Thursday, November 10, 2011

2011: Ten Years after the Coup de` tat

          This year a Christmas card image has at last been produced that has no subject what-so-ever, and seemingly has nothing to say.  This has been a difficult thing to achieve considering the imagery that has been featured for over 20 years now of yearly card images.  There is some justification for this year’s image as an expression of the current gnosis because of the style art has assumed in the last year.  Lately the art being produced has been embracing completely abstract paintings.  This is something equally difficult to do with the artwork as these yearly images, and it’s sure not to last.  Soon the artwork will return to the usual imagery mixed with abstraction.  Personal concerns have been diverted to other forms of writing so that there isn’t going to be much to say this year either, even though there is so much to say, and there is more going on than ever.  That also arguably makes this the first censored Christmas card in response to the Oakland CA Museum of Children’s Art censoring a scheduled exhibit of art by children from the largest open prison in the world, Gaza, guilty and punished for being born there.  That kind of thing just gets right under this artist’s skin.

      There is no subject this year in the artwork, giving the role of subject to the negative space as we peek into an uncharted future.  This year the abstract margin subject matter creeps into the artwork to fill the emptiness that is this future.  This white subject resembles light, but like light, it is only the effect of what repels back into the eyes, and so white is actually what is not there.  Light is the effect, and not the cause it communicates.  We are the cause that is able to appreciate this effect.  The achievement of a Christmas card about nothing may have something to do with the end of the Maya calendar on Dec. 23, 2012, but this gnosis’s take on that is that it will prove as uneventful as Y2K.  Some say a planet X, or planet of the gods will return on that date, but readers of the 1991 Christmas card already know that planet isn’t expected to return for at least another thousand years.  Perhaps the Maya were putting a date on the eclipse of Dec. 23, 2012 because they were calculating when the Moon and Sun would become exactly equal in size in the sky on that day, which is right about now in human history.  When the Maya first made the calendar the Moon was much larger in the sky, and has been slowly moving away from the Earth, becoming smaller and smaller in the sky ever since.  The Moon is expected to continue becoming smaller and smaller in the sky until one day escaping the gravity of Earth all together.

       Like the artwork’s theme of saying nothing, the real news these days is what’s not in the news.  One such example is the Gulf oil leak that is still happening.  Then there is the unreported news of the Palestinian holocaust, contradictions being written into the US Constitution to subvert the document, the legalizing of the abuse of power, and of course the complete nuclear meltdown that nobody is noticing, which is burning its way into the Earth at Fukushima to change Earth’s radiation levels from now on.  This year a massive earthquake triggered a tsunami in Japan, which dealt a one-two punch to the Fukushima nuclear reactor there.  Now, over eight months into the non-contained China syndrome meltdown of 3 reactors they basically are doing nothing about it because it would ruin the Tepco (Tokyo Electric Power Company’s) profit margin.  A couple weeks after the disaster mortality rates along the American west coast for miscarriages shot up to over 30%.  Animals are being born near Fukushima with ghastly mutations, and worse news is yet to be learned on the other side of this General Electric influenced cover-up/news blackout.  Seemingly related stories of nuclear shutdowns, flooded nuclear reactors in America, a fire at Los Alamos nuclear facilities, and an explosion in the MOX Nuclear reactor in France are all feeding into the theory that a stuxnet virus, which was designed to attack nuclear facilities aimed originally at Iran, has perhaps spread around the world just like the computer virus it is to all these reactors giving them shutdown problems.  Not sure why we run such critically sensitive programs on Windows.  It would be nice if the gods did come back on Dec. 2012 because, at this rate, we will be out of time ourselves by then.

       America has suffered from a “there goes the neighborhood” syndrome that started out looking like just an attempt to keep the lower class riff-raff off of airplanes.  Now it has morphed into a Great Depression-sized mortgage foreclosure disaster from easy to get adjustable interest rate scams that always did look like a setup to stick this knife in America’s struggling middle class back.  After the advent of George W. Bush these cards, along with their artist, became reluctantly political.  Now, as feared, the Democrat/Republican dynamic is looking more and more like an over-performed, good cop/bad cop act to more and more people.  That was the original reason politics were so ignored before in the first place.  Also not in the news is continued torture in the still unclosed abomination of desolation called Guantanomo.  An American soldier named Bradley Manning has been charged with leaking secrets to wikileaks and has been in solitary confinement undergoing torture for well over a year now.  Dude!  Where’s my country?  What are we becoming?!

      In other not-in-news news, the US has setup a super spy center in Mexico City, and the ATF has been caught in an Iran/Contra-like scandal of smuggling weapons by the thousands across the border to Zeta cartel smugglers and criminals in Mexico.  That operation is known as project Gun Runner, or Fast and Furious, and of course the responsibility reaches all the way to the White House.  We are now over 10 years into the 9/11/2001 coup de` tat, and the tyranny is defiantly cranking up.  Also however, the surprise, intimidation, and shock of a Spielberg-worthy terrorism show has now worn off, and some collective critical thinking has returned to the population of America.  Now perhaps we can look the coup in the eye and tell it to knock it the fuck off.  That has all but happened with the recent FBI entrapped Iranian assassination plot setup obviously by the Mossad, and MEK who is the anti-Iran terrorists that we support.  The whole attempt at starting WWIII is a hoax on its face that the whole world has called the bluff on.

      Ten years into the coup de` tat and there is nothing to say about a lot of things, and America still is as bound and determined as ever to die of suicide.  If 9/11 was a successful coup de` tat then the Fatherland Security Agencyj is solving the problem with the problem itself.  So now a single duel-citizen US-Israeli can keep the coup secure by controlling all the agencies that might individually open the coup’s can of worms.  It’s more than ironic that Fatherland Security accomplishes the opposite of its proclaimed intention, which is to improve the sharing of information between agencies.  That’s the old political trick of saying the opposite of what you mean, or projecting your flaws onto your adversaries.  Joining agencies together into a greater bureaucracy is so stupid on its face that one wonders what ever made it make sense in the first place.  Now they all bitch about the government getting too big, and spending too much.  Hello!  Boondoggle toilet of no-bid contract scams called the War on Terror people!  Maybe this entire crusade to cut spending is just the war on terror’s way of shaking US all down for more money. 

      Fatherland Security wasn’t done to improve communication as they say because it's to make those agencies shut-up like the higher at-the-top bureaucrats in the FBI who shut down Colleen Rowley’s pre-9/11 investigation that was hot on the tail of the 19th hijacker.  It works very similar to the threat from the Obummer administration to veto some congressional legislation if it included a provision to continue the anthrax investigation.  We can prove the anthrax came from a strain cultivated at Ft. Detrix, but the mystery of how it was weaponized won’t go away with an FBI investigation closed by harassing a patsy into committing suicide.  This is a sticky issue since the Ft. Detrix anthrax was subject to a weaponization process too sophisticated for anything even at Ft. Detrix.  Even the convenient patsy Dr. Ivans who died of suicide before explaining anything didn’t have access to the kind of equipment needed to make that anthrax so airborne deadly.  It could have been done in some high-speed laboratory over in the Negev desert for all we know without further investigation.  At this time the coup de` tat has shut down all further enquiry.

      There are further coup de` tat clues to be found with further investigation of the British bombings on July 7, 2005, where two dark skinned patsies were led to believe they were participating in a Military training exercise similar to the one that also took place on 9/11/2001.  The two patsies missed their scheduled train by mistake, which blew up that morning, and then after news of the bombings proceeded as planned, the patsies evidently figured out they were setup to be patsies for a genuine terrorist attack.  News from the time from Briton is riddled with stories of an all out effort by British police to hunt them down and kill them.  This may shed an interesting light on the senseless and viscous murder by mistake of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes at the same time.  He was just getting on a train when armed police charged him while yelling, and for no apparent reason they gunned him down, unarmed, with several trigger-happy shots.  Perhaps he wasn’t murdered by mistake, and further investigation could reveal that Jean Charles was also recruited to participate in training exercises that morning.  This year on January 25, 2011 the Moscow Airport has fallen victim to a similar terrorist bombing.

      Susan Lindover was a CIA asset who came out with a book this year alleging that her CIA handler was one of many that had prior knowledge of the coming 9/11 attacks, and even knew of the WTC targets, as well as the day the attacks were to happen.  This allegation is in her story about that handler trying to stop her from flying to Manhattan on 9/11/2001.  To this day it is unclear if our air defense can authorize a shoot down without first acquiring authorization from the Secretary of Defense according to Donald Rumsfield’s change in that law in July of 2001.  Then Rumsfield provided a profound demonstration of the stupidity of that change by being nowhere to be found on the morning of 9/11.  That was when the largest military exercise in US history was underway providing well coordinated cover for the worse terrorist attack in US history.  Rumsfield’s change in the law must have been because of the planned military exercises, so why wasn’t Rumsfield doing his job on that critically important day?  Surely the answer will not be found in his recent book.  This speaks a volume of negligence on the part of the then Secretary of Defense being so unavailable to authorize anything during such a large military exercise where mistakes like that are likely to happen, not to mention if the real deal should show up that same day.  The incompetence at least approaches criminal.  Rest assured sheeple that this displays no evidence of an inside job on 9/11 whatsoever.

      If 9/11 was the coup de` tat there would be evidence of pressure on the government to stay in line and play along.  Any evidence of that in today’s American government?  That could fill a volume, but one recent example was brought to light by an Internet story about the moving company Mossad agents that were held by the FBI for weeks after being arrested the day of the 9/11 attacks filming both WTC attacks from cameras setup before anything happened.  Incidentally there is a single known video of the first attack from about 5 blocks from the event.  That is supposedly due to a coincidence by people filming in the area, but the Mossad incident should make one wonder if it’s really a coincidence.

      The Mossad story points out the timing of their silent release to Israel a couple days after November 12, 2001 when Flight 587 crashed in Rockaway Park Queens NY.  Remember that disaster being quickly swept under the carpet?  The obvious sabotage was quickly explained away as tail fin stress, but no planes were ever grounded after this to check tail fins.  If this unexplained plane crash that happened right after the 9/11 attacks was an extortion tactic by the coup de` tat to get 9/11 Mossad culprits released then no wonder Palestinian kids can’t get their artwork shown in this ‘free’ country of ours.  There was a very busy coup de` tat in America the fall of 2001 with its anthrax mailings by lame Muslim impersonators, Washington DC snipers gunning people down senselessly for weeks (one named Muhammad,) and an attempt to blow up the Mexican Congress October 2001 that also ended with the captured Mossad agents also allowed to just go home to Israel.

      America has deliberately saddled itself with an over 2 trillion dollar deficit that is suddenly the biggest problem in the world.  In August 2011 the credit rating of the United States was lowered by S+P from AAA to AA+.  This is right after an ugly battle with Republicans to raise the debt ceiling because the jobs jobs jobs mandate that the current (R) Congress rode in on is now morphed into a cut cut cut spending everything mandate.  That cut spending mandate feeds right into the math on the unemployment rate in ways that we just can’t get our American brains around.  Even an average American can probably do the math of watching the pentagon loose 2 trillion just before 9/11/2001 to indicate that there’s a lot of wasteful spending to be found in the elephant that we are not even allowed to talk about in this room.  The Pentagon is now expected to find 500 billion in budget cuts, which won’t even slow down the march of war on the world.  That should give US an idea of where all the money is really disappearing into, but we don’t talk about that elephant.  Just kind of mind your own business and pretend its not even in the room.  Ten years of multiple privatized for-profit wars have tallied up another 2 trillion to throw on that deficit pile.  Then there’s the loss of revenue from the never paid for wartime Bush (now Obummer) tax-cuts, which also contributes to why the filibuster crippled Senate is unable to pass a budget for years now with the new Bizarro world definition of majority being 61 to 39 to pass anything. 

      How does a government that’s out of money solve the problem by giving everybody a nice tax cut?  There, everybody gets a tax cut, and pays fewer taxes.  Now there’s plenty of money for the budget.  It’s like a magic trick.  They argue that revenue increases by increased growth caused by the tax break for tax-relieved employers, but history calls them out on that deception.  Every time tax revenues were increased in America’s past it was directly followed by economic growth, and we’re watching the results of tax-cuts beyond the line of affordable.  The stock market goes down in response to government cuts because its always indicated stagnant growth, and visa versa.  The American economy has now been replaced with a mercenary war economy, along with an investment economy.  That investment economy shouldn’t be so quickly praised as a job creating economy if investments end up doing much better by firing the American workers and having Vietnamese do the same work for pennies a day.  Stimulus money for new infrastructure to create American jobs is flushed down that toilet again if China gets the bid based on the standard of lowest price.  We’ve allowed a government to be ran by the rich investment class, which is making everything about Wall Street whether it makes anything better for average Americans or not.  That’s a priority problem, and people should take notice that the investment class is doing so well that there has been no recession in their world.  That’s why the bailed out bankers got ridiculous multi-billion dollar bonuses.  Americans should probably collectively understand that some government subsidized corporations that are too big to fail, are also too big to give a shit about employing American workers.  How’s that for our tax dollars at work?

       If 9/11 was a coup de` tat then obviously the wars for Pax Americana/Greater Israel are part of the goals of this takeover.  Perhaps it is important that 9/11 generates a lot of outrage from the last remnant of critical thinking people in America who have a grasp of physics because it cleverly diverts the outrage from being properly directed towards stopping the stated goal of endless wars.  Hints of the 9/11 coup almost blazed into everyone’s view when Rupert Murdoch gave up his British tabloid empire this year over a phone tapping scandal where it also came out that the same illegal phone tapping was going on here in the US against victims of 9/11 families.  Seems there’s a whole can of worms of 9/11 inside job evidence to be found in Rupert Murdoch’s concern over what 9/11 families were thinking.  Rupert Murdoch has no American investigation to fear because in America, where he ran to from Britain, the coup is complete and he is safe. 

      In the Bizarro world of America ten years after the coup, Al Qaeda linked Libyan rebels are given statehood and an embassy in Washington DC, but hard fought for UN membership for the state of Palestine gets a veto.  The Libyan war has become a travesty of abused power now for over half a year into the operation that was expected to take a couple days maybe a week.  Stopping a tyrant from bombing his own people is all very noble, but not when you just bomb those same people for months with depleted uranium munitions, give everyone PTSD, ruin their infrastructure, and hand the country over to, and provide air support for, genocide hungry Islamists who don’t like black people in Africa.  This shoots the UN humanitarian purpose all to hell like fucking for virginity.  In a similar Bizarro turn Libya is being given to Al Qaeda, making Obummer look more like another President fighting the war on terrorism for the other side.  There are genuine reasons for this, which can be understood by those who paid attention to other operations like Bosnia or Kosovo where America also supported similar Al Qaeda militants.  This might also be understood by those who are familiar with the well documented history of how the CIA created Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden, if you’ve applied any critical thinking to Al Qaeda video and audio announcements, or even if you have read George Orwell’s 1984 and can recall who Emmanuel Goldstein is.  Now Ghadaffi is allegedly dead, and the NATO operation is now just providing cover for the rebel’s ethnic cleansing of Libyans still loyal to what the country used to be.  We just need to pretend that all dark skinned Libyans are imposters from the rest of Africa, and ignore the glairing hypocrisy behind a UN mandate to protect Libyan civilians with genocide.  Fuck this shit!  Where’s the humanity in this?!?  Rise up Americans to stop this or else become this.  Have we fucked this bitch into virginity yet?

      Ten years into the coup de` tat, the drone war has continued unabated against Pakistan and other countries even though it would be illegal, or at least loudly controversial in a pre-Bizarro world America.  We are striking Pakistan with drones every 4 days at the time of this writing, and the Obummer administration has killed over 2,900 people with these drones.  About 168 of those people are children and only 1 in 10 are estimated to be actual militants.  In America, ten years after the coup, we have already willfully surrendered our constitutional rights against illegal search and seizure to the growing TSA business.  All for the security of being felt around underneath our cloths by a stranger.  When security is achieved by being sexually assaulted by the Gestapo don’t you just know that drone attacks on American shores can’t be too far behind all this?

      The willing surrender of an American right is still occasionally interrupted by someone complaining about the way they are being groped and stripped searched in public.  The no-fly list has already been caught being used many times for fascist political reasons, such as the CNN reporter that was investigating the TSA who is probably still mistakenly placed on that no-fly list.  Fortunately the abuse of power is now legal, and the TSA can do no wrong.  So that CNN reporter better just get in line.  Hopefully the US Patriot act domestic spying isn’t being used for similar power abuses like political lynching and power grabs.  It’s for catching terrorists, honest.  There are also no shortage of TSA stories about stolen goods and cancer causing x-ray boob pictures piling up.  All for the sake of security, and duel citizen business investments in technology that raise the unemployment rate for bomb-sniffing dogs.  Bomb sniffing dogs in airports would do better, less-invasive work for a fraction of the cost.  I mean we’re talking Scooby Snacks here!  If the American people can not find the courage to take back their constitutional dignity then karma could still intervene since its already being documented that cancer clusters are appearing with TSA agents who work in close proximity with the Michael Chertoff x-ray machines.

      Just like those cancer clusters, the poison of this coup de` tat still builds in our American blood and veins to ultimately destroy our souls as individuals, and as a once great nation.  This poison directly effected 9/11 responders this year who have been fighting long and hard these ten years to get health benefits for the cancers and breathing disorders caused by Silverstein’s demolition of asbestos condemned buildings on 9/11.  So they finally get their benefits from a heartless Congress only to find that the benefits don’t include coverage for cancer.  A similar kind of post-coup de` tat kindness happened this year when firefighters in Tennessee apologized to a homeowner because they were ordered not to put out the fire in the man’s home since he failed to pay a $75 state ordered fire protection fee.  So they all just stood around and watched the guy’s house burn to the ground.  Your tax dollars at work.  Your welcome.  This kind of ridiculous what-the-fuck news continues with a story of FBI agents raiding Gibson Guitar because the company may have violated a law in India even though India willingly sold them the untreated wood that Gibson was having treated in America.  Gibson Guitar was told by the FBI that their troubles would go away if they fired their American workers, and hired some workers from India on work visas to treat the wood in compliance with the other country’s law.  India wasn’t even bringing up this case.  This is our who’s-side-are-they-on FBI acting on their own initiative for their own un-American gun-smuggling, entrapment war-starting scam of an agenda.

      We are so wrong as a nation that we are destroying our collective character, corrupting it with the morality of war.  In war those who suffer a conscience are currently participating in a suicide casualty count that rivals any damage our enemies can inflict.  Then it’s the sociopath, criminals, and yes-men that replace those less acclimated to the hell that is war.  Post-Bizarro world America has become so hyper-obsessed with torture and punishment by media conditioning that it has reached the proportions of a collective national psychosis.  We could do a lot to fix our employment problems by treating this psychosis with no changes in taxes.  For instance if we kept OSHA regulations, but reduced down-right cruel, business-crippling fines to a tenth of what they currently are we would increase hard sought certainty in the employment market full of stories about being over-punished by OSHA.  Regulations as they are, would stay in place, but with less inherent risk to small employers.  Only the ridiculous punishment changes.  Reductions like that are tax revenue neutral, and would lead to job growth, but no red-blooded American wants to reduce a punishment.  Maybe if it’s punishment in the form of taxes, but not fines. 

      This poison continues to manifest in ways that have nothing to do with box cutter wielding cave dweller enemies from afar.  On January 8, 2011 a psycho named Jared Laughner opened fire on a political gathering at a supermarket using automatic weapons with 30 round clips.  He killed 6 people and shot Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffards right through one side of her brain from the front of her skull to the back.  She has begun a long hard ordeal to heal the life that was shattered by the whim of a psycho from right here in America ten years after the coup.  Everyone these days seems to embrace the folly of war, or at least displays a shocking indifference towards today’s reality of endless war on Earth.  On March 29, 2011 Europe News showed the headline, “Norway: Socialist Left party to vote on Motion Calling for Bombing Israel if it Acts Against Hamas in Gaza.”  War and punishment have just become the air we breath.

      Almost in response to America’s endless war solution to Middle East problems comes the Arab Spring of peaceful protest overthrowing the endless dictatorship solutions imposed by post WWII powers.  That unprecedented protest movement has not ended with spring, and still spreads throughout the world like a fire sparked by a man in Tunisia who set himself on fire at the beginning of this year.  This can also be traced to recent austerity measures, and an inflation rate still settling upon us all, just as we used to be taught would happen if someone like Bernake just starts printing American dollars.  Eventually all the value finally disappears.  That fire also showed up in America with Wisconsin protesters standing up to (R) Governor Scott Walker’s Union busting power-grab.  Scott Walker’s true loyalties and almost criminal case of corporate butt-licking, is hilariously documented in a recorded phone conversation with the governor by a protester impersonating one of the governor’s Koch brother johns.  It does begin to appear in Wisconsin that Americans might finally be getting fed up with having stuff shoved down our throats while we’re being told we love it.

       Evidently Arab spring protests in Libya were violently reacted to by the Libyan government, which basically was Colonel Mummar Ghadaffi.  Everything Libya was accused of threatening protesters with has since been carried out by other dictators in places like Yemin, Bagram, and Syria with thousands murdered this year by those regimes, to include protesters attacked with fighter jets.  Obama however, stopped Libya’s Ghadiffi from similarly bombing protesters by showing Ghadiffi how to properly bomb a country into submission for months, helping Islamist rebels that are closely affiliated with Al Qaeda groups, which were placed in the country months before any of this broke out.  It’s not funny how secular Muslim leaders who don’t mind women showing their faces in public end up bombed by America, and replaced with female face-haters.  The problem with waging war for peace (and profit) is that it really is a lot like fucking for virginity.  In other words it’s very hard to do.  A better way might be the Arab Spring solution, which is more like one of Ghandi’s ideas.  America might even be wrong about having to destroy the principles of America in order to preserve them.  Too bad we’ll have to destroy those principles first in order to find out.

      Meanwhile the endless war agenda escalates the use of remote controlled drones, which are a bad science fiction movie in the making, and on it’s way to America.  The issue of innocent collateral damage in our so-called ally Pakistan continues to bring the unreported tensions to the surface.  In February 2011 Pakistan authorities arrested CIA agent Raymond Davis who killed two ISI agents that were tailing him as he delivered assistance to the Pakistan Taliban who we are at war with.  Pakistan is aflame with the scandal and only reluctantly released Raymond Davis after many diplomatic struggles.  That news got followed in March 2011 by Osama Bin Laden being killed by a Special forces/ Navy Seals operation that finally tracked down the international terrorist mastermind villain who was shacking out in plain site at Abbattabad Pakistan near a large military installation.  One aspect of this story that’s been swept under the carpet is that the helicopter used in the operation crashed or was shot down before it was able to depart.  That might be what the obvious cover-up is, since the story that their sticking to is that they just killed Bin Laden unarmed, and dumped the body immediately in the ocean with no legitimate non-hoax pictures yet released to verify the story.  Could the death in 2001, believed for years now, be the real false story that resulted from a Tora-Bora deal Bin Laden made with the ISI in Pakistan?  That’s what’s implied here, and the wives that were with Bin Laden that night are unavailable to inquiring Americans for comment.  The new koolaid would be easier to drink if they did provide a non-hoaxed photo or something, but which metaphorical koolaid really has the arsenic in it?  Soon after this, many from the same Seal team that was involved in that operation were killed in an Afghanistan helicopter crash along with anything they might have known about the death of Osama bin Laden.  What if that’s the cover-up?  What if that’s just a fog-of-war cover story to account for everybody that died in the Abbattabad helicopter crash we’re supposed to pretend didn’t happen?  Maybe Osama bin Laden was taken alive, but as the helicopter was leaving the compound it crashed, and killed everyone.  That’s the story told by the people who lived at that area of Abbattabad, and witnessed the whole operation that night.  Google it.  There do exist non-hoaxed photos of the helicopter crash.

      Last year’s prediction was sadly incorrect, that gridlock would save the day, and Congressional indecision would result in the Law remaining as it stood, and the still-never-paid-for Bush tax cuts would expire.  This could have finally been a step toward solving a revenue problem that some who passed their math classes can understand, has been an unpaid for albatross around the country’s neck in this time of war.  It would have made debt-ceiling negotiations in July very different.  For one thing, no raised taxes would have been needed along with the cut-spending deal, which failed for that very reason.  It could have provided infrastructure jobs to apply a positive effect to a crippling unemployment problem. 

      Infrastructure-smimfustructure!  Why do we make such a big deal about infrastructure?  The truth is we all must make sacrifices for the cause, and letting the rich have their Bush tax-cuts is one such sacrifice we all must make.  After all, we are going to be the country that wipes terrorism off of the face of the world, or else we’ll terrorize the whole world doing it.  Fuck Main Street!  Wall Street’s in trouble.  The stock market has been swinging in such giant leaps both down and up, (usually soon after the down,) such that it reeks of some kind of manipulation behind the scenes.  It’s like someone is buying up the market right after the never-ending bad economic outlook panics it into selling.  Why wouldn't the stock market also be bought up by the coup? 

      We could easily balance the nation’s budget by just getting rid of Medicare and Medicaid from the budget pie.  There you go.  Now America has plenty of money.  Hell!  We could even have a couple more wars then.  I’m really fed up with North Korea.  Wait a minute.  The coup de` tat has no interest in occupying North Korea.  Let’s go to Iran instead.  Israelis seem to not like brown people, but at least they’re not anti-Semitic.

      The coup seems to be trying to manipulate the 9/11 Truth movement with a bunch of loud proclaimers of a no-plane theory.  They say that no planes at all were involved, and that the media produced the plane images as part of the illusion.  We do know there was no video evidence of a plane hitting the Pentagon although we also know such footage exists.  This no-plane nonsense has tried to poison the evidence about 9/11 from the beginning.  Perhaps the Pentagon, like the twin towers, was also a combination of planes and explosives?  It had been going through renovation at the time.  That’s when special guests could be allowed in to rig that section of the Pentagon with explosives before having the predetermined section hit by a remote controlled plane.  Remember that there were accountants there searching for Rumsfield’s missing 2 trillion dollars of Pentagon spending, and with only a plane strike, some of those newly enlightened accountants might have survived.  The whole story needed to be poisoned with a no-plane theory so all video of the event was confiscated to this day in order to maintain reasonable doubt about the existence of a plane.  That would also account for witnesses testifying that they smelled cordite as if an explosive went off.  The Pentagon attack is polluted with the no-plane theory because of the impossible stunt flying that was involved with the Pentagon attack in order to hit the correct section of that building.  That controversial plane maneuver made it too obvious that the planes were being remote controlled, therefore poison the story with doubts that it was even done by a plane at all.

      Al Qaeda was known to have had been planning an “Operation Bejinka” around that time, which involved hijacking airplanes to fly them over an ocean to then either blow them up, or crash them into the sea.  This was very similar to a plane crashed by an Egyptian pilot before 9/11/2001, which killed 100 Generals.  The planes on 9/11 all were flying toward the easy-to-find Atlantic Ocean right after turning off the transponders.  Perhaps that was just before the coup, which had been following them, took over control of those planes with technology provided by an airplane equipment company connected to Philip Zelikow who was also in charge of the 9/11 Commission cover-up. 

      So what has the coup been up to lately?  It seems to have unchallengeable powers within the media, far more powerful then even Charlie Sheen.  Last year, along with the downfall of Kieth Olberman who pretty hilariously insulted duel-citizen Jewish Joe Lieberman right before being fired, Rich Sanchez ended a 6-year long career on CNN by pointing out that Jews control America.  It was his reaction to a reference to Jews as an “oppressed minority,” which was the koolaid Rick just couldn’t drink.  Meanwhile a UN vote for membership of a Palestinian state is on the way while another flotilla to Gaza was stopped in its tracks by cooperative Greek port authorities.  The coup has also long enjoyed strong support from religious types who become really good at believing lies by using constant practice.  What can someone do with a world full of minds like that?  How about vaccinations to soon be knocking on our doors to stick things in our veins.

      Less than a month before the UN votes on a Palestinian state membership there are coordinated terrorist attacks in South Israel killing 7.  Israel immediately blamed Hamas, and then bombed the shit out of Gaza again, even though the attacks were orchestrated from Egypt.  This looks a lot like Israel playing its own 9/11 game on itself, considering that AIPAC had over 81 American Congressmen, all on an all expense paid trip to Israel while the worse terrorist attack in years happened.  Netanyahu was recently asked about the Obama administration, and was quoted as saying this.  “Well my mole in the White House recently called me, and asked me what to do about the Obama Administration.  I told him at the time that there’s just been so much death, and destruction at this pint that, I think the best thing to do would be to just PULL IT.”  Unfortunately for the democrat President, his loyalties have come to be legitimately questioned by his own democratic base that elected Mr. Nobel Peace Prize now over his head with 8 wars.  He does go out of his way to appease his ungrateful opponents, to the point of using their solutions instead of the solutions from his base, who could also probably explain to him why those Republican solutions don’t work.  On July 22, 2011 there were bombings of buildings in Norway followed soon after by the gunning down of innocent children attending a summer camp.  The culprit is an outspoken Zionist Anders Behring Brejuik who didn’t like how the Socialist Left Party was so friendly towards Muslims.  Remember the Socialist Left’s Israel threat earlier in the year in defense of Hamas and Gaza?

      History agrees that the tax-cuts equals increased revenue equation doesn’t really work.  In fact every time tax rates went up in history the result has been increased government revenue.  Funny how that math works, almost mathamalogical, and we’ve been watching tax-cuts-never-paid-for not work for years now.  Increasing taxes on the rich gets those lazy rich folks off of their lazy capital gains asses to create jobs and get the rest of US back to work.  Sure investing for a living is good work if you can get it, but we know how that goes.  It takes money to make money.  “Hey!  You’re fighting class warfare!  Stop that!  Lay down and be defeated!"  It’s not Bolshevik wealth redistribution if it’s just a 4.5% increase in the tax rate of upper class wage earners.  Well why don’t we show them how to really have a class war?  They do bleed.  These Republican candidates are mostly demonstratively stupid, but don’t underestimate stupid.  Americans understand stupid.  They get stupid.

      As the Great Recession in America continues to dismantle the middle class it is those with the most to loose who will really loose it first.  The middle class is now rapidly joining the broke and homeless.  On June 15, 2011 A New Hampshire victim of middle class dismantling recently set himself on fire in front of the Cheshire Country Court House in Keene NH.  Meanwhile the Egyptian protests in Tahrir Square overthrew 40-year dictator Hosni Mubarak while the Arab Spring continued on its way into the Fall.  Before Libya became the target of daily bombings for seven months Ghadaffi was working to mint an African currency based on Libya’s substantial gold reserves.  Now, after Ghadiffi dies in a You-Tube lynching, Al Qaeda linked Libyan rebels are recognized as the legitimate government and given an embassy in Washington with the IMF promising to visit soon.  And to think I thought the last President was fighting this war on terror for the other side.  The untold scandalous truth is that Al Qaeda has always been our useful proxies.  We use Al Qaeda to keep Eurasia at war with Oceana, and Al Qaeda uses US to further the dream of a worldwide Sharia Law Caliphate.  But I like looking at female faces!?!

      This is a fix?!?  What am I always writing in these essays?  They are masters at solving the problem with the problem itself.  The time for Americans to take control of their government to stop these senseless, counter-productive, unnecessary, and illegal wars is right now.  Americans either control their government and future or they don’t.  Now the protest movement is world-wide, and has announced itself as the Occupy Wall Street Movement by September 2011 in America.  Americans may finally be fed up with the tweedle-dee/tweedle-dum, good-cop/bad-cop act of American politics.  Eric Cantor owned over $15,000 in US Treasury shorts while he was being a wrench in debt ceiling negotiations back in July.  He must have made money when, as a result, America’s credit rating was downgraded right after, and as a direct result of those negotiations.  Gawd don’t ya just want to punch that preppy treasonous face of his?  Not only do we allow our government to be ran by the investment class, but they are allowed to use their political positions to bet against our own government, and make lots of money doing it.  There used to be something in pre-Bizzaro America, I think it was called, … Oh it’s been so long, … Insider Trading.  Ya that’s it, I think it was a crime.  Millionaire bankers are covering their negligent asses with billions of bail-out tax-dollar money when really the world would be a better place if they all just went down with their too-big-to-fail ships.  These Congressmen will aid and abet the crimes of Wall Street because obviously they would go down along with them otherwise.

      Ten years after the 9/11 coup and America has never looked more un-American.  War is the problem, and not the solution.  Only Americans can make America knock it the fuck off.  Otherwise its going to be endless war flushing everything, from America’s economy, to its very soul, right down the toilet.  These wars ARE the problem, not a less-than-5-percent of GDP shadow on the wall.  Fucken knock it the fuck off America, because cries for fairness and justice by a protest movement nationwide in over 1,300 cites still just rings selfish and hollow without cries to end these morally and financially bankrupting wars.  Still this protest movement in America can only be encouraged since it looks like years of wishing Americans would WAKE UP have finally come true, better late than never.  If only it wasn’t playing out like a dream come true for those anxious to declare martial law and round US all up into those FEMA camps they setup a few years back, still empty and waiting.  Recently the police in Oakland returned from crowd control training in Israel.  Then they shot tear gas canisters into the faces of OWS protesters.  A marine Iraq war veteran was put in the hospital in a coma thanks to the excessive force these police were indoctrinated into.  What the fuck is going on with Oakland, the same place that won’t show Palestinian art!  Outraged marines have stormed Oakland in response and tore down the police imposed barriers to escort OWS protesters back to their protest.  The other day protesters closed the Oakland port down.  This is already a Four Dead in Ohio by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young moment, and evidently we are all Palestinians now.

      There is much to be vigilant about in America these days.  It’s nice to see apathy actually out of style.  There is a deliberate attempt to take over the human right to produce food.  That is displayed by stories of the FDA kicking in Amish doors because they drink milk directly from their cows!?!  Maybe we should all start planting food everywhere while we can still legally buy the seeds.  America worries about loosing a cyber war.  No we won’t!  We, the people know how to use our computers and will kick anyone’s ass that wants to fight US in a cyber war.  We are winning that drug war against the American people too.  Their latest attack is the ATF declaring that medical marijuana smokers can’t legally own a gun.  We’ll just see about that.  We can handle the truth.  They’re the ones who can’t handle US handling the truth.  Satellites keep falling out of the sky, probably as a testament for those that perceive that our crumbling world economies can’t maintain the infrastructure in space anymore, which was put up there back when it seemed like there would always be enough money.

      The right wing has been in a heated primary fight for another claim to power, but they all look like gushing penis envy from a bunch of beta-male puppies.  They generally promise to solve our problems by restoring the causes of those problems.  That’s how they like to solve problems.  Instead of the usual conservative promise to just do absolutely nothing for you, they promise to go the extra mile to finish the country wrecking they so demonstratively started.  Ron Paul got a question during a debate about whether or not he’d just let an uninsured sick person die, and then there is heckling from the audience yelling, “Ya, let them die!”  Makes one dread what ten years of war are turning US into, but Republicans don’t need a war in order to display despicable character flaws.  Rush Limbaugh might be more to blame.  They pride themselves on those character flaws.  It’s a big reason on a heap of reasons that have made this writer a self-proclaimed Anti-Republican by party affiliation.  Why vote for the bad cop?  At least the good cop pretends to be on your side.

      Congress is morphing into a selected panel of lawmakers called a super-congress while the European version is trying a similar group to solve the world’s economic problems.  Is this another symptom of our downward spiral of trying to make wrong into right?  This usually results in cruel austerity measures that do even more to exacerbate, if not the problems, then the worldwide protests assembling to greet those new measures.  Americans are being shrugged aside by the ‘problem solvers’, and told to suck it up while the world globalizes for the profit advantage of government owning corporations, leaving the American worker high, dry, and shit upon.  The obvious focus of the government on the investment economy is at the expense of the American worker's economy, and everyone can see this.  It all found its way out the door through trade agreements delivered by our government.  In what other ways is this government screwing Americans for the sake of too big to allow to exist corporations?!?  We suffer locally because advantages are legislated to the too big to give a shit about local economies.  It’s our tax dollars at work.  Like money for the whore of Babylon giving herself away to the rest of the world.

       Very little hides in the information age, and people grow weary of the constant bait-and-switch.  Ron Paul came in second in a recent poll behind Michael Bachman of the Christian branch of the coup, and the news won’t even mention the guy, preferring instead to mention the third winner of the poll.  That was a little too transparent, even for the most brainwashed couch potato, which got Ron Paul some good political coverage on the comedy channel.  The right-wing tax cutting, deregulating solutions have now been applied, and many compellingly argue that those Republican so-called solutions are exactly what got us here.  Problem is we didn’t really turn this boat around, and now we’re just fighting over the steering wheel.  To top it off Dick Cheney thinks its safe to come out from under the rock he crawled under this year with his I-was-never-wrong memoir.  Hey Dick Cheney!  News for your criminal wrong-ness is that wars are won by virtue.  That used to be America’s trick before you.  Right makes might.  Wars are lost by being on the wrong side of history.  It’s still not too late for Dick Cheney to die in prison for war crimes against humanity.

      Protests, and political activism does work, and is an extension of the natural democracy that these writings have observed through the years growing ever stronger since Tiananmen Square, the fall of the Berlin wall, storming of Milosovitch in Yugoslavia, and now this year.  Protests to get the artwork of the children of Gaza shown in Oakland have resulted in their artwork being shown at an outside location.  This writer was able to view the children’s art, and see what the critics were talking about.  Critics say that it’s too sophisticated to be the work of nine to eleven year olds.  I don’t doubt that the artwork was indeed done by 9 to 11 years olds.  What this writer’s eyes were shown was that the children growing up in the war torn streets of Gaza must really grow up very fast.  The art was excellent, and powerful.  No wonder their oppressors worked so hard to censor it.  Art is powerful, and this artist doesn’t need to be told that.

      A new day has started to show some signs of dawning.  The country of Iceland, which recently applied the solution of defaulting on its version of the worldwide economic meltdown in 2008, is now all restructured, and showing very positive economic growth again while the rest of the world locks down into austerity while it tries to prop up the too-big-to-fails.  Icelandic bankers on the other hand are in jail now, unlike the bankers in the rest of the world.  The US has at last announced that American troops will finally be out of Iraq by the end of this year.  Done.  Over.  The Iraqis insisted that we go, and they don’t need our help.  I wonder why?  Well!  That’s gratitude for ya!  There is a good possibility that the world will open up its first operational cold fusion reactor by 2012.  The country of Portugal, who legalized drugs 10 years ago by providing drugs commercially at 15% above cost to addicts, has announced that now drug use is down by 60%.  Russia is putting up a space telescope called Spektr-R into orbit.  It will synch up with telescopes on Earth to create a radio-astron virtual dish spanning 30 times the Earth’s diameter.  That should add to the already fruitful quest for planets around distant stars.  After a hard fought debate to get the debt ceiling raised, Congresswoman Gabriel Giffards showed up at work in Washington to cast her vote to save the credit of the United States from default.  It was less than a year, only 7 months, since she suffered the serious bullet wound to the head, but now is well enough to return to work.  This demonstrates tremendous courage and character on her part, as well as hope for the future enough for everyone.

      The Internet has opened a door to the future for all of us, and the people of the world are more than just trickling through it.  Sure the ‘them’ will try to close the door, or direct the traffic, or manipulate it to the ends of the ‘them’s agenda, but it just might backfire, and might result in amusement for us all while we watch them try.  The folly of the elite globalist reserve currency scam is that the information age is catching them all completely off guard under the critical gaze of the Internet.  This is where we can take their knees out.  Is it not obvious that operation Al Qaeda destroy Libya is because everyone was actually doing really well there?  There’s even an Internet rumor that the man they murdered was not really Ghaddafi, but a double responding to a setup that morning to get him to surrender.  That makes Hillary Clinton’s visit there that morning more than a coincidence.  Natural democracy has become an ever-growing voice of the people that can stop all of this. 

      Sure banks are taking over the world, but they’ve already lost.  They have already over-played their hand, and they have awoken a beast of natural democracy that they can’t control.  Americans just need to realize that we all, with our tax dollars, bought all those banks back in 2009.  Those banks should be our bitches these days.  We own them.  Now the protests that lasted for over a month in Wisconsin earlier this year have evolved into the Occupy Wall Street protests going on now for almost 2 months in cities all across the country with plans to stay through the winter.  Didn’t see that kind of spirit in those old gray-haired Tea Party protesters that are still mentioned in the news every day.  They intend to remain through winter camped out like the Rainbow Gathering come to Manhattan.  They are a prelude to a positive change in our future that is probably unforeseeable because it’s so completely different, or maybe it’s unlike anything we would have guessed.  Maybe they are just a bunch of Bolsheviks repeating that period of history.  Or maybe the coming change is a coin flip that can either bring about heaven or hell, and its really up to US.  Still the protesters camp out in cities all across America, determined to start a change for the better that, 99% agree, the world desperately needs.

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  1. "Sure banks are taking over the world, but they’ve already lost."

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