Thursday, October 13, 2016

2016 So Dangerously Retarded

Never before January of 2016 have I ever had a serious debate with someone that argues the Earth is flat.  I marked January of 2016 as the time that Facebook and other Internet social networks became bombarded by a movement to convince people that the Earth is actually flat.  The flat Earth theme has since dominated a lot of Internet conversations.  Is that where all this dumbing down has been headed to?  On one hand it’s the spirit of Gnosticism to say I really do not know what the shape of the planet I stand on is, but it’s the opposite of Gnosticism to pretend to KNOW that it is flat.  In addition to the fact that it makes no sense their evidence is extremely flimsy in light of what we can know about our round planet.  Their main argument is the seemingly observable flatness of the horizon line, which is the very evidence convincing this critical thinking observer of curvature because things do indeed disappear behind horizon lines.  Why would a flat Earth have a horizon line at all?  The truth is that there is no such thing as a straight line in this curved universe.  This writing is not intended to prove that we live on a globe, but the flat-Earthers have argued their way into becoming this year’s flat Earth Christmas card design, which features the Earth drawn as they see it. 

Another dominating theme of this year has been the countless terrorist attacks and mass shootings to include police that have obviously been trained to go in shooting and then figure out what the situation is afterwards.  Now-a-days it is obvious that America is being subjected to a covert Operation GLADIO, which is accompanied by desperate arguments for more gun control.  In similar news it has become apparent in the ongoing 9/11 investigation that the 2001 event was actually the old Operation Northwoods plan itself that was used to carry out 9/11.  I had just never before knew the details about the Operation Northwoods plan, which I’ve known about since that day.  The operation was revived for 2001 after President Kennedy had decades before refused to do it during the Bay of Pigs fiasco.  What that means is that the actual hijacked aircraft as outlined in Operation Northwoods were switched out with drone craft that were steered into the targets.  That also explains YouTube footage that indicates CGI might have been used to doctor the drones on video footage to make them look like regular United Airlines planes.  It seems like a classic CIA attempt to muddy this well with a movement similar to the flat Earthers that argues there were no planes at all on 9/11, and all those witnesses saw holograms.  No-planers and flat-Earthers both without objectivity indulge the same folly of embracing a ridiculous explanation as the real truth on the flimsiest of reasons.  Hmmm, religion does that.  In addition to the truth-movement distraction that is flat Earth, the (PRAVDA) media has also tried to distract 9/11 investigations with rumors from 28 classified pages redacted from the 9/11 investigation by saying that they prove Saudi Arabia did it.  That all might backfire as the survivors move forward with suing Saudi Arabia over it because we know the other players, which those 28 pages probably also shed light on.

Earlier this year on March 22nd there was a terrorist attack in Brussels, but like so many of these terrorist attacks, the event was soon overshadowed with evidence that it had been staged and orchestrated with hired crisis actors.  That point of view only becomes more compelling in light of the fact that the news featured one of the survivors who was a Mormon missionary from Utah named Mason Wells, who also happened to have made the news before as a survivor of the Paris attacks, and also the Boston bombings.  Yeah, that’s good Kool-Aid.  What’s in this stuff?  Obviously the flat Earth psy-op, orchestrated false flag attacks, and the full-of-SHIT government side of every story are all tying together into the fact that we are all being BULLSHITTED like never before into collectively doing something that we won’t be easily or rationally dragged into doing.  I hope that we just do not do it.  We’ve been fighting these longest, most expensive wars in history for no American reason other than military industrial complex profits, or for hypocritical say-one-thing-do-another reasons, and only the collective will of the American people will ever stop it.  Trying to argue that point all these years has been like trying to stop a country from committing suicide, and we still won’t come down from the ledge.  Life is scary and hard, but you have to face it to swing at it as it comes because it doesn’t go in the other direction.  Come on down from that ledge America.

The flat Earth on this year’s drawing is surrounded with the laurel leaf design to turn the Earth into the familiar UN symbol, which flat Earthers will point out is the powers-that-be’s way of rubbing the long kept secret truth in our faces.  The UN symbol also represents this year’s theme of more and more UN troop training missions going on here in the US, as well as thousands of coffins purchased, and billions and billions of bullets being acquired by the UN beholden Obummer Administration.  Not to mention we now have open FEMA camps in North Carolina with homeless being rounded up in them, which before in earlier writings were only ridiculed rumors of FEMA camps.  The world is fast dividing itself into globalists vs. nationalists, which makes one wonder what these out-of-touch pipe-dreamers in power are really up to.

The Summer Olympics in Brazil lost 4 billion dollars on the event; all so that athletes instructed to keep their heads above the water could swim in sewage.  So what was to be gained from this world class event if you are a desperately failing New World Order string-puller, like say billionaire George Soros?  There were stories about GMO pesticides being used near the Summer Olympics, which produces effects that are similar to a local mosquitos-driven virus known as Zika.  Ironically that same pesticide was directly dumped upon Florida residents in an attempt to rid the state of the Zika virus that has evidently now spread to North America.  They did not even try to hide the Zika spraying in a conspicuous looking chem-trail and fingers are already pointing at the wife of the Florida governor who is a CEO at the same pesticide company.

So why get all worked up over a flu-like Zika virus that may be getting spread across the world through the Summer Olympics?  And why make sure a lot of people in Florida catch it, or at least something a lot like it?  If any adult catches Zika they are likely to suffer a day of flu-like symptoms and then be completely over it.  It may be because for pregnant women catching Zika they are likely to give birth to a baby with a deformed head that doesn’t contain a fully developed brain.  The condition is known as microcephaly.  They may be pushing Zika as an explanation for a rise in the occurrences of microcephaly around the world because more and more places with leaking nuclear reactors such as Florida are also causing microcephaly.  This was even validated by discovering a suppressed story about microcephaly that is currently happening to newly born children in Washington State near the Hanford nuclear reservation.  Let me also just mention the unmentionable word here; FUKISHIMA.

It hasn’t reached home yet, but now my greatest fear of what might happen to me has come to Venezuela in the form of hyperinflation and Mad-Max anarchy in the streets.  Flint Michigan water has been poisoned with lead since at least 2014, and the other day Congress kicked that can of fixing it a couple more years down the road, and then with the other Congressional hand they approved another 38 billion for Israel in the next ten years.  You’d think that kicking cans down the road and kissing Israel’s butt was why we pay those worthless Congressional FUCKERS of mothers.  Also that can they kicked to another day back in 2008 might be landing today on the fiscal year end of October 1st as I write this.  In April of 2016 the Panama papers were released to expose the money laundering and tax evading schemes of the elite, but instead of bringing that world to its knees the only real consequence was to cause the Prime Minister of Iceland to resign under the disgrace of his exposure as one involved in a Panama paper tax evasion scam.  Iceland was the country that handled the 2008 bank crisis by throwing their own bankers in prison as opposed to the way the rest of the western world handled it, and this Panama paper story sure looks like revenge by the imprisoned bankers upon the government of Iceland.

Obummer the other day gave a speech at the UN to stress the importance of giving up our individual rights and freedoms for a more global government-handled security, which already has me sleeping less secure at night.  Now he has announced that he is sending US troops into Syria to be used as human shields to keep Russia and the sovereign government of Syria from attacking the Al Qaeda / Al-Nursa terrorists that we originally went to war against back when we the American people were first brought onboard this stupid say-one-thing-do-another war on terror.  They are shoving another crime against humanity down our throats and telling us that we love it.  They want to turn Assad into the next Saddam Hussein, but for all the proven BULLSHIT told about Assad set aside, I cannot think of anything that man has done to deserve being replaced with what we’ve already left Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan to fester in.  Maybe his use of torture can justify a war against him, which he assisted our CIA with out of the same fearful mistake of cooperation with the war on terror that Libya’s Gadhafi also made, but that’s a glass house argument for as long as Obummer fails in his promise to close the American Guantanamo gulag.  I am told the Syrian President’s father was a tyrant by the same ones that are lying to me about Bashir Al Assad, but what if that is just more weapons of mass destruction BULLSHIT?  There was a point in history a few years ago when we crossed a line between when BULLSHIT worked, and afterwards when it now doesn’t.  Today it is almost a source of amusement to watch Washington DC not get that.

Competing with the flat Earth theme for the honor of most retarded thing about this year has been the 2016 Presidential election starting with that Canadian Bush-cousin Ted Cruz who they tried to sell us.  Ted Cruz is a special kind of rotten apple like his trademark poison-pill strategy of legislating.  Well the Republicans will see their Ted Cruz, and raise you a Donald Trump.  Now that’s entertainment.  It has panned out to be a damned if you do, damned if you don’t election for us slaves to the two-party paradigm, but it is a great year for throwing a vote away on a 3rd party candidate.  There are no spoilers in a spoiled election.  To quote a classic Hillary, “I mean, what difference does it make?” 

Conservatives, along with their radical and destructive intentions do still look to me like what must be stopped.  Republicans still don’t tickle my liberal ears with Berlin walls and immigrant hatred, but I also can’t vote for a Jew to put a cherry on the top of the 9/11 coup d’état, or for a war criminal who was the worse Secretary of State that has ever been.  The whole good-cop/bad-cop two party act has just worn out into two ridiculous extremes that have no real difference and change nothing.  This is entertainment pretending to be change.  This election is also starting to look like two criminals trying to become President so they can stop investigations currently proceeding against them.  Hillary has been selling the country to the rest of the world through the Clinton Foundation, which now has attracted FBI attention, and Trump has been audited by the IRS for the last 7 years over billion dollar tax-break records that he will never show the people. 

On February 13th, 2016 Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia was found dead in his bed at a Texas hunting ranch vacation spot for the elite.  Initial reports that he was found with a pillow over his head were later explained away as describing the pillow being above his head further up on the bed.  No autopsy was performed, and no replacement is going to come from those that accomplish nothing for a living, the Republican controlled houses.  Even when they are in control they only know how to filibuster.  Whether Scalia was murdered or not remains a mystery, but the very real controversy it invokes is appropriate for a year of suspicious deaths that appear to have benefitted the Hillary for President Campaign.  My personal perspective on this subject has experienced a full 180-degree change since first viewing the video called, “The Clinton Chronicles,” back in the year 1999, and thinking it was just more right-wing anti-Clinton gotcha lies.  You know it doesn’t help that both sides of this system of extremes are full of SHIT.  Murder has conspicuously hounded the life of Hillary Clinton since Vince Foster, but for now let’s just document only the latest 2016 possible murder cases as of October 2016.  On August 1, 2016 the anti-Hillary journalist Victor Thorn died of alleged suicide just before he would have finished his latest book about Hillary, the next possible President of the US.  Seth Conrad Rich was the DNC Voter Expansion Data Director who turned out to be the one that provided Julian Assange with his DNC data dump; contrary to the allegation of television talking heads who will tell you it was Russian hackers that did that.  Seth was gunned down on the streets of Washington DC by a still unknown assailant on July 10, 2016.  Joe Montano was Chairman of the DNC before the one that resigned in disgrace in July, Debbie Wasserman Shultz.  Joe died at the age of 47 of an alleged heart attack on July 25, 2016.  Shawn Lucas was suing the DNC over all the proven voter fraud that was used to flip the votes away from Bernie Sanders in the primary nomination process.  Boy, I hope there are no shenanigans like that in the coming general election.  Shawn’s body was found by his girlfriend on August 2, 2016; cause of death, still unknown.  John Jones was a lawyer for Julian Assange who got hit by a train on April 18, 2016, and it should also be mentioned here that there have also been failed attempts on the life of Julian Assange himself that were reported even by mainstream news.  Berta Cáceres' in Honduras was a human rights activist that identified Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s role in the Honduran coup d’état.  She was murdered on March 3rd, 2016.  Last but not least John Ashe the former UN General Assembly President had his throat crushed by a barbell on June 22, 2016, the same day he was to testify about Hillary’s links to a 1996 Bill Clinton re-election China-gate scandal.

I have also seen Internet images of Bernie Sanders at the DNC convention with a black-eye.  That brought to mind stories from previous years of former Secretaries of Defense who resigned with visible facial injuries such as Bill Gates and Chuck Hagel.  Whatever happened to the office of Secretary of Defense anyway?  Now-a-days it appears that the job is done by the much more war-mongering Secretary of State position, which used to be a department of diplomats that kept the peace before Hillary showed up.  It could be that the New World Order globalists want to turn the US Secretary of State office into a Prime Minister position.  That would turn the US into something more like Russia, which has a President that nobody over here can name along with a permanent Prime Minister who we all know as Putin.  Watch this world become a place where we still vote for a President every 4 years who then keeps nominating the same person for Secretary of State, Presidency after Presidency, and we dumb Americans won’t see anything wrong with that.  Does that really sound so implausible in a country that put up with J. Edgar Hoover for over 40 years?

On June 23, 2016 Briton voted to leave the sinking ship that is the European Union.  The establishment shills on the television all freaked out while Briton is probably about to become the next Iceland-like economic success story.  In May of 2016 an Egypt air flight went down in the Mediterranean, but by June that news was swept under a carpet with no recovered black box information.  The only possible witnesses were an enormous military exercise by Israel that was going on in the same area, but they all say that they didn’t see anything.  Last year the Paris attacks of November 2015 may have been delayed a couple months by three civilians on a commuter train the previous month of August who stopped a terrorist with a jammed Kalashnikov weapon by physically subduing the assailant while taking non-lethal injuries themselves as a result.  Then that October 8, 2015 one of those heroes, Spencer Stone in California was stabbed multiple times in the chest by an attacker still at large.  He lived, but also another of those heroes, Alek Skarlatos had been enrolling at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg Oregon, but instead of showing up on the first day of school he ended up being an honorary guest on the show Dancing with the Stars.  That was the same day a shooter showed up at Umpqua Community College and opened fire killing 9 people before being stopped.  Alek Skarlatos is the soldier in the controversial PR picture with Hillary Clinton who is subtly giving the military hand signal for being under duress.

Although this writing has no intention of listing all of the orchestrated operation GLADIO terror attacks of 2016 I will bring up the Orlando mass shooting of June 2016 since it has come to light that most of the deaths were by the target practice of the SWAT team that went in at 5:30AM that morning.  They have admitted this.  The police are obviously being trained this way and somehow it is unpatriotic to accuse the police of wrongdoing or corruption.  The gun violence in Chicago flies ironically in the face of the fact that it is the most gun-controlled city in the country, but also a great example of the kind of police corruption that is worth noticing.  There are still secret gulag chambers of torture in Chicago that are full of disappeared US citizens, which everyone should know about. 

The underlying theme of all the gun violence is violence itself.  It’s this sadistic punishment obsessed bomb-them-all-let-God-sort-them-out attitude of violence that appears closer to the real problem with our Trump-voting America.  Why are we so violent?  Although economic disparity likes to be the obvious culprit it pales before the more obvious transgressor of 15-plus years of senseless war for corporate mercenary profits; 15-plus years of dehumanizing other human beings.  Let’s go ahead and move economic disparity down even another peg here in place of fear as the 2nd biggest reason for violence.  I could be wrong about that one, but clearly we are living in an Operation GLADIO fear-factory here, and worse than what we have become is what we are becoming.  It makes video games not even worth putting on this list of reasons for the violence.

Maybe the Israeli coup d’état should be on the list as the orchestrators of this violence, which appears so surgically designed to raise animosity toward their Muslim nemesis.  It’s not just the obvious control of Hollywood, or the Greater Israel pipe-dreams of someday moving all Arabs into concentration camps.  It’s not even just that Congress quaking with fear and whorishness for the coup d’état, nor is it only a great Rothschild’s plan for world domination.  It’s not even American police shootings almost every week inspired by their Fatherland Security prescribed Israeli Defense Forces training.  It’s not just Einstein and Carl Jung and the Illuminati either.  It is all of these things.  America has become the whore of Babylon because the rest of the world has always valued America more than us indifferent Americans.  Hillary Clinton stands a Trump gaffe away from the White House with her pay-to-play Clinton Foundation mischief, and it makes all the crony money that Trump would no-doubt make off building a wall boondoggle seem like the more affordable choice.  Hillary makes the Statue of Liberty appear to the rest of the world to be saying, “Here I am boys.  Come and have me.  I’m not wearing anything under this robe.”  Anyone with half a brain can think this through to the Gog vs. Magog end of the world that this all is so anxiously trying to bring about.

The economics of the world have gone bat-shit crazy.  Ten dollars of groceries two years ago surly costs at least $20 dollars today, and that dollar depreciation that they try to write off on the common man with insane dollar printing has only just begun to teach us old-school citizens the Weimar Germany 8th Grade Social Studies class lesson again, and this time the hard way.  The markets have to correct, and then maybe become more regulated, but that was kicked down the road in 2008 and here we are where it may be landing.  The market cannot correct itself because the only way to turn the majority back into winners is to turn the elite into losers with their over-leveraged deregulated imaginary speculation fortunes.  There just has got to be another way.  We do not want to become like Venezuela.  Keep printing!  I can’t be the only one feeling an inflation noose caused by printed fiat money tightening around my neck.  Someday the floor might be pulled out from under us, and we will all hang.  All we have to do to turn this around and stop lead-poisoned water and crumbling infrastructure is to un-employ a bunch of over-priced war-crime committing mercenaries, and let’s stop these senseless back-firing pipe-dream and lie-justified wars that are wrecking the world both over there and right here.  That would return all of our tax-dollars to domestic spending, which are currently being flushed down a senseless war toilet.  Recent news has informed us that now the Pentagon cannot account for over 6.5 TRILLION dollars.  Remember when Rumsfeld first informed President Bush back in 2001 of that number being 2 TRILLION the day before 9/11?  That is only the money they lost, not the unmentionable amount they have flushed down the known war budget toilet.  I feel like the star of the movie, “Idiotocracy” trying to explain this.  Unfortunately neither major candidate would do anything about that for this country with your vote, but what if everyone picked the 3rd choice who happens to run on that promise?  Are we really as a country going to be slaves on November 8th to what the polls tell us to do, or will we face those three choices and vote for the best one?

For the converts to the flat-Earth psy-op I offer the analogy of Atlas on this year’s drawing who is holding up the flat Earth under the frozen wall of ice that supposedly marks the Antarctic edge of Earth.  Atlas was a great leader of the legendary Titans of Greek mythology who was forced to hold up the Earth by Zeus after the Great War in Heaven.  The serpent that was appointed to torment Atlas was later slain by the demi-god Hercules, and then even later Atlas was changed into the Atlas Mountains in Africa by Perseus using the head of Medusa.  Today Atlas is synonymous with the name given to books of world maps.  Atlas may have originally been a great Stone Age king who attained profound knowledge of the stars for the sake of farming and navigation.  He may have even been the one playing a role in the creation of world-wide calendar structures such as Stonehenge.  Atlas allegedly taught mankind that the shape of the heavens took the form of a globe.  This evolved into the ubiquitous depictions of Atlas holding up a globed Earth, which this year’s drawing is an exception to.  The Stone Age revelation that the heavens took the shape of a globe is obviously because we stand on a globe while we look up at the heavens.  With just a little more brain power one may obtain the gnosis that the globe they stand on is also doing the spinning, and not the other way round by using mechanics that no flat Earther can explain in any rational way.  The legend that the great king Atlas became would come to be expressed in the old saying, “The heavens rest on the shoulders of Atlas.”  Most flat Earthers however, are just repeating lies that they know are lies, and doing the devil’s work of deception about the nature of reality, probably out of loyalty to an idea of God that must be at least as deceptive as that devil for putting us all in such a strange flat Earth Truman Show to begin with.  Most flat Earthers do come across as Christian, and that’s the strong selling point for some flat Earthers believing that Satan wants us to think the Earth is round and space is real to blind us to the true God living up there on the other side of the firmament, which is our sky made of something like a blanket with little holes in it.

The night sky makes up the rest of this year’s drawing, which were the keys that unlocked the gnosis that the ancient king Atlas obtained.  It was also the stars that first settled this flat-Earth/round-Earth argument over 400 years ago when mankind finally liberated themselves from a geocentric DARK AGE interpretation of this universe.  It was the geocentric believers that proposed the theory of epicycles to explain the retrograde motions of the planets at certain times of the year, and as that model became more-and-more implausible and impossible to justify with further observation it shattered under the weight of a simpler more eloquent heliocentric model, which works still to this day.  That is why it is the heliocentric globe Earth model that has become the idol we worship in the Gnostic church of the Scientific Method.  In this church of science we believe that we have indeed been into space, and our faith becomes reinforced and entertained by always new discoveries since we don’t have to throw the last 150 years of scientific accomplishment out the window as lies lies LIES.  “Only gullible morons think that NASA has ever been to the Moon.  Those Van Allen belts would have melted their ship.”  Are those Amish now using the Internet or something?  Recently SETI scientists announced that they may have found a possibly alien signal made by intelligent life.  It is an anomalously strong RF signal that cannot be produced without sophisticated technology, which is in the direction of the star HD164595.  It is in a strange part of the frequency spectrum at 11 GHz.  Also SETI plans to explore another area of promise this month in the skies that shows similar evidence of intelligent life.  I can’t wait to read about what they discover.

This brings this writing to the reason the constellation Centaurus is on prominent display with the Southern Cross at its back hoof on this year’s artwork.  It is the southern sky that destroys the flat Earth model by not behaving in any way as it should if the Earth was a flat plate either rotating around a central north pole axis or with a sky that does all the rotating for us.  We round-Earthers have a very logical explanation of why we in the northern hemisphere cannot see this Southern Cross constellation from above 25 degrees north latitude.  This constellation also is where you find the closest stars to Earth, which are Alpha Centauri, and Beta Centauri that make up the centaur’s front hoofs.  This is actually a system of three stars that includes a barely visible red-dwarf star called Proxima Centauri, which scientists have just announced actually has a potentially Earth-like planet in its habitable zone where running water may exist under the skies of a planet with an 11-day orbital year.  That means there may be another Earth like planet just 4.37 light years from Earth.

On July 14, 2016 there was a failed coup attempt in Turkey to oust Erdagon a week after he apologized to Russia for shooting down one of the Russian aircraft that were defending the demonized government of Syria against terrorists that our war against is now defending.  The coup has America’s fingerprints all over it and the wrong side of history is at least now looking even more like a self-destructive strategy.  Oh come on !  The Federal Reserve petrol dollar is on its way out.  That is just the writing on the wall.  Let’s not have a world war over it, especially on behalf of the terrorist-supporting wrong side of history while using an American foreign policy that is so wrong it is pure FUCKING evil.  The future looks bleak, but in reality we are on the verge of a whole new reality like never before in history.  I want marijuana legalized in my state so I can start writing my pot purchases off on my taxes as a work expense.  There is still some past that also lingers on this precipice, which we have to let go of before we can actually move forward.  Even then there will probably be a little more of that past to wipe off our metaphorical asses before we can finally get off of this pot and move on.  For all the tax dollars we are flushing down this metaphorical toilet however, it is probably going to over-flow because of using too much paper.

Anyone paying attention can sense the increase in earthquake and volcano activity that is happening around the basin of the Pacific Ocean.  Something is building up there and it makes all the news stories increasing in frequency about earthquakes and volcanoes only appear as a pretext or prelude of an event yet to come.  That event will be the hammer of G-d, and it will change everything for all time.  I’ll just continue living on in my own little world, and as an artist life is an interesting journey through realms of imagination.  I will continue on this strange journey taking notes and drawing pictures along the way.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wrong Side of History

As I sit myself down to do another of these writings for the gnosis of 2015 I just do not know anymore. I’ve come to question everything and wonder if anything is real. The theme for the year was established on January 7th, 2015 when the French magazine, Charlie Hebdo was attacked by Islamic(?) terrorists in response to anti-Islamic cartoons. Twelve people were killed while at the exact same time in Africa the terrorist group, Boko Harem leveled an entire city to the ground, killing over 2000 people with firing squad-style executions. Incidentally, France had been working with Nigeria to stop Boko Harem. I, like other humans, like to think I know things, but I honestly just do not know anymore.

 According to the establishment, by every metric things have gotten better in America under Obama except for war, psychopathic mass shootings, and police officer crimes, but for some reason people do not feel the gratitude. Unemployment has dropped below the 6% we were all begging for a few years back. The arguments that this number has been adjusted and is really something closer to 30% are overlooking the fact that it has always been adjusted that way to look better than it is, so it probably really has at least gone down. The problem that is easy to understand down here is that getting rid of all those middle class jobs has caused a lot of people to work two part time jobs to make ends meet. Sure that will increase job numbers, but maybe the rich pigs up there getting rich off of inside trading deals that ship jobs overseas, or to the booming prison industrial complex should try living off of two minimum wage part time jobs to survive.

 Since the Charlie Hebdo story I have honestly lost track of all the murderous psycho shooting events this year followed by government threats of new gun laws in one of the last countries that still has a right to bear arms. The same government that is trying to disarm Americans is also financing and arming terrorists to overthrow legitimate governments while they are rubbing this 9/11 arms-for-terrorist blowback crime again in the people’s faces like it’s a good thing. So now we have been pretending to be at war with the group calling itself ISIS, not to be confused with the Israeli Security and Intelligence Service, or even the Washington DC-based ISIS Inc., which according to their website is a privately owned contract company that hires out mercenary soldiers and it hires them out to whoever wants soldiers.

 I cannot believe anything anymore that is spoon-fed to me by this television media that cannot even say the word Fukushima. On 8/26/2015 Vester Lee Flanagan who was recently fired from WDBJ TV, filmed himself shooting reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward. They evidently all died in this murder suicide, but the video footage of the woman being shot at point blank range by a gun that doesn’t discharge, and then watching her run away in that swarm of gunshots without a spot of blood, leaves the viewer to wonder. Did he deliberately post this video of himself killing a woman who is not really being killed because he figured out that he was being setup for a phony murder/suicide story, which he suddenly realized he was not going to survive?

 America is and has been on the wrong side of history for so long now that there just might not be anything that can be done about it. News has been turned into PRAVDA right before our eyes through already documented executive orders, which is a necessity if a country like America is going to continue to justify its foreign policy with flat-out lies and Putin-bashing spin. Speaking of Putin, Russia’s PRAVDA has now-a-days ironically morphed into the RT network, and RT is a very reliable source of journalistic world news. I’ve been re-reading the past collection of these writings to notice that a few years back they were probably over concerned with global warming. I’ve probably also been wrong about at least some of the past revolutions of the people that have turned out to really be CIA coup d’état successes. It also seems that whenever I wax optimistic with these writings it pans out to be just plain wrong, like when I thought we could get those crippling wartime Bush-era tax cuts to finally expire. I recently found out that House Speaker Boehner slipped those though permanently back in 2013. The national suicide pretending to be a solution continues.

 There is a game-changing Internet awakening that still grows more and more like a bubble that is similar to the bubbles that make up our illusory stock market, and like those bubbles it is going to pop. It probably won’t be this year however, since I waited till October to sit down and write this because by October we are usually, regardless what the pessimists will continue to warn about, across that yearly September fiscal abyss that heralds whether we sink into insolvency or swim another year. I think we made it this year, but maybe I’m just waxing optimistic again. We are all stuck in our own bubbles of what we think we know, blinded by our own bias, but you can almost now just push up against the thinning walls of this illusory bubble that is masquerading as reality and pop it yourself. That pop is coming just as sure as the end of the US petrol dollar. This reality that we are about to awaken to is made up of support for country-wrecking terrorists that we all thought we declared war against, bankruptcy turning our paper money into paper, corruption to fill libraries, hypocrisy that is the rule, and even royal pedophilia that continues to go without saying. This new reality we awake to is not going to be easy to look at, however it is the face in the mirror we all must soon face.

  On April 15 a man landed a gyro-copter on the lawn of the White House in Washington DC. He did it in protest against campaign finance law that is a whole other can of country-wrecking corruption to spare the reader the rant about. What that man really did back in April was tear the facade right off the phoniness and corruption behind all this Fatherland Security boondoggle BULLSHIT, which has done absolutely nothing but make American airports the most un-Constitutional airports in the world, as well as enriching known 9/11 suspects. World War III has begun in Ukraine and Syria, and let’s not forget the months now of constantly bombing Yemen. They have been mostly keeping this war a secret that is disguised with BULLSHIT because they seem to think atrocities are easier to accomplish without the American people onboard. I may be again waxing optimistic here, but if the dumbed-down-by-design American people ever figure this out I hope they make all of these, (FUCK what party they belong to,) leaders KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF.

 We are all probably just stupid chumps again as we all traverse the rivers of our lives. Life is represented on this year’s drawing as a long and winding river, which has also gone over its share of waterfalls as well as its share of flowing through the self-medicating smoke of the Ganga. Something big this way comes as we travel this metaphysical river, but since we travel through smoke and watery mirrors we can also not believe anything the illusion presents to us anymore. We must stay at least close to this life-giving river that we follow because to wander away is possibly to die of thirst. That is why we cling to gnosis, and know only what we really know. File the rest under mere thinking, or even belief if you assign any value to belief. Know only what you really know, and swing at this as it comes. California at the time of this writing is in a severe water-rationing drought in over 97% of its land, so be grateful if life still provides a river at all.

 America is so on the wrong side of history that we have literally turned a war against terrorism into a war FOR terrorism. So many known political leaders are involved with this TREASONOUS support for terrorists, that it even includes the main job of the FBI since 9/11. I like to think a pre-9/11 America would be holding treason trials by now. It looks like the endgame is here, and my country ruthlessly marches down the wrong side of history to a well-deserved comeuppance, while Russia and China keep buying up depreciated gold from the world by the thousands of tons. Our FED bankers who lost the game years ago are throwing their paper money around with desperation before committing suicide by the dozens. Oh come on people, don’t listen to those cheering crowds chanting jump. The chicken soup at the homeless shelter isn’t that bad.

 I am disgusted with the President I voted for, and I’m even rootin for Putin in this coming Gog/Magog confrontation. I would remind my fellow Americans that there is another ‘option on the table.’ Do nothing. Get along with the rest of the world where a nuclear Iran has already been nuclear for years now, with an agreement with Russia to put four more nuclear reactors online. The future is here, and we should stop our American government from bombing it back to the Stone Age with the only thing of value that we still possess; bombs. Are we really the same kind of uptight assholes of a country that can’t get along with our neighbors like that country Israel over there wrecking their own neighborhood? Is that uptight asshole of a country really America’s problem? The wrong direction is just going to stay the wrong direction while its carefully prepared poison seeps in to complete its effect on the population of this war-obsessed country. Every Arab in the Middle East can probably figure out that sure the coming Greater Israel will still allow the Arabs to live in the new Middle East, but they are going to have to get used to concentration camps. Ya, I’m sure Israel will definitely have more Palestinians then it knows how to deal with then. Do you see how this wrong side of history works?

 One secret to why Americans, for the most part, are so docile about America’s wrong-side-of-history foreign policy, as well as domestic policies that rape the common man like a whore of Babylon, is that we are still allowed to vent about it all that we want. Unlike other tyrannies that imprison and kill all the loud-mouths, we Americans are famous worldwide for our strongly opinionated rhetoric. That allows the government to go down this road while we all complain, and those that can’t be fooled get to argue with the fooled. The bi-polar spectrum on American television is a glaring bit of proof to the effectiveness of this secret, and the government just continues to do whatever it wants, although both sides are appearing to grow weary of this arrangement.

 When military leaders like General Betrayus are caught fucking up at least they resign quietly in disgrace, but if you’re a civilian leader who illegally arms the same types that the military has been at war with for over a decade now, and your crime even results in the ISIS blowback that we now are made to think we see in the world then you just might get let off the hook. Hell, maybe we will even make you our next President. In February the US evacuated the embassy in Yemen while the (terrorist?) opposition took over the country, and this is the same Yemen that our President called a “war on terror success story” back in September of 2014. That’s a success story that is very similar to the Libya war crime against humanity. We need to throw some leaders in prison for some of these ‘success stories’ before we end up letting them march this country to a final WWIII demise, which we all not only know we cannot win, but we also know that we do not deserve to win with this EVIL FUCKING BULLSHIT that WE are up to. No wonder so many Generals and hundreds of high commanders have been fired from their positions in the military by the Obummer Administration. If G-d is really karma, and not really the Hebrew-created demi-urge, then we really are in for a bad judgment.

 I currently suffer from the overload of thinking that I’m trying to talk this country out of suicide. I think I’ll just tend to my own little bubble of reality by the river of life; getting stoned with my dog. My dog is a source of real joy in life, and I really experience a genuine love that no human has ever deserved. Don’t get me started about you humans, but I do love animals. As an Alchemist I enjoy watching everything evolve, and this dog demonstrates a surprisingly fluent understanding of the English vocabulary. I once had a white cat that before she was mine, had been owned by a German speaking woman for 19 years, and that cat had a noticeable knowledge of the German language, which always brightened the kitty’s mood when she heard it being spoken. In addition to that white cat, the drawing also does homage to my last beloved cat who was all black with no tail, and like my white German cat before her, they both passed beyond that metaphorical horizon at the ripe old age for cats of 23. I’m more like the Elf in the picture by comparison to these furry beings that I have had the pleasure to know. Like an Elf, I live an exponentially longer life then these little people that I have lived with as a pet owner through the years.

 I do have my own world to take care of while the wrong side of history out there puts on this show to determine if I should be free or live under Sharia law, as well as whether I speak English or Russian, and let’s not forget that much more likely ever-hovering specter of whether my bread is two dollars a loaf, or twenty, or if there is any bread in the store at all. I do not expect more from this country than the stupidity-fed response of the majority, which I’ll probably never belong amongst. Now-a-days everyone seems to be jumping on the Donald Trump bandwagon with a belief that he is the xenophobic savior of our country whose only single problem is being over-run by illegal immigrants. There is a ring of truth to this since that deliberately orchestrated illegal immigrant emergency that they have been planning through the years while these writings have been reporting on it, is now upon us. Remember the original reason KBR was given money during the Bush years to make FEMA camps? Before I had speculated that the upcoming immigrant emergency was a lame excuse for camps that were really intended to hold undesirable Americans. Maybe Pat Buchanan back when he was running for President should have tried to campaign with a Trump-like toupee. Do my public school stupidified fellow countrymen not grasp the post-Citizens United irony here? We now live in an America where the seat of the Presidency is now something to be purchased by the rich, and billionaire Donald Trump is now the front-runner because he happens to be able to afford it. We seem unable to get our heads around the idea that he paid good money for all this attention we are giving him.

  I go on and on in these essays, as if talking to a wall and to the point of cliché, about America solving its problems with the problems themselves. Do the citizens of this stupid country not see Trump’s dangerously self-absorbed hyper-inflated ego that, if he doesn’t have his own face carved onto Mt. Rushmore is still going to probably have a great big ‘T’ carved onto it? One thing I can concede to the average voter for Trump is that he really isn’t any worse than all of the other war-promising candidates, which is every last un-vote-worthy one of them on both sides of this BULLSHIT facade of political extremes. This whole government act these days is such a FUCKEN tool that just lies its ass off when its mouth is open, to start unjustified wars we cannot even win. Everybody knows this, and knows the only solution is to curb this out-of-control beast of war profits that is losing our tax dollars by the trillions, TRILLIONS, and I am not just talking about the Pentagon’s measly two trillion that Rumsfield told Bush about on 9/10/2001, or even the 7 to who-knows-the-truth trillions already known to be spent on worthless wars for war’s sake. Trump might just be another Perot helping a Clinton divide a Republican vote next year when his 3rd party campaign pulls out of the race a month before nearly winning the election, and Sanders is obviously a future Vice President candidate that is helping a Hillary scoop up true liberals who are no longer fooled by her.

 America supports the wrong side of history, which destabilizes stable governments so our ‘moderate’ Hillary server-supported slitters-of-Christian-throats can take over. HOW FUCKEN EVIL IS THAT AMERICANS, AND DONE IN YOUR NAME? If we do not rise up to stop our own government from these crimes then some other country that defends the right side of history is just going to have to step in to do that, and we get what we deserve. Now policies that before sent jobs to China with the problem/solution called privatizing, which we also never stopped, are no longer stealing the most American jobs because the booming, railroading, plea-bargaining, prosecutor-quota‘d, paid-off judge ridden, industrially privatized prison complex is putting the world record breaking free-country prison population to work with our jobs. The American justice system cannot even keep a straight face anymore to say it has anything to do with justice when justice is only the excuse for the crime of greed, and we legalized greed way back in the 20th century 1980s.

 In addition to the understandable Wall Street suicides, there has also been an alarmingly large number of doctors and researchers that are dying of suspicious circumstances lately, or just plain being viciously murdered by unsolvable crimes. This may have to do with a documented cure for cancer called Glucose Composite Microphage Activating Factor or GcMAF. Perhaps recently documented cancer cures by hemp oil also figure into these mysterious deaths since they include also natural health activists and homeopathic doctors. These cures boast of 80+% success rates in clinical trials while the establishment’s barbaric chemo therapy admits to a 2 percent success rate. If we were actually being scientific about this, would we not be more skeptical about a success rate that is within the known statistical margin of error? There may be another explanation for what is going on here that has to do with an enzyme called nagalase that is being introduced through vaccinations, which has been creating immune deficiency all these years by preventing vitamin D from metabolizing with immune cells to thus cause immune deficiencies, which has been a noticeably underlying theme of all these recent epidemics that seemed to begin around the late 1970s. That’s just the latest internet rumor, which makes the diseases that we treat really only the symptoms of a still untreated cause. This vaccination-induced immune deficiency is becoming noticeable as fellow American’s immune systems fail to even combat the weakened flu virus in the flu vaccination itself, and they are in large numbers getting the flu within a week of their flu shots. I’ve just got to point out the problem as solution thing again here.

  Another interesting internet rumor is the human brain project that is allegedly connected to the NSA’s data-gathering project in Utah. They intend to make immortal copies of our entire brains that will live on in the machine till long after we are all actually dead. I know they don’t have my ghost in that machine yet, or else I’m sure I would be throwing some sort of wrench in it. Somewhere between our worse fears and our most optimistic fantasy of the future we will find reality. Here comes history with an American agenda for the 21st Century that involves making the rest of the world worse off and in ruins of war so America can still be on top. That is what I mean by wrong side of history. How can we win wars when we clearly do not deserve to win wars? I was right in previous writings about the marijuana tax stamp, and now I am winning my drug war. Eat that establishment. Those on the wrong side of history do not deserve to win wars. They deserve their demise. This year NASA’s Dawn spacecraft approached the dwarf planet in the asteroid belt named Ceres. Images are showing mysterious circular white spots on one of the object’s craters. It reminds this amateur astronomer of similar pictures of the Mars moon Phobos, but we shall see. We are on the precipice of a new Age of Mankind. Try to raise the children accordingly.

 Ya that’s right, marijuana is now curing cancer way better than chemo, which isn’t really saying much since not treating cancer at all probably has a higher success rate than chemo. Myself, I’ve always smoked the cure so I’m too healthy to get a medical marijuana card. I have tried. Legalize my pot ASSHOLES, and sell it to me in the store. The day is coming now that Colorado has more marijuana money than it knows what to do with so that state is even giving money back to the tax payers. Ever hear of that happening before? Now there is a problem that ought to be a solution. It should have been legal my whole life, curing cancers, fueling our cars, wiping our asses, and keeping us high. No wonder this world is so FUCKED UP. It just goes to show us that this world will finally stop being so fucked up just as soon as we all stop fucking ourselves.

  My apologies for my country to the rest of the world, but even the rest of the world knows better than the average American that we are a country that has been taken over by an Israeli coup. These writings have documented this over the years of investigation into whatever can be known about the 9/11/2001 crime of the century and its cover-up. The coup is so entrenched that American police forces are sent to the country of Israel to be trained by the IDF on how to treat us all like Palestinians. The result of that arbitrary activity alone explains why I am overwhelmed by news stories every week about police brutality, and unjustified police shootings that are even outnumbering the shootings by the serotonin reuptake inhibitor junky serial killers, especially if we include the nationwide shoot-first warrant that is out on everybody’s dogs. I can’t help but point out to any police reading this that almost nothing else on youtube makes you look more like cowards then watching you shoot a dog for barking. I am overwhelmed and appalled by this change in police behavior in just the last few years, which is HELL-bent on turning the average citizen into a docile lemming, or maybe just maybe a violent revolutionary. Why should this be allowed to succeed with the American people since it definitely is not working on the Palestinians? Whatever the American response is, it will probably not be televised.

 There was once a time when you had to pull teeth to get people to show up to hold a protest sign for twenty minutes during a lunch break. Those days are now gone. I like to think this government of gutless cowards is biting off more than it can chew trying to militarize the police state, and disarm average Americans. So far attempts to disarm Americans have only shot gun sales into the metaphorical stratosphere. An overwhelmingly impossible to keep up with number of nationwide protests against police brutality, (uh … I mean police racism against blacks?,) is what we have had this year. Like the immigrant crisis this is also largely orchestrated by billionaires like George Soros, but even so I have seen change come to this country in this way. First we all start collectively bitching about something, which then becomes the nucleus of a genuinely grassroots change. Pack your bags Monsanto. This should help explain why government works so hard to keep us divided over stupid shit, arguing the polarities of hot-button wedge issues like racism, immigration, the weather, religions, sexual preferences, and abortion. You will never hear war mentioned in that list. Even sensible protest to stop an epidemic wave of murders by badly trained police becomes distorted to get us arguing about racism instead; kind of like the way they managed to turn a serious pollution issue into a lot of arguing about the weather.

 There was some new evidence this year in the ongoing 9/11 investigation. Susan Lindauer who was a CIA asset liaison to Iraq before 9/11/2001, mentioned recently that she had knowledge of a military grade “thermite bomb” that was involved in 9/11. She also mentioned that Flight 93 was shot down by a pilot who was in jail in Florida back in 2010. I think I remember an interview in September of 2001 with that Ohio National Guard pilot who was obviously instructed at the time to lie, and say that the plane just flew into the ground. I have looked all over the Internet on youtube and in episode archives of news shows like Dateline and 20/20, but have never found that interview again since it first aired on TV. The thermite bomb is interesting, but maybe in the category of Judy Wood’s possibly misleading theory. Judy Wood seems to deny a lot of evidence of extreme heat that was occurring on 9/11, because it doesn’t support her unproven theory, and she sees a lot of flammable paper amidst the wreckage that was pulverized into dust, therefore there was no heat at work. There is lots of compelling evidence of temperatures that day in excess of 2000 degrees in the form of molten metal lingering for months, iron pellets in the dust that had to be formed at such a temperature and are possibly mistaken for thermite, NASA photos that were taken of heat signatures from space on 9/15/2001, as well as countless testimonies. I think the Occam’s razor still points at a nuclear device turning those buildings into dust before our eyes in its gamma wave zone, regardless what the latest popular more-science-fiction-than-fact theory says, which is probably a desperate attempt to deflect from a more plausible nuclear explanation that could potentially get a certain complicit country in the Middle East turned into its own radioactive wasteland. The static field Harrison effect that is documented by Judy Wood, and caused by a static field that was created by hurricane Erin, would also still be produced with the energy from a nuclear device below each major building collapse. We know we have that technology. This also explains the radioactivity that can be detected still to this day at the Israeli embassy in Manhattan. There is also news this year about the art students who occupied those towers the year before on the floor levels where the planes hit. This is all documented in detail by Rebekah Roth’s new book, “Methodical Deception.” They are appearing in photographs at the tower locations inside those buildings with boxes and boxes of explosive demolition triggers. This explains the Hollywood special-effect quality of the plane impact events, which if the videos of the plane impacts are closely examined, you can see the orange glowing spots of explosives within the buildings that are going off the split second before the plane even impacts. I mentioned before in last year’s writing that the buildings were rigged with cutter charges as a plan B if the nuclear devices in some way failed to go off. The Mossad art student’s group that occupied these towers was called ‘Gelatin’ and their art project was called ‘The B Thing.’

 I am overwhelmed these days by psycho shooters, police murderers, and ensuing protests. I just cannot keep up with it all, but I can see the desperation of those that are trying to manipulate with Homeland Security-hired crisis actors and fabricated news, a beast that is not so easy to control. I think when you are not at peace with the world there will always be something coming back at you and great art is arrived at by not rushing to get it done, so let’s continue to appreciate their mistakes. The course of this year has so changed my initial reactions to a police shooting in Ferguson Missouri earlier last year and its predictable February 2015 grand jury dismissal, which sparked protests that still organize in the news till this day, although some protesters are starting to protest that they have still not gotten payed for their protest efforts as promised by billionaire George Soros. I do not know what to think anymore. My input has been corrupted by disinformation. Others who are more sure of what’s going on than me, have ambushed random New York cops in retaliation for the deaths of Michael Brown and the choking death on youtube of Eric Garner while he was saying, “I cannot breath,” which now has over a million witnesses. There are other shootings on both sides, but like I said, I cannot keep up with or even believe it, and I’m a news junky.

 For years now the television has been silent about any news regarding Fukushima. The silence is deafening, and horrifying in itself. “Do not eat the fish,” is the latest entry for Earth in the newest edition of the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” and it is very serious advice. Anyone with a google connection can find out that a full China Syndrome is happening while we all just stand back to watch the result of what happens spew radioactive waste into the Pacific. The fish as far as the west coast of America are documented to be contaminated by this, and the Earth is now changed by Fukushima forever. The silence can be explained by the General Electric Corporation’s relation to this poorly planned reactor in Japan that has gone full uncontained meltdown, but another rumor explains that the Jewish-influenced media silence might be to keep people from looking too far into the incident to discover an Israeli/American nuclear reactor computer virus known as STUXNET at the bottom of this catastrophe. Other reactors with various problems around the world from MOX reactors in France to Los Alamos New Mexico reactors at the same time as the initial Fukushima meltdown were also making news as the nuclear reactor-attacking internet virus infection went worldwide to cause unexplainable shutdown problems like internet virus infections do.

  It might be hard to grasp the economically crass attitude of a people that would slaughter thousands of innocent people in Gaza in order to boost the sales for an Iron Dome missile defense system that doesn’t even work at all. Oh, the rabbit hole is deeper than that, but to understand that Israel did that will help to descend further down into understanding this madness. This rabbit hole is even deeper than I would know, or am willing to believe. It might have been back in 1989 when the secret illegal Dimona reactor in Israel had a meltdown that caused them to now just use the reactor to develop isotopes instead of maintaining the hundreds of nuclear bombs that they have already made with that complicit reactor at Dimona. At least Iran’s reactor is not secret or illegal, unless you are a typical PRAVDA misinformed American who thinks that they do not have an online reactor yet, and they must be stopped before they do have one. Imagine knowing all this about Israel’s illegal weapons of mass destruction program as fact, and then having to listen to Netanyahu point fingers at Iran and accuse that country, which has absolutely no nuclear arsenal, of the things that his country is decades and hundreds of bombs into being guilty of. That’s called projection; probably deliberately intended to deflect. Because of the downgrade at Dimona, Israel has since been acquiring nuclear materials from the United States illegally, who like I already said in last year’s writing, plays the allegorical King Theodon to Israel’s Wormtongue. For crass economic reasons Israel has been using these nukes before their nuclear shelf life makes their investment worthless. That explains why 9/11 melted three buildings before our eyes. They may have also used an expired bomb in Bali. They may have even used one in the Sumatra Trench back in 2004 to cause the abrupt tectonic shifts that birthed a tsunami, which killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims as the worse tsunami in human history. In addition to those incidents, the Israeli nuclear arsenal is probably also no doubt used to solidify the influence of their coup on those gutless politicians that so pathetically grovel at Netanyahu’s feet. WTF Israel? Talk about a reason to make a country submit to nuclear inspections!
 It looks like we are close to economic collapse time, and money is still as hard to come by as ever. We all wish we had more money. Hell, these days money wishes it had more money. You can feel the pressure for war as a solution to all this, but war only masquerades as a solution to economic collapse when in reality it is clearly the main cause. Do you see the problem being used as the solution there? The truth is that during economic collapse we all finally collectively start noticing that it’s the defense spending piece of that economic appropriations pie that overshadows all the rest of the budget pie by more than half. That is when we realize that the solution to all our economic woes is as simple as putting the military industrial complex on a spending diet. The reason that never happens however, is that they only have to start a war to keep on hogging and pigging down our economic pie. So here we are.  On April 25, 2015 a 7.5 rector scale earthquake killed thousands in Nepal. A week after that there was a similar earthquake and volcano catastrophe in Chili. Chain reaction events like these across the Pacific ocean have caused the geographical ring of fire around the Pacific to act up like this for years now. It even seems to be getting worse like police brutality news stories. Something big is coming.

 On April 25 Baltimore riots kicked off after the death of Freddie Gray who had been given one of the infamous police handcuffed ‘rough rides,’ which fatally broke his back. This just adds to the protests against police brutality that are too numerous to keep track of, and yes although Freddie was black, there do happen to be victims of this who have white skin that are even being ignored by a media picture that is trying to paint a race war. This is not about overlooking the fact that blacks are disproportionately more affected by police brutality; this is about pointing out the actual problem that the race aspect is but a symptom of. Police have become a gang of Israeli Defense Force-trained militarized gangsters, which almost all of us can tell personal stories about injustices that they have done to us. Many of us through our lifetimes have had property that they have just taken from us never to return, and we all have stories about their thuggish brutality that displays varying levels and degrees of asshole. The generation that has now grown up with this is collectively sick and tired of it, and they are determined as the ones who finance police salaries to change it. The solution is as simple as changing the way they are trained, and there is a dimension to this problem that is probably caused by unprofessional, unaccredited, unqualified uniforms that are hired on the cheap, similar to how we ruined our public schools. Let’s not leave out the corruption of criminal property seizures, prison quotas, and the plea bargaining system turning not-guilty people into criminals only on paper. We can see the overthrown media desperately trying to turn this issue of police corruption and misbehavior into black citizens versus white. Are we really that racist anymore? Is the most vacuous, inane, immature, punk kid these days even that racist anymore? Just about everybody under the age of 50 knows better, and this protest movement has set its sights correctly on the domestic militarized police army that is being raised up against us. Police today are even trained at shooting ranges to shoot at images of defenseless men, women, and children in order to perfect their shoot-first-think-later strategy of keeping the peace.

 The Iran nuclear deal is a multi-national agreement with Iran, but the US Congress wants to pretend that they can do anything about it on behalf of the shameless and frankly pathetic fit Netanyahu has been throwing all year. That show alone has sold me on the deal because the Israeli leader’s hypocritical desperation is hilarious. Earlier this year US Senators sent a letter to the Ayatollah of Iran to throw a wrench in the Administration’s negotiations with that country. They just seem to only play dirty pool anymore, and I’m left feeling like the only disgusted one in a crowd of people cheering them on. The Ayatollah publicly responded with perfectly unexpected civility. Maybe they can all negotiate their own deal now since at least they are talking. If they did that couldn’t you just see Netanyahu jumping up and down unable to stand it like a frustrated Wile E. Coyote? They really do make good comedians.

 The problem is that the coup d’état that already happened over ten years ago now is over and done. It is kind of like the Kennedy assassination coup d’état in that respect, so don’t wait up too late waiting for any television announcements. Maybe the necessity of letting the people know about the coup d’état is considered a problem, and it is being broken to us gently. On February 22, 2015 while Congress considered not funding Homeland Security, ISIS declared war on shopping malls in Minnesota with beheading videos that were released by the Israeli Mossad front website known as Site, and were created using green screen backdrops. We must pass funding for the Fatherland Security Agency NOW or those visitors to the mall shall DIE. It kind of reminds one of recent Japanese funds that were given to Palestinians to help rebuild war crime devastated Gaza, which were then followed by ISIS videos demanding a ransom equal to the Gaza funds, or else the two captured Japanese citizens in the video were going to lose their heads. When the ransom was not payed the two Japanese were allegedly beheaded, but are you seeing the pattern here? Do you hear the message delivered by hubris that they are immune to being stopped? Can you sense the presence of the coup d’état?

 On December 28, 2014 another Air Asia Flight 8501 went missing. Air Asia’s troubles seemed to have been after the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission found Israel in 2013 and the United States in 2012 guilty of war crimes in Gaza and Iraq respectively. The Patriot Act was set to expire on June 18, and Senator Rand Paul already filibustered any chance to renew that historic affront to our Constitution. That was when the news reacted with stories about Pentagon bioweapons labs that started ‘accidentally’ mailing anthrax spores to other US and South Korean labs, which thus exposed 4 US and 22 South Korean lab workers to the deadly anthrax virus. That was only the beginning of the anthrax mailings that started when Congress was showing reluctance to renew this abomination to a US Constitution. That is just too interesting of a coincidence, and don’t worry coup, there is some new legislation that will replace Patriot with some other misleading word. Who gets to pull extortionist strings like that with our US Congress? In addition to US taxpayer funded bribes from Israel, the coup also holds our spineless politicians in line with extortion and terrorism. On April 10 Senate Minority Leader Harry Reed had an alleged accident with an exercise belt that bruised half his face and temporarily blinded him in one eye. He is also at the same time now abruptly resigning. I am reminded of similar resigning accidents that happened to ex-Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel who had an ‘accident’ with a cabinet door that messed his face up really bad before he abruptly resigned. Then there was Defense Secretary Robert Gates before him who abruptly resigned in a neck brace. It sure does look like our political actors are getting beat up by the coup d’état and then fired. The Generals that have been recently fired by the dozens just seem to step down without any beating, but they probably fight back better. One thing about this Israeli coup d’état of Congress and the Senate, which causes them to fall all over themselves to kiss Netanyahu’s butt like their lives depend on it, is that it is finally starting to nauseate more Americans than just myself.

 The coup is through, but maybe the over-played coup d’état has seen better days, and now my head spins to keep track of all the desperate futile fits of its demise. Knowing that we as Americans have a coup d’état on our hands is half the battle, and it sheds an interesting light on the politicians who know that they can either accept their slice of the 4+ billion in tax dollar bribery cake that we give to Israel, or else they shall politically (or physically) perish right before our eyes. We know this extortionist coup is behind all the illegal war cheerleading that is made with boldfaced lies against Russia, Iran, Syria, the Ukraine, and Cuba. Our wrong-side-of-history foreign policy is supporting Neo-fascist civilian-bombing Nazis in the Ukraine, Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria and Libya, and the barbaric bombing from above for months now of Yemen courtesy of the head-chopping definition-of-oppressive Saudi Arabia regime. Now we have an election coming up with no other choices but a bunch of clowns that promise us that a vote for them is a vote for more wars than that other guy or girl. A vote for them also promises that our wars will be more criminal than that other candidate who doesn’t know what they are talking about. I promise more wars. Vote for me.
 Now I am able to sit back and enjoy a smoke while Russian and Chinese troops arrive in Syria, and Russian airstrikes have hit more ISIS targets in the last couple weeks than my own country has been able to hit for the last year. How telling. HA! HA! Eat SHIT ISIS! Russia is now assisting the female-face-appreciating Assad regime against our blatantly American taxpayer created Islamic-extremist terrorists known as ISIS. Russia is showing the whole world what the right side of history looks like, and there is plenty of America’s more than ten years of wrong side to contrast this with. The sycophants on the TV are stuttering as they try to explain how Putin is failing to differentiate between ISIS and the American supported moderate anti-Assad forces. Sorry Obummer, but the American people also do not differentiate between ISIS and the terrorists that were freed from prisons in 2011 to be trained and armed in Jordan before infiltrating Syria in order to overthrow the legitimately elected government there. Nope. That looks the same to Americans and the rest of the world. I’m rootin for Putin, and Mr. President, anything you say can and will be used against you at your treason trial.

 Is America really going to March into the ensuing Armageddon for the sake of the wrong side of history, and only because secret government President Dick Cheney says it’s a great idea? Our imaginary money system is no good anymore, and we just attack the non-bankrupt gold-based systems. Where is the door from this wrong side of history? The only thing still not mentioned on the drawing is the two towers that mark the end of this river of life. They may represent the two 9/11 towers that have overshadowed the last 14 years as well as the foreseeable future. The towers continue to stand in this way as permanent barometers to the stupidity of Americans. A couple cats that passed this way before me sit with the towers beyond the horizon of the future, like gatekeeper guardians of the underworld. I love animals much more than all of you. The doggie is a joy to come home to, and she likes to teach other animals to dance. Her reliably joyful good mood is contagiously refreshing. This adorable best friend is a Japanese Chin, and she seems to me to be more like a cat in dog drag than an actual dog. It has never been a secret from these writings that we have been fighting the war on terror for the sake of the terrorists, and now that fact is being exposed for the whole world to see thanks to Russia. I hope Putin wins this Gog/Magog war. Right does make might. America should try that strategy someday for a change.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The End Is Near

Christ 2014

Christ 2014


            Lately my only connection to the race of reptiles I recently discovered has ceased to contact me, and according to their last correspondence they may not be able to contact me again for they “know that the time is short.”  My hands now tremble as I struggle to write this all down.  My search for truth and the ‘Old Ones’ led me to conclude that the answers have been hidden away right under our noses, and it is now the time for humanity to raid that library at the Vatican so we can demand OUR books back.  I thought I was after a race of reptilian beings called the Old Ones who according to Phil Hines in the Pseudonomicon writes, “have been cast forth from the earth and forgotten by civilized humanity and its materialistic vision.”  My quest for gateways in wild lonely places, ancient ruins, wells, and tunnels have caused me to fall through the gates of dreaming while fear and madness have shattered my whole conception of self.  Long ago I read a book called The Necronomicon by one known only as the Mad Arab.  It has long since been proven a hoax written in the 70’s, but a hoax based on the real book from antiquity, which was written by Abdul Alhazred around 70 A.D. and banned by Pope Gregory IX in 1232.  Now I fear I have enraged forces from that book that seek revenge for my revealing their existence to the world.

            I am unable to stop myself, and just the other day I e-mailed Senator Lindsey Graham just to say, “Fuck you, you fucker of mothers.”  I am now unable to protect myself from perceived dangers, but still the investigation into 9/11 goes on.  Now the Truthers that are convinced of their evidence of thermite being used to bring down the towers can argue with Dimitri Khalezov’s explanation, who has written a book called “9-11 Tholagy Third Truth.”  Dimintri was from the former Soviet Union’s nuclear program, and is the first in my opinion to actually explain the physics of what my eyes saw that day.  Nuclear devises pulverized the towers on that day, and liquefied the central columns in an instant.  Dimitri Khalezov also mentioned a nuclear devise used against marines in Beirut back when Ronald Reagan staged the Grenada invasion as a distraction.  From this dark shadow of espionage and nuclear blackmail we must rise up against our cowardly criminal governments to slay them with the sword of Logos.

            The Freedom Fountain at GROUND ZERO is an appropriate allegory of the rabbit hole where concrete was turned into dust and steel was turned into liquid for many months to follow afterwards.  This also solves the mystery of WTC 6 right next to one of the towers that had the outside still intact but the core of the building literally disappeared, probably because the basement was exposed to the same nuclear blast that melted the central cores of the towers.  Thermite can burn this way since it doesn’t require oxygen, but it also takes a long time for the thousands of degrees of gamma radiation to cool from a nuclear demolition.  I do still think thermite cutter charges were used based on documented testimonies, but there were two demolition strategies at work in case they failed to get the nuclear devises in place to work, but we did not witness the plan B in action on 9/11/2001.

            In other news about the 9/11 investigations to date, we now know the name of the man who told Bush and Cheney to start taking Cipro immediately after 9/11, and a month before any anthrax letters were mailed to anyone.  His name is Jerome Hauer who was in the New York Office of Emergency Management on 9/11, as well as National Security Advisor for the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).  He created the 13 million dollar crisis center in 1999 on the 23rd floor of WTC 7 headed by him and Giuliani.  He was also instrumental in getting the Osama Bin Ladin expert; John O’Neil his fatal job at the World Trade Center after John resigned from the FBI earlier that summer in protest over the Bush Administration’s obstruction of his work. 

            Last year (2013) two American Congressional Representatives were at last allowed to read the highly classified un-redacted Congressional 9/11 Investigation Report, which was even complete with sections that Bush ordered removed.  Those sections allegedly place full responsibility on one or more foreign intelligence agencies, and not the accused ‘terrorists’.  Considering how much the television wants to imply that the foreign government implicated in this classified document is Saudi Arabia, along with the facts already compiled in my own 9/11 investigations, we do not need this document to know that the country implicated in that 9/11 Congressional Investigation Report is none other than Israel.  Dimitri Khalezov goes into great detail from his own knowledge of classified information to identify the nuclear devices used, and his documentation traces them to Israel.  Israel used nuclear devises against the United States on 9/11 to produce a massive gamma ray / neutron flux that would vaporize 150 to 300 feet of central steel beams that were the core of the twin towers, which created the free fall events we all saw.  Now I finally understand the two nuclear explosions on the 9/11 drawing from 2002.  That also explains the alarming rate of New York 9/11 first responders that are dieing these days from cancers, which are commonly found in those exposed to radiation.

            I must write this at the peril of my life as it has been received by those that wander beyond the wastelands.  THEY ARE TRYING TO IMMANENTIZE THE ESCHATON!!!  I do not know why it was not seen before, and it may only be revealed now because they no longer care if it is found out.  Perhaps it was an enlightening moment during a recent X-Men movie when Magneto escapes from a prison inside the Pentagon.  In the Illuminantus by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea the Pentagon is blown up to release Lok-Sotot of the Iloigor who is The Eater of Souls.  On this year’s drawing we see 9/11 Flight 77, (or whatever it was,) flying into the Pentagon on 9/11 to accomplish the same Illuminantus plot.  This year General Senseki resigned as head of the VA in a waiting list scandal he got caught sweeping further under a rug.  Meanwhile America remains a wild wild west of rules and regulations, as if we were all children of an unqualified and abusive parent.  After the demon was released complete with necessary sacrifice of more than 4000 people, they soon established the demonic Office of Special Plans to manufacture lies designed to trick the American people into a disastrous and unjustified war on Iraq.  That project was the child of duel-citizen Douglas Feith.  Now I know some kool-aid drinkers reading this might think that by duel-citizen I meant Douglas Feith was also a citizen of Saudi Arabia, but no, he along with lots of Bush Administration buddies were also Israeli citizens.  It is not Anti-Semitism to be concerned about how many Congressmen and Senators happen to be duel-citizens of Israel, although I am happy to report that it is on the decline.

            From out of the Pentagon comes forth the demon from within, who manifests above the billowing smoke of that day’s disasters.  The eye of the demon is the Egyptian All-seeing eye of Horus.  This eye is associated with Osiris, god of the dead as well as light and the Sun.  The head of the demon resembles a brain to indicate a similarity of this Egyptian styled eye with its resemblance to the anatomical view of the Pineal gland at the center of the brain also known in metaphysical circles as the Third Eye.  Now this eye perceives a demon and is surrounded by a 3-sided triangle because 3 is the key to the absolute where the gunas or modes of existence, (being, thought, and bliss,) are all perceived as one.  It was with such a single vision that led me to the Ancient race of beings that seek revenge for a forgotten war, which took place before the creation of modern man and had rent this world asunder.

            On February 22, 2014 the democratically elected President of the Ukraine was ousted in another NATO / American sponsored coup, which today has defined the line now drawn between Russia and the west.  The first thing the neo-Nazi junta in Kiev did was outlaw the Russian language, which led to Crimea successfully leaving Ukraine in a democratic referendum that put that section of former Ukraine safely within the borders of Russia.  The other Russian speaking East Ukraine people were not so safe from a country that is now bombing itself.  Keiv is also guilty of shooting Malaysian Flight 17 out of the sky with fighter jets, making the now completely silent racket about a surface to air missile just the cover story all along that was never true.  There ought to be hearings, and leaders held accountable and brought to justice for what our foreign policy has been doing to the rest of the world.  Behind the Pentagon in this year’s drawing is the Washington monument, but to the right of that skyline the architecture of Washington DC becomes the exploding and burning landscape that Israel and the US turned Gaza into this year to the horror and rejection of the rest of the world.

            At the time I was researching the archaeological site in the country of Turkey called Gobeki Teki in my quest for the elusive race of reptilian beings that may have used this site to train early humans in the skills necessary to survive an ice-age ravaged past.  Gobeki Teki is the most ancient monolithic site ever discovered in addition to being one of the best preserved.  That is because the entire site was buried around 5000 B.C.  Then a new site was built on top.  Sumerian writings may be alluding to this site where they speak of the great mound to the north where pottery and other skills were learned.  I had thought the site was where the more advanced serpent people gave knowledge to early man to help them along.  The engineering and sophistication of this site defies the ingenuity of ancient man.  I had thought perhaps the site was buried during the post ice-age transition from hunter gathering to agriculture.  I now prescribe to a new theory of why this site was buried with a new temple put on top to guard the forbidden history best left buried.

            There are cruel celestial spirits that are from beyond the wonderings of the wastes.  It is said that these spirits called the Ancient Ones are not dead but instead are dreaming, lurking between dimensions and within the expression of strange angles, and they wait for the day they may return to this realm of the living.  To do this they require appropriate positions of the stars along with sacrifice by the hands of their mortal followers.  Now this demon demands the sacrifice of war as the pieces of the most powerful magick circle of containment explode into the margins of the drawing, now broken and powerless.  These are the pieces of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, created in the 16th century by John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly.  This demon had been contained within the Pentagon structure of that building from the beginning.  This probably more than just contributed to a most decisive ending to the world’s worse war in modern history.  There was an attempt by hippies on October 21, 1967, to levitate the Pentagon and exercise it of this demon, however according to some knowledgeable occultists the circle was effectively broken by the intervention of the military disrupting the ceremony.  Another ominous sign of this architectural magick being used has appeared at the Georgia Guide Stones this year, where a cornerstone that was always missing has now appeared mysteriously in a cranny that had already been made for it.  This new cornerstone on that monument displays the year 2014.

            America has fallen victim to a coup de`tat!  I must admit that I grow weary of writing that every year in these writings.  Today it seems like two dichotomies are both after the same thing, dominion, and yet are at odds with each other.  One side just wants to live a decent life, and represents billions of individuals now raising their voices in this day and age around the world to be heard.  The other dichotomy wants to disarm all of us, and demoralize us with an oppressive police state that commits acts of terror; along with enforcement of new laws designed to feed a world record American prison population, currently stealing good jobs for a corporate prison slave trade business.

            On August 11, 2014 a police officer in Ferguson Missouri gunned down an unarmed 18-year old who was holding his hands up and surrendering.  Riots and martial law have ensued as the tanks and National Guard are called in to only make things worse against a population finally fed up with a militarized and criminal police state.  This is just a last straw of a heaping pile of police brutality in the last couple years that has broke the back of the metaphorical camel with countless beatings, pardoned murders, confiscated wealth, and sadistic torture prods from a mafia crime syndicate like no other.  Police all across this country are in desperate need for re-training.

            The coup has been rolling on in anticipation of Americans becoming fed up.  Fatherland Security has been buying billions of bullets, and has been attempting to disarm Americans in what kind of looks like a panic.  Perhaps we are all about to start dying off and getting pissed off about why.  Nobody is checking our food for Fukishima radiation, however recently in Canada a student tested food radiation levels for his school science fair project only to document levels way over any acceptable level for radiation.  The Obamacare website was a disaster of government cronyism and incompetence in addition to being a 500 million dollar waste, or swindle.  Perhaps this failure is by design because it almost has to be at this level of deliberate incompetence.  Its failure will result in a windfall of tax revenue next year for a government administering penalties to those who choose to not sign up; who also get a deal by paying a fine that is a downright affordable fraction of what health insurance actually costs.

            Oh why have I made this drawing?  Lets not shoot the messenger who tells you the world is going to Hell.  Israel launched its latest ground offensive into Gaza at the exact same moment that the Ukraine junta shot down the Malaysian Flight 17 to subsequently unsuccessfully try to blame on Russia and East Ukrainian resistance.  That even happens to be the second Malaysia flight brought down this year.  Flight 370 went down March 8, 2014, and was never seen again.  It’s like, whom did Malaysia piss off?  Another peculiar connection of this Bramuda Triangle-like incident to Israel is news that points out Israel’s recent purchase of an identical Malaysian jet currently in a hanger near Tel Aviv.  Meanwhile Palestinian members of the just-want-to-live dichotomy are mercilessly massacred by overwhelming force by an army and government of Israel that has institutionalized Nazi-worthy racial superiority, and who exhibits hatred worthy to be called pure evil, not to mention their cowardly choices of who to shoot at.  You can bet there will be no Israeli soldiers on the front lines in the coming war with ISIS.  It is a desperate strategy being used by Hamas, who are indeed sacrificing everyone crammed into the most populated piece of land on Earth to a merciless massacre on the slim chance that the rest of the world will notice the true character of the State of Israel, and give a shit.  At the time of this writing it appears to have worked.  Based on the character of Israel already witnessed it is easy to understand how Palestinians have been left with no other choice.

            They will probably be releasing a lot of recent studies that conclude all kinds of things causing cancers to cover-up the fact that Fukishima is now going to be causing lots of cancers.  People are in the streets of Taiwan and Yugoslavia these days, but now-a-days it has become obvious that these ‘uprisings’ are just western financed attempts to bring ruin and instability to the rest of the world.  You’re welcome.  As of February there were 8 bankers dead by suspicious suicides this year, and is now much more, 15 as of August.  Residents of Sandy Hook have all been showered with hush money as ‘victims’ of that terrible tragedy of crisis actors.  This money is in addition to all Sandy Hook residents with mortgages that got their houses paid for by a mysterious benefactor on December 23, 2009.  Merry Christmas Sandy Hook victims, now just keep your mouths shut.  In March Malaysia Flight 370 to Hong Kong disappeared, and it seems to be where they refuse to look that is the glaring clue to the missing plane’s location, as opposed to all the other fruitless locations they gave so much attention to.  At the time I was reading reports of the flight being spotted flying “low and loud” over Moldiva near Diego Garcia. 

Ever since stopping the Administration in its tracks last year when they tried to start bombing Syria, we have been listening to government pleas to arm Syrian rebels.  Come on, let’s arm the Syrian rebels.  We have got to arm Syrian rebels now!  Last July there were pictures taken of Senator John McCain over there smoking and joking with members of the terrorist group ISIS who have since stormed the country of Iraq.  This all looks like a desperate attempt by someone to kick-start the over-and-done Iraq war.  Who drinks this B-movie kool-aid anymore?!?  Now over 60,000 kids are flooding the borders of the United States.  You’d swear we have done worse to other country’s boarders.  Now the 380 million for KBR to build FEMA camps for a foreseen immigration emergency, (reported in previous years with these writings,) makes sense, except it’s no longer enough so Obama has asked Congress for 3.7 billion more to do the job of building concentration camps.

            Now Congress just violated the war on terror to authorize supporting more of the Syrian rebels that the covert Benghazi operation was supporting all along before someone in Al Qaeda run Libya attacked them.  We fight an illegal war to give Libya to our declared enemy Al-Qaeda, and that’s the kind of gratitude we get in return.  Let the aiding and supporting terrorist trials begin, to include that disgrace to a Nobel Peace prize President who asked for and signed this WWIII bill.  They make no secret that we have financed and supplied the very enemy we are now going to war with.  In fact ISIS is also the name of a Blackwater-esk mercenary corporation that has already been instrumental in arming and training Syrian ‘rebels’ in Jordan.  What a coincidence!  Why must America choose this appalling wrong side of history?  No good can come from it.  Is this all to save a stupid ultimately meaningless fiat dollar?  How about FUCK the God damned fiat dollar?!  How about, no way are we going to sacrifice this country and everything that makes US great on some alter to the failings of greed, or a 4th Reich of fascist Agenda 21 nonsense, or even to bow to some chosen people who control the government and the media like the Wormtongue character of JRR Tolkien, who cast a spell of total control over the great King Theoden?

            Time to end the hyper inflated wars we have already fought for hyper inflated years now.  The petrol-dollar is dead, but soon petroleum might just be joining it.  The American people can stop this playground bully foreign policy that destroys our very character as a country.  American ingenuity can solve any problem without having to bully other countries because they do not believe in our fiat currency scam.  HELL!  I don’t believe in our fiat currency scam.  The Russians, Chinese, and other countries also don’t believe, and have already formed their own IMF alternative bank, and are actively moving away from our Federal Reserve notes in a quickly heating sanction-crazy resurrected cold war, revised by our PRAVDA-esk dishonesty regarding the Ukraine.  The Chinese have already landed a rover on the Moon, however it died in such a dramatic televised malfunction while the lunar night froze it, that one is left to wonder if they didn’t just decide to stage that so they can rove the Moon in secret.

            The demon wants and demands war.  The Pentagon is fixed, but the circle has been broken, and the demon will not so easily allow a pentagon to confine them next time.  In each corner of the drawing is a seal allegedly from a photograph of the actual Necronomicon of antiquity.  These are spirits or demons whose names are known no more in the civilizations of mankind, and they were probably never known.  Beneath the seas we have found ancient civilizations with Google Earth such as a thousand miles west of Siere Leone Africa, 6 degrees North and 20 degrees West (then southeast at an angle) where Plato placed his Atlantis.  According to certain sources, these civilizations were destroyed by the knowledge of these seals.  Google Earth is an extraordinary way to explore this Earth.  Are you skeptical about the existence of the Loc Ness monster?  Google Earth has convinced me that there are several serpent-like creatures existing in that body of water.  Have a look.

            These forces that are set loose in the world crave war and destruction like hungry birds need worms.  Already at the time of this writing two journalists and one aid worker have been allegedly beheaded by masked men of ISIS in dramatically melodramatic videos, as designed to enrage the west as they are easily proven to be hoaxes.  It is as if someone was really sticking a boot up America’s ass to get that country back over there on the other side of the world for some more war.  That takes this writer’s mind back to last year when the American people flooded Washington DC phone lines to stop earlier versions of the same plan approved the other day by Congress.  I recall Saudi Arabia being very angry at the time that we didn’t support their plans to bring down rival Assad with their terrorist proxies.  Talk about a country we could attack and actually be greeted as liberators.  Saudi Arabia probably beats North Korea.

            What kind of potential enemy of America does that?  What kind of enemy makes beheading videos to get the rest of the world to hate them?  What kind of enemy coerces The United States to ‘bring it’?  I don’t even see nuclear-armed North Korea displaying those kinds of balls.  Is this the mentality of the terrorist whose only hope for salvation is to be able to murder for God?  Everyone is pretty much sick and tired of the last decade of senseless war.  Most of US, unlike Dick Cheney, did not make a killing off of security investments.  For the rest of US, war is murdering the very soul of this country with a great big unnecessary wound.  It does more than that to this country, because it makes no secret of its determination to economically as well as to morally and ethically destroy America from within.  War will willingly sacrifice everything American for a lie named security.  It’s funny how war on the other side of the planet can do that.

            Americans should not just roll over and be the victims of their own utterly corrupted government.  Let’s not be afraid to protest and get in their faces about this because it will bring that coward right out of them for all to see.  So if they arrest US for our righteous cause do not give them the sad or defeated or even bad-ass mean looks that make up so many ugly mug shots.  Make your mug shot a great big shit-eating grin because that really makes the best-looking mug shots.  ALL HAIL DISCORDIA!  The only problem America really has is all the Americans who just throw their arms up and say there is just nothing they can do about what this government is doing.  If all of US just thought a little differently we could again be showing the rest of the world how it’s done, and collectively overnight be making this government our bitch.

            Unfortunately the end is near.  At the time of this writing an Ebola epidemic has sprung up in Africa around the Keneme Bio-weapons Lab funded by Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros.  Thousands have already died from this quickly spreading incurable disease.  In Detroit the privatized utilities have shut off the water to 100,000 residents delinquent in payments, and the UN has been asked to intervene.  Thyroid cancers have indeed skyrocketed in children that live around Fukishima.

            It has been an effective attack on our collective critical thinking and ability to reason since 9/11 rewrote physics 101 before our eyes.  Now that science has thrown science out the window, skeptics are simply dealt with by derision and insults.  The UN’s IPCC has released a booga-booga report predicting serious temperature rise in the next few years, yet anyone paying attention may have noticed the worldwide cooling trend complete with record breaking Arctic and Antarctic ice caps since 2008.  All these ever-rising carbon emissions have possibly contributed to .02 thousandths of a degree in temperature rise for the last 15 years.  That is only possibly contributing to this since .02 happens to be within the margin of error.  Now as these oceans respond to the trend of increased polar ice by cooling themselves, the global warming hysteria will finally be forced to admit that global temperatures are cooling for the foreseeable future.  No derision necessary.  We all can probably agree that pollution is a serious problem, and yet we have been wasting lots of time disagreeing and arguing about the weather.  Well played demons that be.

            Speaking of demons or powers that be, the international pedophile rings of the rich and famous in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal are now being dealt some belated justice as dozens of British MP’s have now been charged with participating in child pedophile rings going back to the 1980’s.  Mass graves of children in Canada have been dug up with evidence reaching all the way to the British Royal family.  There is more to the rumors of royal blood drinking than just the flamboyant aristocratic nature of storybook vampires.  Researchers are now, after proven success with rats, starting human studies on age reversal by blood transfusions that replace whole blood with younger blood.  Perhaps this is a study on a secret known before this breakthrough in science only to a few elite vampires.

            Now the end is near as demons run amok and the militarized Israeli IDF-trained American police now murder with impunity, which is rewarded with a paid vacation.  The sound of the jackals of Anubus can now be heard howling beyond my door.  I have laid down here all that I can concerning the horrors that stalk without, and are lying in wait at the door of every man.  Some of this is from ancient arcane forgotten by all but a few men, and those that worship the Ancient Ones may their names be blotted out!

            In nomine patri et filii et spiriti sanctum!

            In nomine patri et filii et spiriti sanctum!




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