Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Knock It The FUCK Off Heard Round The World

            This has been a year of signs in the sky of jaw dropping wonders, so stars and wonders are the theme of this year’s drawing.  The outer margin is hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt of their zodiac, which bears an identical resemblance to the zodiac of today.  This most ancient of all religions originally defined the 12-month theme of our calendars to this day.  Ancient man had a particular affinity for the stars and the keeping of time.  It was very important for ancient man to take things like a Sabbath day off because of the importance of not being thrown off by a flawed calendar.  If ancient man, who was just starting to figure out agriculture, continued with such a folly they would eventually be planting crops on the wrong day and thus their crops would fail.
            The ancient Maya used the Pleiades rising on the morning horizon every April to do their planting, and obviously much thought was put into ancient man’s use of the stars.  The Egyptian calendar was twelve 30-day months plus a 5-day period for doing absolutely nothing.  The ¼ day flaw in that calendar design would shift the day of the Dog Star rising throughout the year to return again to the same day every 1460 years.  One of the ancient ruins depicted on this drawing all the way to the left at the horizon line on this year’s card is Chaco Canyon in the American Southwest where meticulous attention to celestial positions figured ingeniously in the architectural layout.  The mirroring of stars in architecture has been an obsession of Masons to this day.  Another example of this obsession is the 3 pyramids of Giza that line up with the constellation of Orion’s Belt.  Osiris the Egyptian god that taught ancient man agriculture was said to have become this constellation Orion in the sky after his death and resurrection.  Orion was also a giant titan of Greek myth who sometimes confronted Taurus the bull, also depicted on this year’s card to indicate the approximate zodiological position of the familiar constellation of Orion around Gemini next to Taurus.
            Pondering this calendar year recalls that this is the year they announced that complex organics were discovered by the Mars rover so not all bad news.  George Zimmerman was found not guilty of the 1st degree murder of Travon Martin.  In spite of the fact that Black Panthers were bussed to Florida at government expense to start race riots after that verdict, the aftermath was mostly uneventful.  Most of America accepted the verdict, although he would obviously be in prison right now if he was charged with the manslaughter he was actually guilty of, but for achieving anything resembling justice, that just speaks more to our own over-reaching maximum-minimum punishment-obsessed culture.  This is also the year the 512 Q-bit Quantum computer went on the market as the D-Wave I and D-Wave II.  Google bought one to feed all that street view information into that they’ve been filming across the country.  What could that be programming for our surveillance-obsessed reality of today other than a really cool way to drive up your street to look at your own house on Google?  Also a research firm found Monsonto pesticides to be the culprits in the on-going extinction of bees so this year Monsonto purchased that firm to solve that problem.
            The news for this year has been overshadowed by the story of whistleblower Edward Snowden who leaked information that the NSA has been spying on all Americans.  He fled America to evade arrest by going to Hong Kong.  The irony of fleeing America to China in order to be free to speak is not lost on anyone.  Incidentally these essays have been leaking information about the NSA spying on Americans for years now since 2006, but this writer has no plans to flee the country at this time.  One thing Edward Snowden has added so far to this information is that the NSA spy program connected to the Verison network that he worked for was called PRISM.  Attempts have been made to overshadow the NSA surveillance theme of this year with a more desirable gun-confiscation theme that began last year at Sandy Hook.  At Sandy Hook Connecticut on December 11, 2012, a crazed gunman shot children in a kindergarten killing dozens.  That event, like 9/11, the British 2005 bombings, and the Boston Marathon bombing to follow this would all have in common scheduled FEMA terrorist drills complete with hired dramatic actors at the exact same time and place.  Another of many conspicuous facts from this event is a victim’s R.I.P. Victoria Soto Facebook page that was setup on December 10, 2012, a day before this event even took place.  As rumors of false-flag stripped this event of its ability to make Americans beg to be disarmed, it is soon overshadowed by an even more conspicuous dramatic FEMA actor-infested Boston Marathon bombing that killed 3 people. The same week as the Boston terrorist event a man from Yemen testified to Congress about drone strikes in his country.  He spoke of his village that could not be persuaded to hate America by the local Al-Qaeda affiliate until there was a drone strike that killed dozens.  Now the whole village is unanimous in hatred for America.  See how this ‘war’ has been fought for the other side?  How counter-productive can that get?  Are we going to find out?  This is all starting to look like part of some kind of secret deal made with Saudi Arabia, which like our CIA, is intimately connected with the Al-Qaeda charade.
            Immediately following the Boston Marathon bombing was a martial law lock-down of the Boston area for a day while militarized law enforcement troops hunted for the culprits.  There you have it folks, the martial law in America they have been working on for years now.  Can we not see them dipping their toes in this metaphorical marital law water to make sure the American people are ready yet?  The first of the two chosen suspects(?) is gunned down while surrendering, and the two hunted suspects were screaming at the time that they didn’t do it.  The second of the hunted culprits is finally caught when someone violated their martial law curfew to investigate bloodstains on the ground leading to his boat.  By the look of the boat afterwards they obviously also tried to gun that suspect(?) down, but he was reluctantly apprehended unarmed and given a throat wound that assured he would never speak again.  Ya!  This tyranny is now a highly rated show on the television for our entertainment.  What the fuck is going on with my country?!?
            In February of this year a disgruntled ex-LAPD cop named Christopher Dorner went on a killing rampage.  He claimed to be protesting the conduct of the LAPD through a story fed to me by a media only complicit in official PRAVDA cover-up stories these days.  I mean this television is complicit in government cover-ups to the point of winning the PRAVDA award for the year.  Christopher Dorner was cornered in a remote cabin where he died proving his point since the conduct of the LAPD blatantly WAKO’d the guy on our tyranny show, leaving him to burn alive with the cabin that was intentionally set on fire.  Now that’s entertainment.
            America’s collective ability to process this logic should have snapped on 9/11 when three controlled demolitions threw our physics 101 knowledge out the window.  Now we get to process logic such as the need to give up our right to keep and bear firearms because the Boston Marathon terrorist event was done with homemade bombs.  In April following the Boston bombing the President of the United States, and billionaire anti-gun crusader as well as tyrannical mayor of NY Michael Bloomberg were sent letters laced with deadly Ricin. The actual culprit turned out to be a washed up Hollywood B-part actress trying to frame her pro-gun husband in a pattern reminiscent of anthrax attacks that followed the 9/11 terrorist event, except this year they actually caught the culprit.  Could the government of today be under a similar extortionist form of terrorist intimidation, which before assured the US Patriot Act would be twisting a 2001 coup blade into this country’s back to this day?  On July 11 after a long stay at the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital the living Boston bomber suspect(?) Dzhokhar Tsarnaev appeared in court, and friends who knew him that were also there at the trial testified afterwards that the guy in that courtroom was an imposter, and not the real Dzhokhar.  Wow, that goes from the level of PRAVDA award all the way to the STALANIST award now, which before was only awarded to America in honor of our ongoing torture gulag abroad.
            On May 30 asteroid QE 30 came close to the Earth as one of many signs in the sky that have either already happened this year, or are scheduled to soon appear above, toward the end of this year with the arrival of comet Ison.  Something is definitely being cooked up by the powers that be, and we are being conditioned to either accept it, or be desensitized from caring.  On May 23 a British soldier was beheaded with a machete evidently by a Muslim fanatic who gave an iphone rant in the aftermath of the event before police arrived to gun him down.  I guess British police have guns these days.  This all screams of the kind of manipulative psyop trying to drill an irrational pre-judgmental hatred into our heads that we’ve come to expect form those G-d damned Jews.
            At the time of this writing it is no longer a mystery what is being cooked behind our backs, and what my government is probably being extorted or bribed into carrying out against the interest of the American people.  There have been a couple other clues that now bathe in a more revealing illumination.  On July 30 it was reported that in the last couple weeks there were major prison outbreaks in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen that resulted in thousands (that’s right thousands) of Al-Qaeda-like terrorists now at large.  The other historic hint about what was up is the buildup of US troops in Jordan near the Syrian boarder prior to the coming convenient provocation.  Now the kool-aid we drink is flavored with our tax-dollars supporting Al-Qaeda thugs that are fighting the legitimate secular leader of Syria to establish a Sharia law-based Islamic Caliphate, joining with the Libyan country that my tax dollars already handed to America’s sworn enemies.  The good news is how the American people spat this lethal brew of kool-aid right back in the face of the Obama, Kerry, McCain, Graham warmongers that recently tried to bullshit US into another fucking illegal war.
            This government’s corrupt loyalty to the 9/11 coup seems to only scratch the surface of the corruption that still lurks yet to incriminate every G-d damned one of them.  What shall posterity say of this time in history?  That these days were so full of SHIT that they gave a Nobel Peace Prize to a President as cover in order to start multiple illegal wars, and continue an endless trickle of drone bombings on the hearts and minds of innocent women and children.  Or perhaps posterity will herald this time when the President lost his Nobel Peace prize for being a worse warmonger than Bush?  No matter how that resolves, posterity will probably figure out that 9/11 was the largest burglary in all of history.  There were trucks discovered in collapsed tunnels between WTC 4 and WTC 5 that contained part of the billion-dollar pile of gold and silver bars in the basement of WTC 4.  The driver had run away to leave only that load behind.  A month later when WTC 4 was excavated they only reported 230 million dollars worth of gold and silver recovered.  That suggests that a lot of that billion dollars worth of gold and silver was removed in a pre-9/11 operation adding to a burglary tally that also includes the fact that this news is based on the 2001 price of gold, conspicuous put-options for the day on US and American Airlines, lost financial investigation paperwork, Lucky Larry’s Insurance haul, and Rumsfield’s missing Pentagon trillions to name some of the crime of the century heist just off the top of the head.
            Now a bunch of American cattle are afraid of their own ubiquitous plastic because it now causes cancer even though if that were true there would probably be a lot more of us now dead from cancer.  This television-endorsed kool-aid causes something worse than a chance at cancer.  Let me just take a sip and write what I’m talking about.  “SLUUURRP” America and the Constitution were good ideas back in the time of the primitive early states, but last year the Newtown school shooting took place, and we are no longer that primitive America anymore.  We have changed as a country and a people, and we demand an end to this right to keep and bear arms crap.  Newtown marks the moment of history when we finally got rid of our guns to become a new improved America where that mean ol’ world full of guns won’t hurt us anymore.  We are all safe children now under the protective ever-benevolent surveillance of a loving caring Federal government.  Now shut-up and finish drinking that kool-aid.  BLUURAAAAAHHHGH!!!  I just can’t hold that stuff down.
            NO MORE WAR was what the war-weary American people along with the rest of the world had to say to those despicable tools of the coup.  Russia has stepped in like the only adult in the political room to bring this situation to at least a temporary standstill after President Bashar al-Assad unexpectedly beat US to the punch and agreed to surrender his stockpile of chemical weapons.  Now that’s how you earn a Nobel Peace prize.  I wonder if Putin will get one.  Meanwhile evidence mounts that my tax-dollar financed Islamic extremist rebels were responsible for the chemical attack being used to start this long ago scheduled Syrian regime change.  News just emerged that the children victims photographed in the August 21st chemical attack were identified as kids kidnapped earlier by the rebels themselves.  Nobody believes this latest lie to start a war SHIT.
            What a half-assed same-ol-SHIT attempt to march us righteously off to an unrighteous war.  This did not even fool the most war-loving ditto-head of a US citizen to include Rush Limbaugh.  This Syrian war attempt even has the audacity to rub in the average American’s face that we support the same Islamic extremists that, before they were broke out of Middle East prisons, were killing us in Iraq and Afghanistan.  All this in order to give the country to these extremists and bring down a popular secular government in the Middle East AGAIN.  This is a classic example of a clash between the war Americans think they are fighting, and the war this government is really fighting for the 2001 coup.  The American people are now starting to say NO to viciously destroying secular Middle East governments just because they are not Jewish enough for what Israel is all about.
            It is dawning on the people of this country that America needs to become America again.  We need to lead by right example like we did when we won wars because our enemies would rather become US instead of fighting US.  Americans do not want this blood on our hands anymore, and collectively we may now realize that these drones are just going to keep on killing and killing until we finally rise up as a people to tell our government and that FUCKING military industrial BULLSHIT to KNOCK-IT-THE-FUCK-OFF.  There is a rising phenomenon that over the years these writings have been documenting as Natural Democracy, which may now be taking the form of a knock-it-the-FUCK-off heard around the world.  When this comes to fruition we shall end this war on terror long before its intended cynical goal of endless war.  This is because the American people collectively are realizing that this war on terror is really a war on ourselves, our morality, our sense of human decency, and the founding principles of a US Constitution that created the only ‘exceptionalism’ to speak of about America.
            The coming knock-it-the-FUCK-off shall root out this corruption that is now impossible to ignore.  The FDA has been holding up gene-based cancer medications called Antineoplastons since the 1970’s till only recently when in 2009 they were approved to go ahead with phase II clinical trials.  So if you’re tracking the cure for cancer now you know where that’s stuck.  There is an ongoing 4.3 trillion dollar derivatives price-fixing law suite called LIBOR that may be connected to recent murders by a nanny who allegedly slit the throats of two children of an MSNBC producer, the Batman movie shooter’s father who was scheduled to testify to the Senate as a whistleblower on LIBOR, and even the father of the Newtown shooter who was also scheduled to testify regarding what they know about this banking scandal that has pilfered billions from all of us.  Now there’s a conspiracy theory that could fill a book, but anybody that tries to make a movie of it will probably be killed.  We can prove that artificial bubbles are being created in the stock market to bring economic devastation when they pop.  If however, you are an inside trader then you can make lots of money off of a bubble because you know just when to remove money from the market, which even contributes to the popping of the bubble.  Congress recently passed a law making their inside trading legal.  So the rich keep getting richer while the rest of the world is devastated by what makes insider-trading criminals richer.  So let’s put inside trading criminals in charge.  Who thinks this Congress has stopped solving problems with the problems?  So remember inside traders, you don’t have to live a life of crime if you can win yourself an election in the Congressional inside trader club.  Don’t you just want to invest in guillotine stock?  There just might yet be a bubble on its way to that market.
            This government is obviously flexing its intimidation at the media and whistleblowers to make them shut-up while their criminality continues to be reported by plain sight and the obvious.  On June 18, 2013 Michael Hasting, writer of the Rolling Stone article famous for ending the career of war escalation expert General McCrystal, died in a fiery car bombing in LA.  At the time he had been writing a story about the NSA spying, and also a story on the CIA that is currently headed by John Brennon.  Then there is this government’s reaction to the Edward Snowden revelations, which is to have the NSA suddenly intercept a phone call from Al-Qaeda leader Al-Zawahiri, which caused every US embassy in the Middle East to shut down.  Ooooooohh!  He made a phone call.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  One very disturbing Edward Snowden revelation is that we are securing the people of the United States by having a foreign country called Israel do the spying for US through private Israeli corporations.  One problem with this Constitutional over-reaching Jewish persuasion on national security is that this might result in the creation of a kind of demi-urgical version of their G-d Jehovah.  Americans might find themselves in a country overseen by an omnipresent omnipotent entity that watches over them to pass judgment should they text any pictures of their penis to a mistress or something like that.  The good news is that prayer to G-d in this country might now be as simple for getting an answer as a FISA request.
            No shame anymore in accusing this war on terrorism of being fought for the other side.  The CIA has been caught bribing Afghan leader Karzai with $300,000 a month for his cooperation all this time.  Libya has been handed to Al-Qaeda extremists and my tax dollars support rebels in Syria, which includes a brigade affectionately named ‘Osama Bin Laden.’  Maybe these essays should keep the fact under wraps that they have always tended to cheer for the other side in these matters, but Assad is in the right, and my side is wrong, and the whole world can see this.  It is right that really makes might as America is probably about to learn the hard way again.  It is hard for the mighty to realize that.
            Continuing now to document this plain-as-day corruption, the FBI recently paid a friendly midnight visit to Ibragim Todashev in Florida who knew one of the Boston bombers personally.  They may have been trying to get him to sign a confession that would have implicated him and the alleged bomber in a drug-deal that resulted in murder in the Boston area, which happened long before this year.  This is all part of an ongoing campaign to paint evil all over the dead Boston bombing culprit.  Ibragim evidently did not want to sign the confession so the FBI gunned him down in cold blood.  His girlfriend is currently in prison under a gag order for speaking to the press.  It’s hard to get a straight answer from a cowed television that is only disinterested and silent about important things like ongoing oil leaks in the Gulf of Mexico and FUKISHIMA.  It’s now documented that the CIA admits they escorted the underwear bomber onto the plane from Amsterdam to America, but here was one of the few places you could have read about that years ago.
            America has become the tyranny it was designed to not be, and minus the culprits and some brainwashed shills, everyone knows it.  The Supreme Court has legalized voter suppression like in the good ol’ days, and Texas and N. Carolina have already taken advantage with new voter suppression laws.  New York has legalized unreasonable search and seizure, and police have obviously been trained recently to violently assault citizens first and find out if they are guilty of anything afterwards.  The gun-grab agenda churns on following another psychoactive medication victim that killed a bunch of people at a Washington DC Navy yard.  This gun-grab rants on and on shamelessly in high gear like there isn’t an American bone in its body, and also no matter what this has been doing to MSNBC ratings.  Also our Constitutional scholar of a US President is scolding the American people for having a problem with domestic spying by the NSA.
            This mercenary economy we have generously created over the last decade has been draining the real economy dry, so current American logic dictates let’s start another quagmire of a war.  Better yet let’s drag Russia and China into this war and give it a nice grand title of World War III.  Mmmmm.  Good kool-aid.  Try some.  Then the world will be a better place.  If you like that logic then it probably makes perfect sense to genetically modify our wheat so that it produces a pesticide that destroys the stomachs of bugs unfortunate enough to eat it.  Now eat that wheat yourself and stir that pesticide around your digestion.  Mmmmm mmmm good.  It was recently found out that Oregon wheat has been contaminated this way allegedly from cross-pollination, but that’s just what we have found out about.  How’s that gluten digesting for you these days Americans?  Now let’s push this logic over the edge and let Monsonto sue any of those farmers for using Monsonto’s product that are inadvertently being cursed with contaminated wheat.  Got a problem with that?  Well if you want normal, I hear it’s probably that way these days on Bizarro world.
            Sometimes it seems more sane and normal everywhere else.  Recently the country of Hungary destroyed with fires all of their genetically modified wheat crops.  Other European countries are following suite, and also China recently destroyed shipments of Monsonto GM produce.  Here in America we’ll just let the pharmaceutical industry cure our GM induced heartburn and indigestion with a Prilosec dependency to turn that pesky stomach acid off once and for all, and don’t get heartburn in the first place.  Other countries also don’t seem to be so anxious and determined to shit their tax dollars down a toilet.  Everything this ‘jobs jobs jobs’ Congress has done has resulted in a growing unemployment rate.  Therefore if I am elected to this Congress I will pass the ‘Do The Opposite Of What Gets Passed’ law.  That’s right folks.  We will do the opposite of what gets passed by the legislative branch if I get elected, and the world really will be a better place.  This inside trader club has been deliberately trying to collapse the economy so they can laugh all the way to the bank.  The coming knock-it-the-FUCK-off should be the end to their laughter, and they won’t be going back to any bank.  The world has been taken over by a bunch of rich brats that can’t hold real jobs just like 2nd generation underachiever brats like George W. Bush and Rand Paul.  The government actually shut down the other day, and furloughed hundreds of thousands of “unnecessary” workers.  Oh good, another boost to that unemployment rate.  Way to go Boehner Congress.  Worse Congress ever.
            These writings take no pleasure in being on the opposite side of American foreign policy.  The Edward Snowden Wikipedia page was recently edited to change the occurrences of the word whistleblower with the word traitor.  Snowden however, is mostly regarded as a hero of the people, and this PRAVDA supported government is not winning their teleprompter read arguments.  Enough of these disagreements over Palestinians, elected Hamas politicians, drug cartels, Hezbollah, drug wars, and Ghadaffi.  Now the government is supporting Al-Qaeda rebels in Syria that kill innocent people with chemical weapons as well as beheading non-Muslims that don’t convert or Muslims that don’t know the name of the prophet Muhammad’s sister.  These “freedom fighters” that are being illegally supported by this Administration were just a couple months ago in Afghan, Iraqi, and Yemen prisons for waging war on America.  This writer hopes Assad kicks these ex-con rebel’s asses, and permanently wipes out these terrorist prison escapees from abroad who have invaded his country.  The American government is not going to get away with another fucked up proxy war by just shoving it down our throats and telling US we love it.  Suck on that poop lollipop US government while we work on prosecuting everyone actually involved with setting up this sarin gas false flag provocation.  The American people at least agree with the warmongers that the truth should hang the guilty, and systematically attacking the Constitutional basis of this country should have been the last straw for the guilty a long time ago.
            Returning to this year’s drawing there are ancient structures depicted in addition to the Pueblo structures already mentioned beneath the constellation Arcturus.  Next to that, beneath the constellation Draco is the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, built to be carefully oriented to mirror the Draco constellation in the sky.  This was a world-wide obsession with these ancient people who appear to have had technology and knowledge superior to this present arrogant age.  Next to that temple on the drawing is squeezed in the Serpent Mound left by ancient Indians in Utah, which also probably commemorates that particular constellation of Draco. 
            Beneath the clash of the constellations Orion and Taurus, and between the Giza Pyramids and the Tectihuacan Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico we come to the subject of this year’s drawing.  A comet or meteor lights up the night sky of this year’s artwork.  On February 15 the asteroid DA14 passed within 17,000 miles of planet Earth.  Then on the same day a large meteorite exploded in the skies over Russia.  The shock wave from the meteor exploding in the sky shattered windows and wounded over a thousand people.  Then there were similar meteorites reported in the days that followed over Cuba and beaches around South Florida.  The media quickly reported that these events had nothing to do with one another, but does anybody even still believe anything that fucked up media has to say about anything?  It is important not to mistake what you think for what you know, which is the essence of what it means to be a Gnostic.  Closer inspection of the drawing shows another object with a tail shooting up towards the meteor in the sky.  There is compelling video on youtube of this event that appears to show something like this shooting that meteor out of the sky from somewhere on the ground.  While the universe continued its evolution of freefall something may have happened here and we all blinked.           
            This year’s meteor explosion event brings to mind the Tunguska explosion of June 30, 1908, which wasn’t investigated until 1927 because of the remoteness of this Siberian location where it happened.  An object from outer space also caused the Tunguska explosion then, and investigation revealed effects comparable to an atomic blast.  Local shamans were mystically forewarned of this coming event and even wild animals were involved in the evacuation that preceded the catastrophe, which prevented many from perishing in what is now the Tunguska crater.  The local culture is familiar with something here that appears to be another ancient artifact of a more advanced culture that protects the planet Earth from collisions with objects from outer space.  Here, originating around the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Siberia exists an ancient Yakut epic called Olankho that describes these underground structures, which periodically come out of the ground to shoot fireballs at objects from space.  The epic says the giant Uot Usumu Tong Duurai inhabits this area, which translates as “the criminal stranger who pierced the Earth and hid in the depths, destroying all with a fiery whirlwind.”  Modern hunters are known to have discovered these structures beneath the ground, and a taboo of the area extends into antiquity through the local hunting culture.  The area is known as the “Valley of Death,” and those who spend much time in these structures are known to suffer and die of radiation disease.  There is a peculiar magnetic anomaly below this area of the Earth at a depth of about half the Earth’s radius known as the East Siberian Magnetic Anomaly.
            The subject of this year’s art was also intended to represent the coming comet Ison in November 2013, which is predicted to be twice as bright as the full Moon.  Perhaps the coming comet will not disappoint, and do the drawing some justice in that respect.  May it herald a new knowledge of more advanced technologies protecting this planet in a universe ever in freefall.  Maybe the great ancient builders are even still around to help us with the Fukishima meltdowns that have long since spun out of control beyond anything we humans are capable of preventing.  Such intervention would be really great right about now.  In fact it would be divine.

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