Saturday, October 20, 2012

Let The Future Begin


           Time once again to summarize the current gnosis for the year as has been done here for so many years before across two decades.  The task of writing this is more cumbersome today because the current depression is personally being constructively dealt with by writing imaginative science fiction.  Because these books of fiction are in the works this writing won’t become the usual book.  As for the depression that is the reality of America 2012, it is being dealt with by our imaginary banks running out of imaginary money.  That can’t help but sound to this artist like a lack of imagination.  Underlying the sense of foreboding of these times is the ongoing fatally incompetent response to nuclear reactor China Syndrome meltdowns at Fukahsima, which continue to threaten our extinction.
            From down here where one is no stranger to zero it can be noticed that a lot of once comfortably prosperous middle class home owners are now hitting this same zero, and the fall from that perspective can appear much more disastrous.  The further extreme of this middle class known much more as ‘upper’ really just looks like a bunch of rich people fixing to also loose everything, desperately trying to not endure the consequences of their own capitalist failures.  They have no right to expect the people living paycheck-to-paycheck, and working their whole lives to make THEM rich to now have to pay for this failure of the too-big-to-fail.  Then again, if we don’t help these poor rich people it will be in the end as if we all worked so hard for so long to make them rich for nothing. 
            Perhaps we can give them all a nice tax cut to maybe make it all feel better for them.  Now the state-depriving temporary wartime tax-cut days that have been bankrupting the states all this time are beginning to show consequences.  West Virginia recently took 10 days to turn power back on after yearly storms.  Scranton PA went bankrupt this year and the public employees from firefighters, police, and teachers all the way to the mayor himself were reduced to working for minimum wage.  These writings have observed this since the ongoing Bush tax cuts began carrying out an agenda that looks like a centralizing federal power grab.  Watch as they fix an unemployment problem by suddenly prioritizing concerns for dept reduction resulting in the unemployment of lots of public workers.
            The upper class has turned the rules of capitalism on their head to maintain their loosing game, and these days they must be very afraid the masses will eventually tell them to go fuck themselves.  Bernake the Federal Reserve Chairman has introduced more quantitative easing (Part III) fiat money printing tricks, which our Jr. High Sociology class teachings are still screaming from the collective recollection of those old enough that this will devalue our currency until we repeat a time of history affectionately nicknamed Weimar.  From down here our currency is devaluing right before our eyes, and hurting US down here like a bunch of frogs finally noticing that now-boiling water really getting hot.  They don’t give a shit about US down here!  They are just trying to save their own upper class asses that ought to be down here now if justice is to have her day.
            Now a Presidential election nears that is threatening to leave many at home on poll day under a cloud of collective cynicism, which probably isn’t entirely incorrect to conclude that there is no difference between these Constitution-wrecking, illegal war starting candidates.  Mitt Romney, the physical embodiment of the every-greedy-investor-for-themselves tax-dodging attitude that legislated laws for an outsourcing globalist strategy is guilty of directly crippling the availability of jobs in America.  Everybody kind of knows that President Romney will ‘Bain Capitalize’ America as surely as President George W ‘Arbusted’ US.  Karma may yet come home to roost on these ten years of war since lots of veterans are now making it home alive.  That may yet be some blowback for those federal fuckers of mothers and their pointless American-wrecking wars.  There is a problem with Mitt Romney becoming President after skating through the primaries as the declared ‘front-runner’ all the way through where nobody liked him or voted for him.  The problem is that nobody will believe he didn’t steal this election.  Did you vote for him?  I didn’t vote for him.  Did you?  No!
            It has been said many times in these writings that they like to solve problems with the problem itself, but Mitt Romney just too profoundly physically embodies that problem that has been destroying America, and it doesn’t even involve Anti-Christ-worthy religious affiliations that are, at the very least, a rabbit hole into the stuff of horror movies.  It is a reliable rumor that the Mormon temple in Washington DC has an exact replica of the Oval Office complete with all White House communication capabilities for the religion’s prophesied messiah President to come.  No matter the Presidential victor there will still be another agenda aspiring to the stuff of horror movies.  The government has through DHS (short for Department of Fatherland Security) currently purchased 1.4 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition in the last year or so.
            President Obummer signed the grossly un-Constitutional National Defense and Authorization Act that includes provisions to ‘disappear’ American citizens indefinitely at the discretion of this Afghan war-escalating President.  He signed this on New Year’s Eve asserting Americans that it wouldn’t be used against Americans during his Presidency.  That probably isn’t even true now that drone bases have been established on the “Homeland,” and rumors of Americans disappearing have began to trickle.
            Recently the military inadvertently released “FM3-39-40 The Internment and Resettlement Operations.pdf.”  It is a document that was supposed to be released to the DoD on a restricted basis, but is now viral for the public’s regard.  This is related to the camps established by KBR (Kelloge Brown, and Root offshoot of Halliburton where have you readers been?) a few years back.  In 2009 the National Guard began recruiting “Internment Resettlement Specialists,” and as of December 2011 KBR has started hiring staffs for “emergency environment camps.”  It was back in 2006, according to these writings, when KBR was hired for this job.  Your tax dollars at work folks.
            The constant power grabbing abuse of power that is this decade long frenzy of war on the opposite side of the planet still continues to darken the horizon of our future.  Yet this is so arbitrary, so reversible, and so surrounded by solutions to be justified as a problem.  In May 2012 the CIA/Saudi Arabian-backed alQaeda bomber failed to infiltrate alQaeda of Yemin with his new improved special CIA-designed bomb.  This was transformed on the televisions into a CIA victory that stopped this new diabolical bomb plot.  However the information that this whole thing was manufactured by the CIA is released, which doesn’t stop its intended purpose anyway of boosting sales for cancer-causing body scanners that help make American airports the most un-Constitutional airports in the world. 
            The tides of justice move slowly, but their effects will be enduring as the meek inherit the Earth with what these writings call Natural Democracy.  This year Indonesia held a UN supported war crimes tribunal, which convicted Bush and associates of their crimes against humanity.  The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal even featured testimony from 2004 card luminary known as the man with the black bag on his head from Abu Graib infamy.  He is the tortured man who was made famous with viral photos by Lynndie England who may be out of prison these days.  The man in the black bag is actually named Al Shalal, and he testified of many dieing of their torture at that time, which was rampant in our un-American country-crushing efforts.  He testified that many were executed after their release so that they wouldn’t reveal what happened to them.  The testimony is available to the public, and includes the following quote.  “Ali Shalah, a renowned professor of theology was tortured, abused and humiliated by both US and Israeli “interrogators” for allegedly being anti-semitic and anti-zionist.”  Aside from being struck by what previous writings nickname the coup, it also appears incorrect to expect to instill American values on another country by arresting someone for what is still perfectly legal in America the last time this writer checked.  Having opinions. 
            Ya, they took over the world, and impoverished the American worker by doing it, but now the world is too-big-to-fail.  Now the world is propping itself up with depreciating fiat currency, and praying for another temporary bubble of economic growth to make it feel better.  Some states have already began minting their own gold currencies, and the optimist to the bitter end idea starts to sound flat and out of tune.  The coup continues to roll out abroad with thousands and thousands being massacred in Syria where the ruthless dictator Bashar Assad continues to resist his civil war against foreigners.  On June 14, 2012 the Egyptian Supreme court dissolved the democratic parliament.  Conspicuously on the same day the Pakistan Supreme court declared the elected Prime Minister illegitimate, and then the near retired USS Enterprise that was trolling Persian Gulf waters to get someone to shoot at it entered waters in Pakistan territory that same day.
            It is obvious enough to write that all these populist movements in the Middle East have at least been shanghaied by US-backed alQaeda insurgencies carrying out the continuation of the Project for the New American Century agenda.  Of course those recent coup attempts in Egypt and Pakistan are now backfiring, and the new Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has asserted his vote-given powers.  In probably the same spirit of blowback, Libya has erupted in an embassy attack on 9/11/2012 that assassinated the US Ambassador.  Now a very terrible low-budget insult to Mohammed has been virally paraded across the YouTube to be chirped incessantly at the American people as the explanation for anti-US protests across the Middle East.  As if they didn’t have any other reasons to protest the US blitzkrieg.  In the anti-American theme expected of a country eleven years into a coup there have also been rampant vote blocking efforts in several states during this election year, and almost always for the benefit of dirty-pool playing Republicans.
            This year posterity has been taken aback by the irony of life during the days of the Israeli Nazi.  This year Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu appeared in a Republican ad war-mongering for his war against Iran.  “Why do I have to wait for this?  Wait for what?  Wait till when?”  I want my war now!  I want my war now!  What a piece of shit that can only be appreciated by the brain-washed block of voters that pray on Sundays for this guy and his war.  This coup was recently punctuated by American General Martin Dempsey who visited Israel this year to tell them “Washington does not want to be complicit in an attack on Iran.”  Then soon after that visit there was a bold ‘Taliban’ attack on Begram Air Force base in Afghanistan where General Dempsey’s personal aircraft was deliberately targeted.  Insurgents claimed they had “exact information” for the attack.  Time to put a cork on this fucken coup!
            Only after getting a rant out over the coup of the past can this writing proceed to what the drawing for this year is really all about, the future.  The future is full of surprises for the coup and everybody.  They make us afraid of the future when it is never as bad as it appears.  We fear tomorrow when we should be excited about it, and rooting for the future.  The popular “system is broke” arguments are mostly just a bait-and-switch argument for a “new form of government” that ignores the fact that WE are what are really broke in a republic of participative democracies, not the system.  If these “system is broke” arguments run their course we will only end up with a revolution that solidifies the coup already turning the US into a hauntingly Israel-like police state.  We already send police to Israel these days for their head-bash training.  America as it was always taught us, which we sacrificed on the PATRIOT Act, 2002 Military Commissions Act, NDAA, etc … has always been the solution underneath all those power-grabbing wrong turns for our country and the world.  Let’s give that idea known as America another whirl.
            The future is rolling out so sit back and enjoy the show.  There was recently a European space mission orbiting and photographing Mars, which has inspired this year’s illustration.  It’s almost no secret in this information age that NASA space photos are often doctored to hide anomalies.  The color is admittedly added after the fact.  This Age where nothing is any-longer hidden dares to bring these under-the-carpet anomalies to the forefront.  The image on this year’s card is one such anomaly emerging on the Internet.  It is a drawing of the Hale crater on Mars taken by the European Space Agency spacecraft called the Mars Express, which is orbiting the planet.  With a little Photoshop darkening and some contrast, the ground of his crater brings out the kind of unnatural anomalies one might see out the window of a jet plane at a high altitude here on Earth.  Patterns emerge suggestive of fields of agriculture, and architecture right there at the bottom of the Hale crater on Mars.  The implications threaten to blow the mind of one’s established paradigm.  What does this mean in the perspective of humanity and life on Earth?  Is mankind the original coincidence in a universe that created life?  Or maybe we are a by-product and subsequent example of that original coincidence.
            The Moon stands out to testify that we might be the by-product of an advanced life form somewhere out there in the galaxy.  The unnaturally large neighbor of Earth was explored by Apollo 20, which brought back the cigar shaped space craft image from the (Guyot) Izsak Y crater that this year’s drawing depicts in the upper right corner.  The gigantic crater poked craft appears to display designs that reminds this observer of the ancient Maya style.  The footage of this anomaly exists in the Apollo 20 documentation that has been hidden in plain sight until dug up by our Information Age.  Speaking of hidden in plain sight, recently 911 operators in Washington DC got a bunch of calls from people reporting a “UFO” being hauled by a truck through town.  It turned out to be one of the new drones soon to be probing the skies all across the free nation of ours, but why did so many people call it a UFO?  Was it saucer shaped?  The story gives no clue, but if they were going to start spying on American citizens, and they are, one reliable strategy may be to make the spy-drones look like alien UFOs watching the local populous after a long trip across the space between stars.
            The illustration for the year also includes diagrams of ancient craft called Vimana from an ancient scripture of ancient India called the Vaimanika Shastra.  It doesn’t defy logic that the last couple hundred years of advancements in technology could have been rolled out before during some millennium of some clever civilization on Earth that may be still poking out of the sands of today.  At any rate the wonders on the way from the future are more entertaining than the end of a currency idea, which our present day obsesses over.  Do we as a species really know who or what we are?  Of course not.  We know we are a one-of-a-kind enigma of nature.  We know that we don’t know who or what we are.  That deserves to preoccupy the psyche of mankind more as this future introduces itself.  It’s going to be alright.  Let the future begin.