upon the government of Iceland.

Obummer the other day gave a speech at the UN to stress the importance of giving up our individual rights and freedoms for a more global government-handled security, which already has me sleeping less secure at night.  Now he has announced that he is sending US troops into Syria to be used as human shields to keep Russia and the sovereign government of Syria from attacking the Al Qaeda / Al-Nursa terrorists that we originally went to war against back when we the American people were first brought onboard this stupid say-one-thing-do-another war on terror.  They are shoving another crime against humanity down our throats and telling us that we love it.  They want to turn Assad into the next Saddam Hussein, but for all the proven BULLSHIT told about Assad set aside, I cannot think of anything that man has done to deserve being replaced with what we’ve already left Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan to fester in.  Maybe his use of torture can justify a war against him, which he assisted our CIA with out of the same fearful mistake of cooperation with the war on terror that Libya’s Gadhafi also made, but that’s a glass house argument for as long as Obummer fails in his promise to close the American Guantanamo gulag.  I am told the Syrian President’s father was a tyrant by the same ones that are lying to me about Bashir Al Assad, but what if that is just more weapons of mass destruction BULLSHIT?  There was a point in history a few years ago when we crossed a line between when BULLSHIT worked, and afterwards when it now doesn’t.  Today it is almost a source of amusement to watch Washington DC not get that.

Competing with the flat Earth theme for the honor of most retarded thing about this year has been the 2016 Presidential election starting with that Canadian Bush-cousin Ted Cruz who they tried to sell us.  Ted Cruz is a special kind of rotten apple like his trademark poison-pill strategy of legislating.  Well the Republicans will see their Ted Cruz, and raise you a Donald Trump.  Now that’s entertainment.  It has panned out to be a damned if you do, damned if you don’t election for us slaves to the two-party paradigm, but it is a great year for throwing a vote away on a 3rd party candidate.  There are no spoilers in a spoiled election.  To quote a classic Hillary, “I mean, what difference does it make?” 

Conservatives, along with their radical and destructive intentions do still look to me like what must be stopped.  Republicans still don’t tickle my liberal ears with Berlin walls and immigrant hatred, but I also can’t vote for a Jew to put a cherry on the top of the 9/11 coup d’état, or for a war criminal who was the worse Secretary of State that has ever been.  The whole good-cop/bad-cop two party act has just worn out into two ridiculous extremes that have no real difference and change nothing.  This is entertainment pretending to be change.  This election is also starting to look like two criminals trying to become President so they can stop investigations currently proceeding against them.  Hillary has been selling the country to the rest of the world through the Clinton Foundation, which now has attracted FBI attention, and Trump has been audited by the IRS for the last 7 years over billion dollar tax-break records that he will never show the people. 

On February 13th, 2016 Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia was found dead in his bed at a Texas hunting ranch vacation spot for the elite.  Initial reports that he was found with a pillow over his head were later explained away as describing the pillow being above his head further up on the bed.  No autopsy was performed, and no replacement is going to come from those that accomplish nothing for a living, the Republican controlled houses.  Even when they are in control they only know how to filibuster.  Whether Scalia was murdered or not remains a mystery, but the very real controversy it invokes is appropriate for a year of suspicious deaths that appear to have benefitted the Hillary for President Campaign.  My personal perspective on this subject has experienced a full 180-degree change since first viewing the video called, “The Clinton Chronicles,” back in the year 1999, and thinking it was just more right-wing anti-Clinton gotcha lies.  You know it doesn’t help that both sides of this system of extremes are full of SHIT.  Murder has conspicuously hounded the life of Hillary Clinton since Vince Foster, but for now let’s just document only the latest 2016 possible murder cases as of October 2016.  On August 1, 2016 the anti-Hillary journalist Victor Thorn died of alleged suicide just before he would have finished his latest book about Hillary, the next possible President of the US.  Seth Conrad Rich was the DNC Voter Expansion Data Director who turned out to be the one that provided Julian Assange with his DNC data dump; contrary to the allegation of television talking heads who will tell you it was Russian hackers that did that.  Seth was gunned down on the streets of Washington DC by a still unknown assailant on July 10, 2016.  Joe Montano was Chairman of the DNC before the one that resigned in disgrace in July, Debbie Wasserman Shultz.  Joe died at the age of 47 of an alleged heart attack on July 25, 2016.  Shawn Lucas was suing the DNC over all the proven voter fraud that was used to flip the votes away from Bernie Sanders in the primary nomination process.  Boy, I hope there are no shenanigans like that in the coming general election.  Shawn’s body was found by his girlfriend on August 2, 2016; cause of death, still unknown.  John Jones was a lawyer for Julian Assange who got hit by a train on April 18, 2016, and it should also be mentioned here that there have also been failed attempts on the life of Julian Assange himself that were reported even by mainstream news.  Berta Cáceres' in Honduras was a human rights activist that identified Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s role in the Honduran coup d’état.  She was murdered on March 3rd, 2016.  Last but not least John Ashe the former UN General Assembly President had his throat crushed by a barbell on June 22, 2016, the same day he was to testify about Hillary’s links to a 1996 Bill Clinton re-election China-gate scandal.

I have also seen Internet images of Bernie Sanders at the DNC convention with a black-eye.  That brought to mind stories from previous years of former Secretaries of Defense who resigned with visible facial injuries such as Bill Gates and Chuck Hagel.  Whatever happened to the office of Secretary of Defense anyway?  Now-a-days it appears that the job is done by the much more war-mongering Secretary of State position, which used to be a department of diplomats that kept the peace before Hillary showed up.  It could be that the New World Order globalists want to turn the US Secretary of State office into a Prime Minister position.  That would turn the US into something more like Russia, which has a President that nobody over here can name along with a permanent Prime Minister who we all know as Putin.  Watch this world become a place where we still vote for a President every 4 years who then keeps nominating the same person for Secretary of State, Presidency after Presidency, and we dumb Americans won’t see anything wrong with that.  Does that really sound so implausible in a country that put up with J. Edgar Hoover for over 40 years?

On June 23, 2016 Briton voted to leave the sinking ship that is the European Union.  The establishment shills on the television all freaked out while Briton is probably about to become the next Iceland-like economic success story.  In May of 2016 an Egypt air flight went down in the Mediterranean, but by June that news was swept under a carpet with no recovered black box information.  The only possible witnesses were an enormous military exercise by Israel that was going on in the same area, but they all say that they didn’t see anything.  Last year the Paris attacks of November 2015 may have been delayed a couple months by three civilians on a commuter train the previous month of August who stopped a terrorist with a jammed Kalashnikov weapon by physically subduing the assailant while taking non-lethal injuries themselves as a result.  Then that October 8, 2015 one of those heroes, Spencer Stone in California was stabbed multiple times in the chest by an attacker still at large.  He lived, but also another of those heroes, Alek Skarlatos had been enrolling at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg Oregon, but instead of showing up on the first day of school he ended up being an honorary guest on the show Dancing with the Stars.  That was the same day a shooter showed up at Umpqua Community College and opened fire killing 9 people before being stopped.  Alek Skarlatos is the soldier in the controversial PR picture with Hillary Clinton who is subtly giving the military hand signal for being under duress.

Although this writing has no intention of listing all of the orchestrated operation GLADIO terror attacks of 2016 I will bring up the Orlando mass shooting of June 2016 since it has come to light that most of the deaths were by the target practice of the SWAT team that went in at 5:30AM that morning.  They have admitted this.  The police are obviously being trained this way and somehow it is unpatriotic to accuse the police of wrongdoing or corruption.  The gun violence in Chicago flies ironically in the face of the fact that it is the most gun-controlled city in the country, but also a great example of the kind of police corruption that is worth noticing.  There are still secret gulag chambers of torture in Chicago that are full of disappeared US citizens, which everyone should know about. 

The underlying theme of all the gun violence is violence itself.  It’s this sadistic punishment obsessed bomb-them-all-let-God-sort-them-out attitude of violence that appears closer to the real problem with our Trump-voting America.  Why are we so violent?  Although economic disparity likes to be the obvious culprit it pales before the more obvious transgressor of 15-plus years of senseless war for corporate mercenary profits; 15-plus years of dehumanizing other human beings.  Let’s go ahead and move economic disparity down even another peg here in place of fear as the 2nd biggest reason for violence.  I could be wrong about that one, but clearly we are living in an Operation GLADIO fear-factory here, and worse than what we have become is what we are becoming.  It makes video games not even worth putting on this list of reasons for the violence.

Maybe the Israeli coup d’état should be on the list as the orchestrators of this violence, which appears so surgically designed to raise animosity toward their Muslim nemesis.  It’s not just the obvious control of Hollywood, or the Greater Israel pipe-dreams of someday moving all Arabs into concentration camps.  It’s not even just that Congress quaking with fear and whorishness for the coup d’état, nor is it only a great Rothschild’s plan for world domination.  It’s not even American police shootings almost every week inspired by their Fatherland Security prescribed Israeli Defense Forces training.  It’s not just Einstein and Carl Jung and the Illuminati either.  It is all of these things.  America has become the whore of Babylon because the rest of the world has always valued America more than us indifferent Americans.  Hillary Clinton stands a Trump gaffe away from the White House with her pay-to-play Clinton Foundation mischief, and it makes all the crony money that Trump would no-doubt make off building a wall boondoggle seem like the more affordable choice.  Hillary makes the Statue of Liberty appear to the rest of the world to be saying, “Here I am boys.  Come and have me.  I’m not wearing anything under this robe.”  Anyone with half a brain can think this through to the Gog vs. Magog end of the world that this all is so anxiously trying to bring about.

The economics of the world have gone bat-shit crazy.  Ten dollars of groceries two years ago surly costs at least $20 dollars today, and that dollar depreciation that they try to write off on the common man with insane dollar printing has only just begun to teach us old-school citizens the Weimar Germany 8th Grade Social Studies class lesson again, and this time the hard way.  The markets have to correct, and then maybe become more regulated, but that was kicked down the road in 2008 and here we are where it may be landing.  The market cannot correct itself because the only way to turn the majority back into winners is to turn the elite into losers with their over-leveraged deregulated imaginary speculation fortunes.  There just has got to be another way.  We do not want to become like Venezuela.  Keep printing!  I can’t be the only one feeling an inflation noose caused by printed fiat money tightening around my neck.  Someday the floor might be pulled out from under us, and we will all hang.  All we have to do to turn this around and stop lead-poisoned water and crumbling infrastructure is to un-employ a bunch of over-priced war-crime committing mercenaries, and let’s stop these senseless back-firing pipe-dream and lie-justified wars that are wrecking the world both over there and right here.  That would return all of our tax-dollars to domestic spending, which are currently being flushed down a senseless war toilet.  Recent news has informed us that now the Pentagon cannot account for over 6.5 TRILLION dollars.  Remember when Rumsfeld first informed President Bush back in 2001 of that number being 2 TRILLION the day before 9/11?  That is only the money they lost, not the unmentionable amount they have flushed down the known war budget toilet.  I feel like the star of the movie, “Idiotocracy” trying to explain this.  Unfortunately neither major candidate would do anything about that for this country with your vote, but what if everyone picked the 3rd choice who happens to run on that promise?  Are we really as a country going to be slaves on November 8th to what the polls tell us to do, or will we face those three choices and vote for the best one?

For the converts to the flat-Earth psy-op I offer the analogy of Atlas on this year’s drawing who is holding up the flat Earth under the frozen wall of ice that supposedly marks the Antarctic edge of Earth.  Atlas was a great leader of the legendary Titans of Greek mythology who was forced to hold up the Earth by Zeus after the Great War in Heaven.  The serpent that was appointed to torment Atlas was later slain by the demi-god Hercules, and then even later Atlas was changed into the Atlas Mountains in Africa by Perseus using the head of Medusa.  Today Atlas is synonymous with the name given to books of world maps.  Atlas may have originally been a great Stone Age king who attained profound knowledge of the stars for the sake of farming and navigation.  He may have even been the one playing a role in the creation of world-wide calendar structures such as Stonehenge.  Atlas allegedly taught mankind that the shape of the heavens took the form of a globe.  This evolved into the ubiquitous depictions of Atlas holding up a globed Earth, which this year’s drawing is an exception to.  The Stone Age revelation that the heavens took the shape of a globe is obviously because we stand on a globe while we look up at the heavens.  With just a little more brain power one may obtain the gnosis that the globe they stand on is also doing the spinning, and not the other way round by using mechanics that no flat Earther can explain in any rational way.  The legend that the great king Atlas became would come to be expressed in the old saying, “The heavens rest on the shoulders of Atlas.”  Most flat Earthers however, are just repeating lies that they know are lies, and doing the devil’s work of deception about the nature of reality, probably out of loyalty to an idea of God that must be at least as deceptive as that devil for putting us all in such a strange flat Earth Truman Show to begin with.  Most flat Earthers do come across as Christian, and that’s the strong selling point for some flat Earthers believing that Satan wants us to think the Earth is round and space is real to blind us to the true God living up there on the other side of the firmament, which is our sky made of something like a blanket with little holes in it.

The night sky makes up the rest of this year’s drawing, which were the keys that unlocked the gnosis that the ancient king Atlas obtained.  It was also the stars that first settled this flat-Earth/round-Earth argument over 400 years ago when mankind finally liberated themselves from a geocentric DARK AGE interpretation of this universe.  It was the geocentric believers that proposed the theory of epicycles to explain the retrograde motions of the planets at certain times of the year, and as that model became more-and-more implausible and impossible to justify with further observation it shattered under the weight of a simpler more eloquent heliocentric model, which works still to this day.  That is why it is the heliocentric globe Earth model that has become the idol we worship in the Gnostic church of the Scientific Method.  In this church of science we believe that we have indeed been into space, and our faith becomes reinforced and entertained by always new discoveries since we don’t have to throw the last 150 years of scientific accomplishment out the window as lies lies LIES.  “Only gullible morons think that NASA has ever been to the Moon.  Those Van Allen belts would have melted their ship.”  Are those Amish now using the Internet or something?  Recently SETI scientists announced that they may have found a possibly alien signal made by intelligent life.  It is an anomalously strong RF signal that cannot be produced without sophisticated technology, which is in the direction of the star HD164595.  It is in a strange part of the frequency spectrum at 11 GHz.  Also SETI plans to explore another area of promise this month in the skies that shows similar evidence of intelligent life.  I can’t wait to read about what they discover.

This brings this writing to the reason the constellation Centaurus is on prominent display with the Southern Cross at its back hoof on this year’s artwork.  It is the southern sky that destroys the flat Earth model by not behaving in any way as it should if the Earth was a flat plate either rotating around a central north pole axis or with a sky that does all the rotating for us.  We round-Earthers have a very logical explanation of why we in the northern hemisphere cannot see this Southern Cross constellation from above 25 degrees north latitude.  This constellation also is where you find the closest stars to Earth, which are Alpha Centauri, and Beta Centauri that make up the centaur’s front hoofs.  This is actually a system of three stars that includes a barely visible red-dwarf star called Proxima Centauri, which scientists have just announced actually has a potentially Earth-like planet in its habitable zone where running water may exist under the skies of a planet with an 11-day orbital year.  That means there may be another Earth like planet just 4.37 light years from Earth.

On July 14, 2016 there was a failed coup attempt in Turkey to oust Erdagon a week after he apologized to Russia for shooting down one of the Russian aircraft that were defending the demonized government of Syria against terrorists that our war against is now defending.  The coup has America’s fingerprints all over it and the wrong side of history is at least now looking even more like a self-destructive strategy.  Oh come on !  The Federal Reserve petrol dollar is on its way out.  That is just the writing on the wall.  Let’s not have a world war over it, especially on behalf of the terrorist-supporting wrong side of history while using an American foreign policy that is so wrong it is pure FUCKING evil.  The future looks bleak, but in reality we are on the verge of a whole new reality like never before in history.  I want marijuana legalized in my state so I can start writing my pot purchases off on my taxes as a work expense.  There is still some past that also lingers on this precipice, which we have to let go of before we can actually move forward.  Even then there will probably be a little more of that past to wipe off our metaphorical asses before we can finally get off of this pot and move on.  For all the tax dollars we are flushing down this metaphorical toilet however, it is probably going to over-flow because of using too much paper.

Anyone paying attention can sense the increase in earthquake and volcano activity that is happening around the basin of the Pacific Ocean.  Something is building up there and it makes all the news stories increasing in frequency about earthquakes and volcanoes only appear as a pretext or prelude of an event yet to come.  That event will be the hammer of G-d, and it will change everything for all time.  I’ll just continue living on in my own little world, and as an artist life is an interesting journey through realms of imagination.  I will continue on this strange journey taking notes and drawing pictures along the way.